The United States is the only first world nation without universal health care


Worst of all and also the proof that they are stupid is that they think that a social Healthcare is a socialist government involvement. Social healthcares are different institutions ( you have the choice to pay your contribution to your institution you prefer ) that take care of the Healthcare funds ( and not the government ). Some institutions are linked with non-ruling political ideas and some are completely neutral. The contribution is equal ( whatever institution you choose ) and everybody can afford it. Also, the institutions are not based on " Insurance politics " ( the more you pay your Insurance the more you get ). Another reason why Americans are stupid ( or at least a great majority of them ) is that they really think that their system is the best ( just because they think that they are free to pay or not wanting to pay an Insurance ).

Land of the free means the government should not shove things like health care down peoples throats. People have the right to say no to health care. If health care becomes national, then the national government would increase to a greater size then it already is. That is bad because not only would one have to pay for the health care itself. But one would have to pay the increase in taxes because of the growing size of the government. Even a stupid American should know that increase in taxes means one has to pay more each year on April 15. Also what the guy below does not understand is that the bigger the government the more policies the government is able to enact. Which then means a demise to one liberties because more laws and policies regulate what Americans can do.
One may believe that this is an irrational view. Is it? No, because the government will further expand this initiative, over many years. Slowly taking away each action an American can do. I ask the people reading ...more

Come on, people die from not getting medical care because they don't have insurance. Medical cost is ridiculously expensive. For no reason. If you go to another country, you will find it affordable even when you still don't have insurance. It makes me wonder why the U.S. is not able to curb this issue. Not a good image for a country that calls itself the greatest country in the world.

I would never, ever, ever live in the USA because this does not resonate with democracy to me. You don't choose your parents so a democratic country, giving everyone a fair start to exercise a realistic vote, should ensure basic education and health care for all. It seems unbelievable to most other people in the democratic world that Americans lag so far behind.

So happy I live in Canada, where its too cold for Americans to live

When I read some comments here about " how dangerous it is to have universal Healthcare (? ) ", I cannot agree more than to say that most of the Americans are STUPID! This list is about why people think that Americans are stupid and I can understand why such lists does exist if you read all the crap that Americans believe and are saying.

The " Obama care " is a beginning towards social equality. Poor people have to pay only 2% of the contribution so they can afford it, people who are not working temporary have the right to the Obama care, children are protected with the Obama care till their 26 years old etc... It's maybe not the best system of the world but it is a great improvement compared what went before the Obama care.

Obviously the American Capitalist system only benefits the providers of this fully private healthcare. It's always profit before people in this world (just look at those Chinese sweatshops)

10% of my income goes to health insurance (which is outrageous) and another 10% to funding ridiculous wars (as tax). What is left is stolen by corporations and banks. Without a doubt one of the WORST countries to live.

People in the United States die because they are poor. People in the United States become poor because they are sick. Other nations have figured out that not only is universal health care better for its citizens, its cheaper in the long run. Meanwhile, people in the U.S. scream "socialism" at universal health coverage like it's a creature from a monster movie and do everything in their power to kill it.

They think free healthcare is communism...

They fund education and protection says one of the comments? In Europe there's also education and protection fund by the governments but ( yes! ) we have Healthcare also.

Yeah, guilty as charged. Great to be an American, but don't get sick!

After Obamacare it will be Trumpcare which also won't work properly. Believe me. It's a proven fact that countries with a universal ( social is the correct term ) healthcare program are the best working healthcares. But yes, it has the word " social " in it which makes Americans very uncomfortable and nervous. They're proud of their " United " states but a " United " healthcare makes them crazy and stupid for that matter. They're prefering paying insurances that makes enormous profits beyond the backs of the people who are paying them than having a secure and guaranteed healthcare. They think that they are free if a government doesn't decide about healthcare but politicians and Insurance companies still makes the descisions and kicking the people in their faces. But Americans are too stupid, ignorant and too blind to actually understand those facts.

Money means more than their fellow country mans life.

Americans pay more per person for health care than countries with socialized health care. Go figure.

Let's just say we have a president *cough* Obama *cough* who started a strive to universal health care with Obama care. We are getting there!

Our healthcare is more or less not well looked at from others. Don't snub about Americans, or else we might do something to you (well, most of the dumb Americans anyways). - Slayerite

Hello, dumb American.
Why you like spending more money to build greatest military to kill people than taking care of own citizens?

With the other mentality, isn't Somalia technically the freest country?

Hey! Why are you calling ME stupid, I didn't come up with this stuff! - Poptropica

Because doctors and insurance companies and the very wealthiest are greedy and does not care about us peeons

Don't know why this is a reason, America thrives because it does not have this.

ObamaCare is struggling to make its way to all Americans, but by the time it does, you can no longer say that. - Songsta41

They have plenty of " doctor " T.V. series ( ER, Grey's anatomy etc... ), plenty of reality " hollywood entertainment type " T.V. shows ( Dr. Phil, The Doctors etc... ) but in real life most of Americans can't afford to pay a visit to a doctor just because they can't pay their insurance. Whenever they hear " universal " or " social " they're thinking to lose their freedoms (? ). They prefer to die in the Streets rather than having a proper working Healthcare. I mean, come on, I read some comments here that are really stupid ( and this list is about that! ). They are really thinking that their system of Healthcare is the best. How more stupid can you be?