Top 10 Reasons Why Gravity Falls Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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1 More Mature

The humor in Gravity Falls actually makes sense

Gravity Falls has better storylines and characters with real personalities, Toddler Titans has mentally challenged characters with no personality.

Gravity Falls is 1,000% more mature than Teen Titans Go. It deals with more serious topics and the characters are way more mature than the characters on Teen Titans Go.

Dipper and Mabel are TRILLIONS times smarter than all the titans combined.

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2 Better Humor


Yes - Anonymousxcxc

I've laughed at Gravity Falls more often (1x per episode at least) than Teen Titans NO! (Never)

Exactly. Gravity Falls' jokes are actually hilarious. Remember "I AM QUESTIONY THE QUESTION MARK", poor Soos got sprayed but it was still hilarious, while Teen Titans Go! on the other hand makes butt and fart jokes. - PeeledBanana

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3 It Has a Wider Age Range

Gravity Falls is for all ages - PeeledBanana

Yes - Anonymousxcxc

4 No Photo Animation

Learn to spell, genius.

5 Mabel Is Better Than Starfire

Mabel is adorable, Starfire is a skank. - PrincessKiana

Mabel rocks and Starfire is a moron.

Of corse she is.She is lovable and starfire is not even close.

Starfire was a slut.mabel just likes boys.anyone see the ttg episode where starfire kissed random people? 😑

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6 Better Character Designs

There are a lot of details. Such as eg. Stan's nose is red. Dipper has eye bags. Etc.

You got that right!

Plus at least the designs are original. The designs for TTG are simply just stupid chibi versions of the originals.

I really like the character designs in Gravity Falls. - PeeledBanana

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7 The Plot Is Much Deeper

Oh yeah! No doubt about it. TTG is a loud of crap compared to Gravity falls. - dipperpinesfangirl618

Gravity Falls' plot is really deep, sad, dark, intense, and emotional. (Which makes a great show) - PeeledBanana

TTG literally has no plot. It's a pathetic excuse for a cartoon that should've never been green lit in the first place.

I had to choke back tears when the series ended. As for TTG, I will celebrate when this abomination is over.

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8 Dipper and Mabel Are Relatable to Kids Growing Up

Yea they are way more likeable then robin

Yes and its true. TTG teaches children to be dumb while Gravity Falls teaches children to be brave in any danger. - LIGHTIFIC_05


Agreed. - PeeledBanana

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9 Not As Many Butt Jokes

I've never ever seen them use a butt joke

"What? My butt isn't part of this particular equation! " -Probabiltor the Annoying. Still funnier than TTG.

Yep - Anonymousxcxc

10 Better Theme Song

Love it and I love how they altered it in the Weirdmageddon arc. - Anonymousxcxc

Yeah! The theme song of Gravity Falls is so catchy - PeeledBanana

Yes. The Gravity Falls' Theme song has a lot of effort by Brad Breeck and it contains many instrumentals like Piano, Guitar, The beats, and whistling. The intro has also mysteries while TTG's intro was just a lunchpad that can be created with no effort - LIGHTIFIC_05

Brad Breeck is a great musicians and it fits the backround song to the show. - LIGHTIFIC_05

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11 Best Villains

In my humble opinion, Bill Cipher is a much better main antagonist than family man Trigon

Bill Cipher has a terrifying sense of humor and is as evil as Slade from the original Teen Titans. - PeeledBanana

Bill is awesome

Bill cipher starts weirdmageddon in the Teen Titans go Universe.Good news,everyone is turned to stone and the titans get vaporized into dust! No more TTG!

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12 Better Character Development

Way better character development. 1 example: Northwest Mansion Noir - PeeledBanana

I agree - BorisRule

As in, Gravity Falls has character development. TTG does not and never will.

13 Teen Titans Go has offensive jokes on cat owners, vegetarians, gay people and much more

It's also racially offensive and makes fun of homeless people. Remind me again why this show is for kids.

14 The Creator Put More Effort Into It

Very true

He loves his creation so much. That he ended it before it got stale. He knows how to connect the charecters to himself and cares about his fans. On the other hand TTG writers do not care and think kids are stupid and will watch anything. They kill and abuse the charecters constantly and have no love for their audience.

True - PeeledBanana

15 Gravity Falls Is Funny

The funniest part so far on Gravity Falls is when Grunkle Stan saw money and then grabbed it while running and he said "Money! " And what does TTG have? Nothing AT ALL. - PrincessKiana

I thought soos's belly song was hilarious

So many questions! -grunkle stan


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16 There's a Slower Build Up, Making the Wait Even More Wonderful
17 Gravity Falls is Stimulating
18 Gravity Falls Came First
19 Cuter Characters

Dipper is a cutest character in this show. Even better than Robin!

20 The Characters are More Likable

Everyone in Teen Titans Go is terrible. - lavashooter

By season 2, the characters in girlfriend were downright lovable. As for TTG, I'm pretty sure no one would give a damn if they were tortured or something.

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