Top 10 Reasons Why Cars is Better Than Frozen


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1 Better plot

Because it has cars, and frozen is just weather.

Good point cars= not bad

Actually, Frozen has a better plot - ClimaxDome

okay - BorisTheTeethGuy

2 Cars has no singing

Good to know that you can't read. Frozen is meant to be a musical so it's obviously going to have singing. - ClimaxDome

This makes no sense! What's next, Why Age Of Ultron is better than Frozen?

3 Better characters

It's the other way around - ClimaxDome

4 Mater is less annoying than Olaf

I like the both of them - BorisTheTeethGuy

Actually, he's more annoying - ClimaxDome

5 Made by Pixar

Just because one studio made a movie doesn't mean it's better - ClimaxDome

6 Gets less hate than frozen

How is this considered a reason? - MegaSoulhero

How is this a reason? - ClimaxDome

7 Chick Hicks is a better villain than Hans
8 Better actors
9 More emotional

Actually, Frozen is more emotional if you look at it - ClimaxDome

10 Frozen was a lame story, based on 'The Snow Queen'

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11 Better theme song
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