Top Ten Reasons Why The Amazing World of Gumball Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig

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It's Actually Funny

Gumball handles all types of comedy very well. I enjoy it. - Garythesnail

Yeah, that's why it's one of my favorite shows ever! - Pegasister12

And they use butt jokes correctly

Yes, yes, yes, that's true

Less Fart Jokes

The amazing world of gumball, has done butt jokes before. But when that do it it's funny. - nintendofan126

I haven't seen any fart jokes in The Amazing World of Gumball

One was the CGI Panda movie scene was much hilarious than this.

The ones there are are good.

It's Real Comedy

It is,Sanjay and crang is just gross

They're Not Gross

Is it weird that every time I hear a fart joke in SanJay and Craig, I feel like I wanna throw up? - Chaotixhero

Sanjay and Craig always make fart jokes - Delgia2k

Sanjay and craig makes disgusting "jokes", like being "pregnant with a fart bubble" what!? Amazing world of Gumball isn't gross

Better Sidekicks

Darwin, is better than Craig. - nintendofan126

Darwin is way better!

Darwin wouldn't get his brother into trouble. Craig does. - AaronCoolness

Darwin would easily beat Craig at anything


While I still think old cartoons are better than new ones this is an exception. This show is really original and the concept behind each character is simple in the amazing world of Gumball. The plots all fall under the same them and are similar in someway or another yet each episode seems to surprise you - MrQuaz680

Cartoon Network has gotten very original with their cartoons these days, that's why my family watches this everyday - MeaganSaysHI

Silly crushes. You know real kids do. That. But most realize it will never happen, besides, in the last couple of episodes I watched, Dipper wasn't stressing over Wendy. Finn got over PB.

Are you kidding me?!?! Gravity falls already had younger kids having crushes on much older kids. So did adventure time! This show is just some bad remix of every good show.

No Weird Episode Titles

Mainly cause They always start with the word the - MrQuaz680

Butt Transplant? Seriously? That is disgusting and inappropriate! Cartoon Network has been getting better since 2011, while Nickelodeon has been going downhill since 2009! Gumball > Sanjay and Craig

Better Butt Jokes In The Amazing World Of Gumball

I mean, when butt, poop, and fart jokes happen in Regular Show, Adventure Time, or Gumball, IT'S ACTUALLY FUNNY! - Goatworlds

This is also the same with Wander Over Yonder.

Yay more wander over yonder fans (no sarcasm)-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

It Always Have A Story

Never Watched S&C,But it Looks Terrible.I Hate Fart Jokes,Butt Jokes,Annoying Characters,Random Plots,Things What Wanna Make You Barf and-Ugh...I'd Rather Binge-Watch Adventure Time Than Watch One Episode of This Crap!

Sanjay and crang just has a day,where they wake up,make fart jokes,then go to the frycade,crush on bell,go back home,annoy their neighbor,then play with hector and another person,then make more fart jokes

Better Voice Acting

Hector needs his voice foxed

The Contenders

Ben Bocquelet Is a Genius of Cartoons
Better Jokes

And better animation and characters
I just love the fluid CGI animation in TAWOG

Sanjay is Extremely Annoying But Darwin is Extremely Awesome

Same here guys

You said it, pal.

Darwin is so cute and awesome but Sanjay is just werid

Darwin is the best. kids in my school love sanjay so I watched it... wish I didn't

Better Voices

Like miss simian - Theawsomeyoutuber275

Sanjay and Craig is Inappropriate

I never seen amazing world of gumball do fart jokes but sanjay and craig fart jokes are everywhere

Every Character is Very Unique

Gumball isn't going to fall in love with some girl who is twice as old!

The VA for Gumball is a kid and Penny is voiced by a 40-year-old.

Sack Jay is too gsy to like a girl - Theawsomeyoutuber275

GumballxPenny forever, SanjayxBelle someone call the police


The amazing world of gumball is unexpected and that's why we love it. Let me summarize every episode of "Sanjay and Craig" with just one word: Farts. There is always going to be some crass joke about farts and how there awesome or whatever.

You'll never know what you'll get with Gumball, in Sanjay and Craig you'll what you get before it even happens

It's Creative

With the world they live in that's an understatement

I review things like a teacher looking at the homework and exams of their students.

Me: Hello, Mr. Genius. I have looked at the story you wrote for homework, and it has an amazing plot and great characters. A+.

Genius: Thanks!

Me: Now, where is Idiotic MCMoron?

Idiotic MCMoron: Here! I'm sorree its late I didn't wanna wrk on it much :P


Idiotic MCMoron: it has, looiik, the best jokes and awesome characters and int goss at lol! 111! 1

Me: Z. Your grade is a Z.

Better At Comedy
Better Animation

So much different styles how could someone hate this show

Sanjay and Craig is Disgusting
Guardians are Better Than Sidekicks
Gumball and Penny's Relationship is Age Appropriate

This couple is age appropriate and no weird things. San-gay however (you know why I did that)...
THat show is like BRUH compared to gumball. Thank u for your time

The Characters Aren't Annoying

Sanjay and craig constantly gets annoying in every episode and nevers stop, gumball is annoying only 1-3 times, sanjay and Craig is annoying 1-11 the whole episode basically 24/7

Just wait until you get to the later seasons. - AaronCoolness

When gumball characters are annoying its actually funny

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