Top Ten Reasons Regular Show Is Better Than Total Drama


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1 Regular show is funny

Regular Show may be my favorite show, but Regular Show and Total Drama have nothing alike. - EpicJake

I wish there was a dislike feature on lists... - DapperPickle

Regular show is the worst show I've ever seen - RockStarr

I unfortunatly have to agree with this list. PS I like both shows

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2 Heather, Sugar, Lightning, and Staci are all annoying

And how about Gwen, Dawn, Brick, Mike, Sky, Jasmine, Sean, Duncan, Alejandro, Noah and Zoey? They are not annoying at all, they are nice and cooler than any Regular Show characters - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

3 Ella sucks at singing

And regular show made a successful rock band

4 Regular Show is interesting
5 Total Drama's Boring

Total drama is not boring it awesome

I Have Mixed Feelings About TD. - Stevenpenguin

6 You can actually watch Regular Show reruns

Yea,total drama just keeps making new series's

7 The writers of each show
8 Eleanor is 500 times better than Owen


9 Rigby is awesome

It's true. Rigby is way better and cooler than any total drama characters.

10 Chris tries to kill contestants

Rigby and Mordecai tried to kill each other multiple times. - AaronCoolness

Remember that one episode where Mordecai DID kill Rigby and he travelled back in time? Weird show, that one. - Garythesnail

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11 Total Drama has naked people

I've never seen Rigby's balls.

12 Total Drama Sucks

That's the point,and why is this dapper pickle's favorite show,wats wrong with him

13 It's not a Canadian show
14 It's made in America
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