Top 10 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Would Make a Good President of the U.S

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1 He Supports Free College

Nothing is ever free, no matter how much Bernie tries to brainwash you. It will be paid by the taxpayers, because who else will pay for it? Socialism is a flawed and dangerous system. - PackFan2005

No he doesn't want free college he wants you to give him your money so he can pay the college with your money and trick you into thinking its free. Then of course there's the fact that the 70 billion dollars a year would go to families that could largely already pay. Oh and the fun fact the government has a perfect track record of ruining everything it tries to manage. And by the way if you genuinely can't afford college you could go to a 2 year college then work and then get the almost infinite number of grants and scholarships already provided. - maverick88

You know or he wants to make collage public like elementary middle And high School! If Trump had his way, we would go back to the 14th century when only rich white male men got to go to school - theagressiveprogressive

Which will never happen. He also wants to take 90% of everyone's money so are you still stupid enough to like him? The communist Hillary already has him beat, even though she won't win, so Bernie will never be the dictator he wants to be - bobbythebrony

When did he say that he wanted to take 90% of our money? Hillary is a communist? Define communism. Social democracy and dictatorship are rather different from one another. He does not want to increase taxes on everyone, but he does want to increase them on people who make over $400,000 a year. They don't pay their fair share anyway. - Caleb9000

What about the fact that he's loyal or the fact that he doesn't hide his opinions to appeal to the public. As sad as this sounds the only reason he won't win is because he is honest.

2 He Supports The Legalization Of Marijuana

This is not a bad thing. Weed is not as bad as uneducated idiots make it out to be. It has health benefits, you can't overdose or be killed, and only about 10% of Pot smokers go on to do class A drugs. Yes, I have done weed myself, but I'm not addicted and it's no where near the most important thing in my life. - IronSabbathPriest

I like Bernie Sanders, but that's not really a good reason to say why he would be a good president. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Naw. He's just trying to win people's votes. - nintendofan126

This is actually a pretty bad idea

3 He Supports Affordable or Free Healthcare

His views on medicare for all, once considered impossibly progressive by many Americans, have now become the 'standard of care' in this campaign. I have great respect for his willingness to carry this banner policy forward. People who really think and study the issues stand behind Sanders. The others are limited in intelligence, compassion, scope of issues, and political acumen. Also, I very much admire the video in which he addresses the veteran with huge medical bills that he cannot pay; apparently he lost some vets coverage through some lapse in paperwork on his part. Who helps vets navigate the enormous and intricate health insurance paperwork?

Even if we allowed the government to steal all our money we still couldn't pay for it all. And if we want to look to real world examples let's look north and remember how Canada declared a human rights emergency because so many people were dying because the waiting lists were so long and they had to allow the creation of private "super hospitals" or as we call them in America... Hospitals. - maverick88

Why does this site like communist sanders so much? He's almost as bad as Crooked Hilary, and is worse than useless Obama! - Therandom

This is a reason, why I'd vote for him to be honest.

4 He's Pro-Choice

EXACTLY. Give people the choice of whether they abort their unborn Foetus or not, for example. - IronSabbathPriest

Gives me less of a reason - 1337

Meh I'm indifferent on this one - maverick88

5 He Doesn't Base All His Choices On One Religion

Anyone who does is an idiot! Bernie for president!

Um even Ted Cruz doesn't do this. - maverick88

How stupid is the religion supporting moron who commented. Maybe you should take you brain out of your -----

But, but, All choices Should be based Of Re'igion! U here me? ALL CHOISES SHOULD BE BASSD OFF WON RELIGION! That's why Y'all should vote For Trump! - Charlotte79

Your choices should be based on religion? Well in your personal life that's your choice. But were talking about the biggest leader in the biggest country in the world. He needs to support all peoples views not just conservative fundamentalist christians - theagressiveprogressive

6 He Supports Same-Sex Marriage

This is actually one of the main reasons I love Bernie, he supports equality for all people and he's been fighting for equality since he was only a student. - The_Violist

This is the worst reason ever. Why would a Jew support same sex marriage?

It's already legal... - 1337

I think it's pretty weird if you're gay, but everyone is equal, so you should treat gays like normal people

7 He Wants To End Institutional Racism

Institutional racism died in the 50's - maverick88

Racism is exactly the problem with this country, people don't realize it but it is true, donald trump will just make racism worse. Bernie is the man to stop this horrible thing. He gets my vote.

8 He Wants To Redo The Criminal Justice System

All these retards dude what he means is do you think someone deserves years in prison for having possession of like ounces of pot plus they can never get back on their feet after prison

To allow dangerous felons back out on the street much earlier than they should be.

Especially when a drug dealer on life is released. Yup. Gonna go sell some more drugs! Totally gonna hurt the world. - ARandomPerson

Cause why punish someone who breaks the law. - maverick88

Did he say anything about that!

9 He's Against Big Business

This is the biggest reason why I personally support bernie corporations in america are one of the worst things about it. Capitalism helped america in world war two and about twenty years after that. It does not have the same effect as of now - theagressiveprogressive

People say that Bernie Sanders is some kind of communist only because he's a man of the left in an otherwise right-wing dominated American government. But compared to Western European standards, he is of centre-left and no different from social democrats in Germany or Scandinavia. - Bolshoy_Brat

Bernie sanders wants to end monopolies by expanding the biggest monopoly in existence... The federal government. - maverick88

Big business is the reason why America is in such a bad spot right now. - Arkadios200

10 He Wants To Cut Military Spending

Yeah we already have the biggest military in the world and spend a huge amount on it

So he can fuel his communism ideas. - Therandom

Not a good thing - maverick88

So he can fuel the money to something more worthy. Hmm, why I think the 7 Billion+ Debt the USA has could be that furnace we've been looking for... - ARandomPerson

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11 He Accepts Climate Change as a Fact

Yeah? Will he do anything about it? Be more specific

And I don't. - BrideiMacBella

You shouldn't be so bullheaded. All the facts are right there in front of you and you make yourself look like an even bigger idiot by denying it - Katekat123

12 He's Not Donald Trump

The only reason to vote for him

13 He is Against Donald Trump's Racist Comments
14 He Doesn't Take Money from Corrupt Corporations
15 He is Nice

He is nice and trump isent

16 He support $15 minimum wages
17 He is Intelligent, Wise, and Forward Thinking
18 He Represents the Working Class, Not the Billionaires and Donors

YOUR money is yours if you are an average person with a relatively ordinary job. MULT-BILLIONAIRES are not ordinary, should never exist, and THEY NEVER EARNED all of that money! It isn't EARNED income. THEY WON IT from investments, aka gambling, on Wall Street! So, stop saying its THEIR money or that THEY have EARNED IT!

19 Bernie is Bae

For senior citizens, yeah.

Ugh valetine

20 Because He Supports Vaping

That is a lie.

21 He Opposes Fracking
22 He is a democratic socialist
23 He hates Fossil Fuels
24 He Will Eventually Spend All of Your Money on People Who Did Not Earn It
25 He Is Genuine and Persistent
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