Top Ten Reasons Why "the Cell" is a Seriously Underrated Movie

"The Cell" is a 2000 fantasy scifi thriller movie by Tarsem Singh starring Jennifer Lopez, Vincent D'Onofrio and Vince Vaughn. The story is about a new and controversial technology that allows people to dive into another person's subconsciousness. In the major story it is used to dive into a serial killer's mind in order to find his latest victim that is still alive before it dies.

I think this movie is a masterpiece, but it received mixed reviews (only Roger Ebert awarded it 4 out of 4 stars, most other reviews were not as positive) and many people seem to not like it. This list collects the reasons why it is a great and underrated movie.

The Top Ten

1 Its visuals are exceptionally beautiful
2 Despite its surreal and dream like atmosphere it still has a plausible story
3 It cares about both its protagonists and its villain
4 It has the most creative use of special effects found in big budget Hollywood movies
5 It goes a thin line between art film and hollywood movie
6 It manages to equally enchant and disturb with its unique pictures
7 Despite its visual beauty and extensive use of special effects, it keeps you interested in the characters and story
8 It does not focus on action and has a slow tempo, but it still has lots to offer to keep you excited.
9 Despite being incredibly brutal, it does not use the violence for shock value
10 It knows that people have both bad and good attributes

The Contenders

11 It manages to make Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn act just as superb as a serious actor like Vincent D'Onofrio.
12 It is a mind game movie that was made before mind game movies were cool

It was a risky move to make this film on a big budget. Back in 2000, those movies could have been too complicated for mainstream audiences. It was made with a passion, not to make a quick buck. - Martin_Canine

13 It was nothing like other Hollywood movies of its time

Movies like "Inception" came later on. - Martin_Canine

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