Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Is Better Than Adventure Time


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1 Less useless drama

I like both, actually. Good art style and animation, good characters, and in Gumball it just feels awesome to me to see all these completely different characters that look like their from different worlds, and in Adventure Time there is silly stuff, a lot of it, but once in a while deep stuff. Marceline and the Ice King are very silly characters, but with them being friends a long time ago, then hearing that the Ice King went crazy and forget everything about her, I find that sad. If you like Gumball more, that is fine. I just wanted to share my opinion.

Seriously... Adventure Time tries too hard to make us cry in its episodes. However, it failed horribly. - Comi03

The ONLY sad moment in Adventure Time was the episode "I Remember You"! THAT'S IT!

I Like The Fact That Gumball Had No Stupid,Gross,Pointless,Useless Butt Humor,But When Gumball Had Drama it Was Didn't Have 30 Episodes With a Sad Romance,Then an Episode What is Horribly Random,Gumball Had Bright and Colorful Episodes,But When Drama Came Up,It Actually Felt Intense,Not Repetitive! I Mean I Loved The "Disaster"/"The Rerun"(The Re-Disaster) and They Where Super Anti-Climatic,However..My Opinion!

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2 Gumball is way funnier

I remember watching some episodes with my mom and I think I died laughing. I've watched nearly every episode of AT and its not even funny,

Gumball is hilarious and original, Adventure time is dumb and boring and tries to hard to be weird and different

Adventure time has never made me laugh. - nintendofan126

You guys are great and smart, never forget that

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3 Gumball has better graphics

They're still pretty similar, but Gumball has better background. Much. Better. Background. - Comi03

The graphics are amazing! They look just like how everything would look in real life. - nintendofan126

I love how they integrate cartoony animations into real-life backgrounds. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Gumball doesn't whine, Finn does

Gumball whines but finn whines even more from dramas and relationship

Gumball had his moments but they where seen as funny and somewhat relate able. Finn pretty much acts like Bella swan when he whines

Gumball whines a billion times more than Finn. - AlphaQ

Gumball whines all time. I have NEVER EVER EVER heard Finn whine

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5 Gumball made less fart jokes

Way less. If you watch every single episode of Adventure time, you'll meet tons of potty, fart and butt jokes. Mostly in Season 1. - Comi03

Only 6 gas jokes from gumball that's a pretty small amount for a cartoon show

Yes! Way less potty jokes. - nintendofan126

6 Gumball doesn't have an annoying catchphrase

I find completely weird random words more annoying but I like Adventure Time but TAWOG is way better

What is "What the What? "

"What the What" is an annoying catchprase - RyanMtheGamer

7 Deserves to be liked

Will you please stop whining. The fans of Gumball are always the ones saying shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and The Powerpuff Girls, (all of which are better,(my opinion)) are bad shows. Come on! I know all of them got bad, but so did Gumball. Please stop it. - Drawbox

Damn straight gumball needs a bigger fan base and less haters

It's like it doesn't exist. no one ever notices it and yet it's the only show that doesn't show the EXACT same episodes over and over again. Neither make a lot of sense but gumball makes much more sense than adventure time.

8 Gumball is not a depressed guy who just wants his girlfriend back

GumballxPenny forever guys. On that note at least he can keep a girl and actually be commited to his crush. Finn on the other hand used his crushes anger towards some on to settle his fetish. Once again GumballxPenny forever

Yes he is - RyanMtheGamer

9 All its episodes made me laugh

I think I died laughing at all the white people getting exterminated in Obama's Holocaust

10 Gumball is more blue than Finn

I don't know if this is racist or what.

Why does color matter

I have to admit, I laughed while reading this one. good job. - taishisohma

EVIL INCARNATE! - Pokemonfan10

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11 Easier to understand plot

After season 1, Aventure time just became A Plot oriented cartoon like SU, So If You Didn't Watched ONE episode you couldn't watch the rest becaue it wouldn't make sense, But In TAWOG however, it Doesn't Follow A Plot (With some instances) So You Can Just Watch Any Episode In Any Order And It Would Still Make Sense!

12 Gumball is not ageist

This doesn't even make sense. Ageist? Nonsense!

Ageist? What the heck is that! Also, according to Anais, he is. He would not let her watch an adult movie in his own words "because she is four". I understand it was an act of love, but still.

He should be - RyanMtheGamer

13 The characters don't whine much

Gumball is one of the most likeable characters in history it is you who are unlikeable. On that note they only time he ever whined was in the grips and that was an example we all have are days were we just complain about everything. And as a matter a fact I rarely hear a single character whine on the show. Maybe rarity has to show you what whining is

GUMBALL WHINES ALL THE TIME gumball is a great show but gumball is unlikeable

14 The characters are a little bit smarter

Seriously even PPG is dumb - Hoxton

15 It's funnier
16 Adventure Time has too many Easter eggs

Easter Eggs are good - RyanMtheGamer

17 Adventure Time is boring

Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball are both good shows

18 Gumball is cute, Finn is ugly

Hey that's really rude to Finn. Be more respect to him! I like Finn. And I love Gunbakl

19 It makes sense
20 All the graphics are way better
21 Gumball's art design has more thought and care to the characters
22 Gumball is more wacky
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