Top Ten Reasons Why Dance Moms Is a Horrible Show


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1 Abby just yells at the girls for no reason

Abby tried to say it was scripted. But currently most of her dancers wont speak to her or give her any credit for their success. She mentally and emotionally abused the girls. She sent Paige and Chloe to Europe to train with a known pedofile choreographer. That man is in prison now. - boce

I love this show but I agree with this item here

I wonder how these girls learn how to dance if this overweight woman is screaming at them... - RickyReeves

Shows like this make me glad my parents have never showed interest in reality T.V... - Garythesnail

2 Abby favours Maddie and ignores the other girls

Maddie: *burns down a whole city*
Abby: It's okay, everyone makes mistakes.
Any other girl: *exists*

Absolutely next - Malkiboy

Maddie wont even speak or give Abby any credit know. Obviously hates her. - boce

I wonder how the other girls feel that Abby is always pampering and favouring Maddie. I like Maddie (not from Dance moms but Sia's videos) - RickyReeves

3 The mothers don't do anything if Abby yells or ignores their daughters

Yes they do

4 The show is so staged it ruins the whole point of reality TV
5 Abby's stupid feud with the Candy Apple dance owner

Whatever her name is its quite dumb - RickyReeves

6 Some of the girl's costumes are too inappropriate for their age

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Chloe and Paige said they loved the revealing costumes. Its sad that a few people choose to sexualize a pretty young girl. The problem is in the viewers mind, not what the girl is wearing. - boce

7 Abby promotes child abuse when she shouts at the girls
8 Some of the dances are too inappropriate for their age

This show is absolute rubbish. Nobody is respectful. Nobody is a good roll model.
How utterly common,.shameful and embarrassing the adults behavior is.
What those poor dancers have to endure!
Beautiful dancing but the behavior lets it down entirely.

Where have all the children gone and a few others were to creepy. Dance should be for fun, not an editorial about sick crimes. - boce

There was one dance that was about texting and driving, and the dancers couldn't have been more than ten years old... - RickyReeves

9 Too many people like Maddie and Mackenzie

Because they were the only nice people on the show.

10 Jojo Siwa is a brat

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11 JoJo Siwa was on the show

Jojo Siwa is a #%*%#!

Jojo is so annoying - AliciaMae

I hate Jojo she is so rude to everyone. I hate the time she was rude to Kenzie because Kenzie’s the only one I like on the whole show.
Here is a list of people Mackenzie should avoid:
JoJo Siwa
Jacob Sartorius
I hate them they are ugly little brats

12 The girls are rude

No they're not! Just Payton,Asia,and JoJo

Seriously everyone is rude especially JoJo. They all think they’re so great. They aren’t. The ones who aren’t are Kenzie and Kalani. I like Maddie but even she is rude.

13 There is an excessive amount of drama and arguing

If everything and every person was nice no one would watch it. It would of been kind of boring. - boce

14 Melissa does not know how to act like a mother

I hate Melissa

I hope with age Maddie and Mackenzie go on a show like Dr Phil and they expose what Melissa really did to her daughters. I think it's a form or pimping her daughters for fame and cash. I hope they don't end up like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes. - boce

15 It's too competitive

The girls are so competitive instead of having fun.

16 Abby is a witch
17 We can't even enjoy the dancing because there is so much drama
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