Top 10 Reasons Why The Amazing World of Gumball Is Better Than Total Drama Island


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1 No Characters Like Heather, Leshawna, Lindsay, Izzy, Courtney, Anne Maria, or Dakota Like In Gumball

The only reason Total Drama has stupid characters like that is because it is literally making fun of contest T.V. shows like Hell's Kitchen. Plus, it's literally called TOTAL DRAMA! It needs the drama to make fun of people. Enough said.

Hey! I take offense to that last part! Plus, Gumball<Lindsay

Gwen, Harold and Zoey are my Top 3.

No most of the total drama characters ARE entertaining

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2 No People Farting On Gumball

Total Drama doesn't really do to much fart jokes... but neither does gumball do the shows are pretty equally matched but very different.

Gumball does have butt jokes but they are fun to watch

Farthing on...?

3 It's Funny

Gumball is has mental issues, and if you think that's funny, I would say you'd be better off with Teen Titans Go. And that's saying something.

Hahaaaha so true!

4 No People Actually Trying to Kill Each Other In Pointless Fights
5 No Teams With the Stupidest Names
6 No People Throwing Up Green Puke With Red Particles
7 Total Drama Tries Too Hard
8 Darwin

I like Gumball bette, but Darwin is still an awesome character. He's kind, sweet, adorable, and just a very good friend. Plus he's funny

Darwin is awesome. I like both shows, but mostly Gumball

9 No One Had Their Privates Exposed Like Heather Had Her Breasts Exposed On One Episode

I can't believe that this got on Cartoon Network what were they thinking but I still like total drama and I respect your opinion

Yes both show did expose themselves, but at least Gumball didn't expose lady parts

Gumball has the decency to censor the parts.

This is not true, gumball was naked 3 times in the show and also a naked flower! Total drama: 1 tawog: 4

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10 It's Gore

Do you even know what gore means? I didn't see any blood in 1 episode of Total Drama. - MeaganSaysHI

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11 Total Drama Is Unfunny

Aren't these two shows way different? It's kinda like comparing South Park to Dora. (Although not as exaggerated) - Turkeyasylum

12 Gumball is Better Than Duncan

Gumball is awesome, cute, and the perfect model of the average human being in cat form, Duncan is just an ass who bullies who bullies one of the only few likeable characters(Harold ).

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