Top 10 Reasons Why Gravity Falls Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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21 Less Stupidity

Robin is a phsyco and dipper is smart

22 Gravity Falls would rather boost your I.Q than lower it

It wouldn't make your IQ change but at least it is bearable to watch

23 Dipper and Mabel are better than Robin and Starfire

Dipper and Mable are WAY better than Robin and Starfire.


24 Less Yelling for No Reason
25 You Never Know What's Going to Happen Next

It's a mystery!

Watch Not What He Seems for proof - PeeledBanana

26 The Show is an Original

That's right! Gravity Falls is 100% original while TTG is a dumb remake!

27 There Are Deeper Relationships Between the Characters

So true, so true

Like mabel annd mermando.

28 Teaches You Valuable Life Lessons

Yeah like when Mabel doesn't erase her summer romance memories so she can learn from her mistakes rather than forget them.


29 They Knew to End It at Its Best

Lots of kids shows forget this these days. - Anonymousxcxc

I totally agree. Lots of cartoons today drag on and on relentlessly, being milked out until they go sour.

It sad to see it go but its for the best

30 Bill is a Better Demon than Raven

Yeah, at least Bill isn't some sad emo that enjoys pony porn.

31 Less Boring
32 Mabel is Awesome
33 Gravity Falls isn't a stupid joke, unlike TTG
34 Illuminati Bill is in It
35 Teen Titans Go Makes You Want to Throw Up
36 Gravity Falls Doesn't Offend People Like How Teen Titans Go Does
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