Top 10 Reasons Why Gumball Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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21 TTG tries too hard

They either try too hard on an episode and fail or don't try at all. A lot of work goes into Gumball.

and fails

22 Better animation
23 Teen Titans Rips Off and Gumball Does Its Own Songs

Starfires fish song is really lips are movin

I saw an episode of gumball called "the origins". it was above average in my opinion but not brilliant, or anything. apparently, the ttg writers disagreed with me. they made an episode called "fish water" that completely ripped off " the origins". tawog ITSELF truly is "amazing", so they ripped off that episode. THEN twaog realesed an episode about how stealing ideas is BAD and WRONG. that is NOT a coincidence.

24 TTG has more offensive jokes than Gumball

TTG is the new Modern Family Guy!

25 Teen Titans Go is sexist

I know! in the dodgeball episode they never let starfire and raven play

Boys v. Girls offended me! - BorisRule

26 The Wattersons are a better family than the Titans

Highly agree

Agreed! - BacklegoplanesProductions

27 Robin is more of a psychopath than Gumball

Gumball never stalks Penny but Robin always stalks Starfire.

Gumball at least has some kind of sense to notice things, e.g. he's been twelve and he said it, for like forever. I don't mind though, he's a tween/ preteen and it's acceptable from him but Robin, leader of Teen Titans, I prefer kissing Sussie than speaking to you.

28 Fresh, amazing, and respectable episodes
29 Ttg has meaningless episodes when Gumball has episodes that make sense
30 Nobody is cruel to others for no reason
31 TTG is much less enjoyable
32 Mordecai and Rigby would defeat 100 clones of Raven in combat

So can Johnny test and the three bears can beat 1 million raven clones

That's Gumball, not Regular Show, but you're right - BorisRule

33 Less bad or unrealistic episodes

And TAWOG doesn't have episodes to attack the haters when it reached a low point and another Cartoon Network show only has about 2 maybe 3 bad or unrealistic episodes which are "Primal" and "Losing Ice"

34 Penny is better than Starfire

This is so true

35 The Titans act like idiots


36 More adventures
37 TTG is arguably the worst show in Disney, Nick or CN while The Amazing world of Gumball is one of the best shows in the top 3 cartoon channels in the USA

More like Disney, Nick, AND CN - BorisRule

38 Gumball is more creative than TTG

The Amazing World Of Gumball is full of amazingly creative, charming, often relatable, and very interesting characters. Whereas TTG just completely changed the purpose of each character into obnoxious, stupid, lazy and selfish morons of characters.

39 Darwin Watterson is Nicer Than Starfire

Darwin loves his family while starfire only loves kittens more than her team

40 The characters don't bully each other

Come on! Every TTG episode is bullying robin cause he's small and has no powers (even though beast boy and raven are smaller when standing)

Except julius and his gang jamie masami tobias harold tina ocho billy and felicity - Theawsomeyoutuber275

They’re bullying robin because he deserves it - Theawsomeyoutuber275

But they don’t do that in every damn episode - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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1. Gumball is funny, Teen Titans Go! is not
2. Better characters
3. Better animation styles
1. Better characters
2. Better animation styles
3. Gumball is funny, Teen Titans Go! is not



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