Top Ten Reasons to Watch The Fairly OddParents

The Top Ten Reasons to Watch The Fairly OddParents

The characters are likeable

I don't like all losers and anti fairies but I like all including good characters

True most of the characters are really likeable. - cosmo

I don't like Sanderson, but the others are good. - RalphBob

Since stupid Chloe is on the show now, I now regret making this list - EpicJake

It is funny
You never get bored
It never went downhill, unlike Spongebob

I agree with this item. I don't think FOP has gone downhill. I 100% disagree. I love the new episodes even with Sparky. - cosmo

Yes it did. Plus spongebob got better on it's tenth season. Sorry fop fans.

Good plots
It is the best show on Nick

And Spongebob

It is! And the plots are very well done. - cosmo

It has lots of fans
Users on TheTopTens love it

Like me. I love this show more than any others. - cosmo

Cosmo, I'm looking at you

It is great when you get bored

The episodes are totally not boring! They are all entertaining. - cosmo

So you won't be bored anymore - EpicJake

Cosmo makes my day. - PizzaGuy

It is entertaining
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