Top 10 Reasons Why Emily Blunt is the Best Actress


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1 Emily Blunt's acting is amazing.

The absolute best. She should win a Oscar ever year. - girlcool

I got to see Emily Blunt in person while I was at the D23 Expo - MegaSoulhero

2 Emily Blunt was in The Wind Rises.

The Wind Rises is the best film ever and Emily is the best actress ever. - girlcool

3 Emily Blunt is likeable.

She seems like a friendly woman. - girlcool

4 Emily Blunt is a hard working actress.

She puts lots of effort into her work. - girlcool

5 Emily Blunt chooses good films to be in.

Finding a bad Emily Blunt film is hard. - girlcool

6 Emily Blunt makes every film that she's in better.

Even when she is in good films Emily manages to increase the quality. - girlcool

7 Emily Blunt has beautiful hair.

How is this a reason? Rachel McAdams, Charlize Theron, Sigourney Weaver and Amy Adams are way better, but Emily is way better than hacks like Penelope Cruz & Naomi Watts.

8 Emily Blunt is like a good wife to Jon Krasinski.

Jon is so lucky. - girlcool

9 Emily Blunt seems like a sweet mom.

Probably 1 of the best moms ever. - girlcool

10 Emily Blunt looks good.

Hot like the sun

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