Top Ten Reasons to Watch The Fairly OddParents


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1 The characters are likeable

I don't like all losers and anti fairies but I like all including good characters

True most of the characters are really likeable. - cosmo

I don't like Sanderson, but the others are good. - RalphBob

Since stupid Chloe is on the show now, I now regret making this list - EpicJake

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2 It is funny
3 You never get bored
4 It never went downhill, unlike Spongebob

I agree with this item. I don't think FOP has gone downhill. I 100% disagree. I love the new episodes even with Sparky. - cosmo

Yes it did. Plus spongebob got better on it's tenth season. Sorry fop fans.

5 Good plots
6 It is the best show on Nick

It is! And the plots are very well done. - cosmo

And Spongebob

7 It has lots of fans
8 Users on TheTopTens love it

Like me. I love this show more than any others. - cosmo

Cosmo, I'm looking at you

9 It is great when you get bored

The episodes are totally not boring! They are all entertaining. - cosmo

So you won't be bored anymore - EpicJake

Cosmo makes my day. - PizzaGuy

10 It is entertaining
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