Top Ten Reasons Why New Jersey Is Not Bad

Sure, New Jersey is very expensive and have a lot of weird laws, but that doesn't mean it's the worst place to live.

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1 You have a lot of opportunities in NJ

OBVIOUSLY New Jersey is not bad! It is awesome! I live there, and I should know! The beaches, amusement parks, people, places, attractions, food...SO MUCH! And EVERY place in the whole entire world has a place with a high crime rate. Pretty much just Newark and Camden here.

2 Very few towns have a high crime rate

Don't forget Paterson. If you step even an inch into that dump your dead.

The worst towns are:
East Orange
Newark (most of it at least)

but the rest are good pretty muchh

With the exception of Newark and Camden - Pony

3 It's right in between Philadelphia and New York City

And it's better than both of them combined.

How cool is that? - Pony

I'm from Philly and NJ is my favorite summer vacation destination!

4 It is home to Six Flags Great America

I'm only 5 minutes away from it lol - TimmyTurner

Great America is in Illinois

It’s Great ADVENTURE, not Great America. Great America is in Illinois.

1. It's great ADVENTURE
2. It's awesome with roller coasters like El Toro, Nitro, Bizarro (Medusa), Kingda Ka, Superman, and Batman! It also looks nice for a Six Flags, and the flat ride collection is pretty good. And the safari is so amazing!

5 The Jersey Shore is very beautiful

Sometimes the beaches are dirty because of all the trash washing up from NYC!

Agreed - TimmyTurner

Their boardwalks are fun! Lots of arcades, casinos, and rides!

I live in this part of Jersey. - Pony

6 Some of the towns are very beautiful
7 It is home to thousands of diners
8 Many famous people come from New Jersey

Tate Donovan (voice of Hercules in Disney's Hercules)

Some famous residents: My Chemical Romance, John Travolta, and even Albert Einstein. - Pony

Like Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Bruce Springsteen Bon Jovi Frank Sinatra Todd Fraizer Joe Flacco Grover Cleveland Fetty Wap Danny Devito Jack Nicholson to name more - SavageLG

9 You don't pump your own gas

Yes! More jobs! - TimmyTurner

Yes, this is giving people jobs! - MRMY

It's great for lazy people! - Pony

10 Despite it's population density, New Jersey is very comfortable

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11 Education is much better than most states.

The colleges are nice, too!

12 Very Nice People
13 It's 1 of the original 13 colonies
14 It has a lot of history
15 They grow produce

Lots of fruits that we buy come from NJ and I'm from Philadelphia

16 The NJ shore is fun to visit

I'm from Philly, and even though my family doesn't rent beach houses or stay at motels here, we love top come here every summer to play and have fun. Seaside Heights, Ocean City, and Atlantic City are the 3 boardwalks that we frequently visit.

17 The Jersey devil is said to live here

I have yet to see it one day. Then I would tame it and it will be my pet.

18 The food is delicious

From Master Wok to the buffets in Atlantic City to Manco and Manco Pizza, I love eating here for lunch and dinner during my summer vacations!

19 Atlantic City is Similar to Las Vegas

Even though it has gone downhill with casino closings in recent years, they still have all the similar entertainment and dining experiences that Vegas has to offer. Showgirls and strippers are less popular here, though.

20 It Has Its own TV Network

NJTV is NJ's T.V. network, where they do news stories and programs about NJ. They used to have a T.V. network called New Jersey Network (NJN) but they got rid of it due to budget cuts.

21 Manco and Manco Pizza is delicious

Located in Ocean City, this pizza shop is the most popular on the boardwalk. I was there last year and there was a huge line of people just for the pizza.

22 It has lots of water parks

From Raging Waters in Wildwood to Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, I love playing at the water parks. It’s perfect in hot weather.

23 Wildwood does have more rides than Disneyland

In the ads, they say that Wildwood has more rides than Disneyland. I have been to both Wildwood and Disneyland and I strongly agree with them.

24 The beautiful scenery
25 Schools ban corporal punishment
26 Free Samples on the Boardwalk

I have visited many boardwalk in CA, NJ, and MD and only the boardwalks in NJ offer free samples. They have samples of Polish water ice, fudge, and ice cream. They are so delicious!

27 It does not rely on commercialism for tourism like Disney World does

Commercials for NJ attractions don't advertise all the rime.

28 Fun Boardwalks

Ocean City, Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, and Wildwood are the most fun ones.

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