Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than the Lego Movie

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1 The Lego Movie has a dumb plot

Using the "correcting" syntax now? Just when I thought the people insisting this dumb movie is a great masterpiece couldn't get any lower. No, whoever put this on the list did not mean "good". There was no plot really, just dumb jokes and random pop culture references.

Irk the movie is stupid and that everyone keeps on singing everything is awesome

And those "other action movie plots" aren't dumb?

No it doesn't, it's just like other action movie plots

2 Frozen has better characters

"The agent-like girl"? "The cute little unicorn"? That you can't even remember the names of two of the characters you're trying to defend really weakens your argument. Meanwhile, as has been pointed out before, Wylstyle was in the end just "the love interest" and was toned down a lot so everything was left to Emmet (which itself undermines any "anyone cane be a hero" message". Also how Emmet never giving up doesn't make him all that special or unique as many other characters in the entire history of cinema and animation have never given up. Unikitty's extreme happiness is actually frightening or annoying to some, and the "happy but still kicks butt" aspect does little to help that. And then there's how this was Wonder Woman's big screen debut and neither she nor the rest of the Justice League (except Batman, and he was only there to be a jerk in the worst portrayal of him ever) got to really do anything (again because despite the "anyone can be special" message Emmet and Emmet alone ...more

"The Blind Side", "Driving Miss Daisy", "Ocean's 11" (both versions), "The Maltese Falcon", "A Streetcar Named Desire", "The Big Sleep", "Dial M for Murder", "Casablanca", "What's Opera Doc", "The Music Man", "Days of Wine and Roses", "The NeverEnding Story", "Sergeant York", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", the "Dark Knight" trilogy, the first two "Superman" movies with Christopher Reeve, and the "Harry Potter" flicks are Warner Brothers' masterpieces. How dare you say that two hours of talking Lego figures, lame attempts at humor, and cliched plot points is anywhere near those movies' league

Let's see, woman who has to learn to deal with a condition she can't help having and the anxiety related thereto (and people with such issues do try to hide or run away from them rather than seek help or see the "obvious" solutions right away) and her loving sister who just wants to connect with and understand her, or the eighty millionth idiot who happen upon "the thing that will save us all", the capable action girl reduced to a sidekick/love interest, and the worst interpretation of Batman ever? I'll take the sisters.

Let's review each character from each movie.
Elsa-A person who has ice powers mysterically and doesn't know how to control them even at birth. Meaning she's a noob to understand it.
Anna-some stupid girl who wanted to be married instantly. meaning is that she is impatient and another dumb person since she doesn't know what Hans may do to her.
Olaf-a stupid snowman that doesn't know that fire harms you. Shouldn't all snowman know it?
Kristoff-I don't know even why I hate him
Sven-a stupid reindeer that can't even talk so shut up kristoff

Now, the Lego movie
Emmet-A guy who went through a who went through several different Lego areas and doesn't try to give up on anyone
The agent-like girl (I don't know her name)-Some girl who loves Batman yet still acts like a girl agent 007, right?
Batman-I hate this guy only
The cute looking unicorn-Aww she's so cute! But still a killer machine!
Now, compare this.

3 Frozen has 2 great villains, but The Lego Movie has 1 awful villain

Both villains are underdeveloped. They have no reason to be evil. At least President Business has a reason to be the antagonist.

What does it matter that Business became a good guy and Hans didn't? Not all villains have to turn good, you know.

Both villains were underdeveloped as hell.

But Lord Buisness became a good guy, Elsa was the only villain that became good, Hans stayed a villain

4 The Lego Movie has bad jokes

If you meant "whoever made this list must *not* have watched Foodfight and The Fox and The Hound 2", well, yes, those movies are crap compared to any other animated movie ever. However, if you meant "whoever made this list must have enjoyed Foodfight and The Fox and The Hound 2", when are you people going to run out of stupid digs like that?

At least it has a sense of humor.

It does, but Zootopia has worse ones.

The Lego Movie's jokes are hillarious

5 The Lego Movie has bad animation

" It literally feels like everything is a Lego piece" Which isn't that great to anyone who had no care or interest in watching Lego pieces move and make bad jokes for an hour and half, and that so many people do want to watch Lego pieces move and make bad jokes for an hour and half is enough to make me worry about the state of humanity.

Wow, you think it's only one visitor? Come out of your little Lego bubble and accept that there isn't just one person not worshiping your two hour commercial with animation that just looks stilted, annoying characters, and the worst song ever.

No, Frozen does not have the bad animation. The only way your precious movie would have been all that impressive animation-wise would be if it really had been filmed entirely with Lego toys in stop motion.

The animation fits perfectly with the movie. It literally feels like everything is a Lego piece.

6 Frozen has good songs

No, "Everything Is Awesome" does not live up to its name and is a very stupid and annoying song.

Almost NONE of those songs are good, and I don't like "Everything Is Awesome" either!

Everything Is Awesome is way better than any of those stupid songs

I agree. It does.

7 The Lego Movie wastes several great actors

Oh Morgan Freeman, were you really THAT desperate for a paycheck?

Pratt, Banks, Freeman, Neeson, Ferrell, and Arnett did fantastic jobs.

8 Let It Go is better than Everything Is Awesome

No, it isn't, and jokes to that effect are beyond old. It's about being free to be oneself and no longer caring what others think. It means a lot to many people and many can relate.

Whereas your precious song reeks of "let's all just give in to what politicians and corporations want us to think".

Let It Go is NOT a song about farts or any other bodily function. However, Everything Is Awesome IS corporate propaganda in the form of an annoying song- both in the movie and in real life (where sadly it worked).

No, both What Does The Fox Say and Everything Is Awesome are bad

What Does the Fox Say is better than Everything Is Awesome

9 Frozen has more adorable characters

Not really the same as the first one. And I don't find Lego people "adorable" in the least and am sick of seeing them everywhere/everything being made into them.

"All adorable characters were in Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph, not Frozen"- you do realize you just conceded that they aren't in The Lego Movie, either.

All adorable characters were in Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph, not Frozen

10 The Lego Movie is too popular

People like you obviously care that Frozen is too popular, so why can't those of us who don't worship Lego let alone the movie care that it's so very popular?

Maybe the movie isn't all over anything and everything, but my goodness if Lego itself, especially the figures, aren't overmerchandised to you-know-where and back!

Frozen is more popular and you know it.

Lego *itself* is too popular

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11 More people like Frozen

If the OP forgot the word "don't", then tell me why it's a wait of at least three hours to see Anna and Elsa at Disney World and Disneyland, yet neither the Florida not California Legoland have seen a massive spike in overall attendance?

No, they didn't. The Frozen haters are a loud and obnoxious vocal minority that really need to get off lists like this one that are pro-Frozen.

12 Frozen won 2 Oscars and The Lego Movie had no Oscar wins

Do you realise that we didn't want Frozen to win the Oscar? The Wind Rises should have one
Also, I am not a Lego Movie fan

At least Lego movie and The Wind Rises never trust Osar (maybe) because it's a zion controlled media.

Frozen shouldn't have won, The Wind Rises should have won

Bruh Oscar is controlled by Zionist ass group and lego movie (maybe) and Downfall does not.

13 The Lego Movie is boring

No, don't let that stupid song lie to you. It is boring, with a very played-out plot and a dumb idea of a twist.

Thanks to the movie, its fanbase, and especially that song, the word "awesome" has lost all meaning.

It's not boring, it awesome

14 The Lego Movie characters are dumb, while the Frozen characters are smart, cute, and funny

Hi, I'm a mindless, clueless moron who happened to find an important thing so that makes me the chosen hero! The mere fact that I never give up even makes me the best character ever! Other character before and since have also never given up and are much smarter and have more endearing personalities than me, but we'll ignore that.

Hi, I'm what you'd consider a "strong female character", so of course you gotta love me. Too bad I don't really get to do anything, gotta leave that to the clueless moron who's the true hero here, you know?

Hi, I'm the worst version of Batman yet. You thought the George Clooney and Adam West versions were bad...

Hi, we're the rest of the Justice League. We're just here to be forced out of action so the clueless moron everyone acts like he's the only character to never give up can save the day.

Hi, I'm a wizard who sounds like Morgan Freeman. I'm just here to make fake prophecies and get killed off with that indicated by Xs in my ...more

Are you sure about that? let me tell you all the bad things about Elsa:

1. She just goes ahead and let's her horrible parents lock her in her room away from Anna for 13 years.

2. She overreacts the entire movie.

3. She thinks it's totally fine to run away from her kingdom and let the winter stay on forever, while not even trying to find a way to fix it. She even sang a very over loved song about it.

4. She FREAKED out when Anna tried to help her.

5. Geez, does she HAVE to make a giant snow monster, that could kill a person, to get Anna out of her castle?!

6. She's totally cool with killing people.

7. While she DOES mourn while Anna freezes, she could have done that much earlier in the movie.

8. People only like her because of her clothes and singing voice.

"Kristopff...well, I know there's something dumb about him, I just don't know what"

Both the misspelling of Kristoff's name and that you really can't think of a reason to call him "dumb" cost you all credibility. And the reasons you gave for everyone else don't have that much merit. Oh, and why is Sven only caring about carrots so much better than Benny yelling constantly yelling spaceship?

Why don't we all say that the Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph characters were smarter and more awesome than the Frozen and Lego Movie characters and stop pretending the cast of that overly-long social commentary that became insanely popular at a frightening rate/the overly-long political commentary itself is anything near "awesome" and move on?

15 Wyldstyle just tries too hard to be edgy

someone needs to learn about the lego movie 2

16 The Lego Movie is for babies

The "point" is that people think this is the best thing ever just because it involves Lego. That's a baby mentality if there ever was one. There are other movies with similar plots that did it better, there are better movies about children's toys ("Toy Story" trilogy, anyone? ), there are better comedies, there are better CGI animated movies (and I actually don't mean "Frozen", I don't think it's Disney's best nor I do I think it's Disney absolute worst), and there are better animated movies in general.

No, "The Lego Movie" does not "appeal to adults and kids alike". Adults who have kids put up with it for the kids sake, and the ones without kids either are too deep in their Lego nostalgia or are the same people keeping "The Simpsons", "Family Guy", and especially "Robot Chicken" on T.V. way past their prime because they still think they're so wonderful.

It's not for babies, it's for trolls. I don't mean the kind that were in Frozen, either, I mean internet trolls.

The only movie that's even more for babies is the Oogieloves. But this is a close second.

17 Will Arnett is a Terrible Batman

And now we'll have to endure more of him since a spinoff movie was confirmed

18 More Action

There is not action in Frozen, just the scene where Hans tried to kill Elsa
Did I also mention that I'm not a Lego Movie fan? Wreck It Ralph is where it's at

At least the action in Frozen wasn't punctuated with stupid jokes and shoehorned-in pop culture references.

Actually, there was more singing than action in Frozen, while The Lego Movie had TONS of action

19 Frozen has male characters that are actually smart unlike The Lego Movie

Wow, you Lego Movie zealots are getting desperate- and that's being nice. Emmett is so dang clueless and part of a long line of "idiot heroes" who only fulfill the "hero" part due to happenstance, something Hollywood needed to move on from years ago. Of course, there's also the dumbing down Batman suffered for this alleged "masterpiece" of yours.

The male characters in Frozen are smart, but not the female characters

Emmet is Smarter than Hans and Kristoff!

Emmet. Is. Completely. Clueless. That. Prophecy. Of. Him. Being. A. Great. Hero. Was. Not. Even. True.

20 Emmet can't sing

It doesn't matter that the movie isn't about singing. "Everthyiong Is Awesome" still exists and we still have to endure Emmet singing.

Who cares if he can't sing? The Lego Movie isn't a movie about singing, it's a movie about trying to stop President Buisness from using the Kragle

Hey! Emmet doesn't need to sing to be a liked character

21 Benny is annoying

Run around screaming your favorite word at the most inappropriate time and tell me how many people around you think that's hilarious rather than you need to lay off the caffeine or that you need to be committed to an insane asylum. We'll wait.

He isn't annoying! Plus you guys have to stop thumbing down our comments if we hate frozen! Or we'll thumbs down your comments if your going to hate Lego Movie. CHARGE!

He's not annoying, he's hillarious

"SPACESHIP SPACESHIP SPACESHIP" Repeat. That is annoying and far from funny!

22 Unikitty is annoying

Olaf didn't give me nightmares. Unikitty may not have been menacing but her overtly cloying happiness and sweetness scare me.

More annoying than Anna and Olaf ever were.

Come on, Olaf is way more annoying than her

23 Frozen has a plot

Yes, The Lego Movie does have a plot but it's shallow, dumb, and overdone.

So does The Lego Movie

24 Frozen's plot doesn't hinge on some stupid MacGuffin and the "average" Joe Schmoe who found it
25 Frozen is for little kids
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