Top Ten Reasons Why Batman & Robin Is So Bad


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1 Mr. Freeze's Puns

Arnie As The Terminator Is So Much Better

"Every body, CHILL! " Worst punt ever.

Wow, Arnie, this is one of the two roles that sucked butt.
"Let's kick some ice! " - DapperPickle

"what killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE! ", URG! worst puns I've heard! - trujillomus

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2 The Bat Credit Card

A bad credit card.
They made a bat credit card?!
They had the BALLS to give one of the greatest superheroes of all time a BAT CREDIT CARD!

But you must admit, the nostalgia critic's reaction to this part was funny. - Skullkid755


BAT CREDIT CARD!?!?! - trujillomus

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3 The Bat Nipples

What a way to ruin the batman movie in 1997! The nipples on the bat suit made Batman and Robin look gay!

Now That's when they really went too far. - egnomac

And they no let batgirl have them:( - Therandom

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4 There's Too Many Plots
5 Robin

To whoever said about his dialogue: NYAN CAT POWERS!

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6 The Exaggerated Environments
7 George Clooney as Batman

He just wasn't right for the character.

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8 Batman is No Longer Mysterious

What about Batman Forever? You completely forgot about it.

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9 Poison Ivy Poison Ivy Poison Ivy is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.

This is the worst acting job I've seen in my life. She's unrealistic, uninteresting, and just a bad villain in general. Come on, can't we have a sneaky, menacing female villain that hides in the shadows and waits to strike? That be awesome. - booklover1

10 Joel Schumacher

Michael Keaton saw this evil b4 batman forever and left, shame we couldn't

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? Horrible Visual Effects
? "Well, I don't suppose they have fax machines on elephants"

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11 Too Many Villains
12 Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl

People often view Clooney and/or Schwarzenegger as the worst actors in the film. But Silverstone is the worst of the bunch. She doesn't even try to make her character interesting. Acting is dull and every time shes on screen she just bores me.

13 Bane Bane Bane is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.

So many things wrong with, Bane!
First of all why the ridiculous mask?
Why get a wrestler to play Bane?
Why does he just follow around the main villains?
Why is so stupid, isn't he supposed to be strong and smart?
Why is he easily beaten at the end where he could have been beaten like that an hour and a half ago?

A loony compared to the Joker. - HezarioSeth

14 Surfing On Pieces of Door
15 Chicks Dig The Car V 1 Comment
16 No Joker!

He died in the 1989 movie, so it's understandable why he isn't in this film. Plus, do you really want to see what abominations they could possibly inflict on the Clown Prince of Crime?

17 Bad Jokes
18 No Crossovers

I know, right?! Well, this was meant to be a Batman-only movie. :(

It would be cool if they did that

19 They Act Like Cartoons

It does not even seem like a batman movie it seems like a little kids film.

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20 No Harley Quinn!
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