Reasons Why the Little Mermaid is Better Than Liv and Maddie

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1 Ariel is a much more likeable protagonist than Liv and Maddie.

Not a huge fan of neither to be honest. I don't see what is so special about "reasons why this is better than that" kind of lists. It can cause a lot of anger among the fans of the things getting bashed out and stuff. I want you to keep this in mind and please take my advice and create better lists than the same "better than this" type of lists you always create. Have a nice day. - Metalmaniakkk

2 The Little Mermaid has a greater plot despite being controversial in a home video release.
3 The Little Mermaid is appropriate for all ages, including young children, teens, adults, and parents. Liv and Maddie is not, because it's way too stereotypical, sexist, and unrealistic.
4 Liv and Maddie has disturbing/disgusting scenes in episodes like Bro-Cave-A-Rooney and gross humor like Parker wanting to poop with the door open, The Little Mermaid does not.
5 Liv and Maddie has bad messages like saying that plagiarism can be beautiful while The Little Mermaid is about following your heart and finding true love.
6 Liv and Maddie has dumb jokes and cheesy moments while The Little Mermaid takes its audience seriously.
7 Ariel isn't a spoiled brat like Liv and Maddie are.
8 More people like The Little Mermaid than Liv and Maddie, while more people hate Liv and Maddie than The Little Mermaid.
9 The Little Mermaid has much more epic action and adventure.
10 The Little Mermaid isn't cliched or formulaic like Liv and Maddie is.
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