Top 10 Reasons Why Pickle and Peanut is Better Than Over the Garden Wall


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1 Pickle and Peanut is funny and Over the Garden Wall is not

Who made this, a five-year-old? Whoever thinks that unoriginal, lazy, disgusting piece of Disney crap is better than Cartoon Network's masterpiece obviously needs to get their heads examined. Over the Garden Wall has fantastic animation, lovable characters, and an amazing story. What does Pickle and Peanut have? Two stock image Mordecai and Rigby knock-offs, butt humor, and quite possibly the worst theme song of all time.

Someone should definitely shut down this stupid website

Pickle and Peanut is fine in my opinion. I don't know what the other one is. - RalphBob

I agree with RalphBob.

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2 Butt jokes are better than mysteries

You have no taste at all. Sorry, but this is just pathetic.

Somebody made this list just to troll people with a good sense I shows

I think it's the other way around for your info.

I'm not trolling I'm just stating my opinion

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3 Wirt is rude, selfish, arrogant and unlikable

So are Pickle and Peanut!

Response comment coming in 3...2...1...

And? Some people are like that and I was glad to see a character not made to be loved or another one of those characters who are so good and so much bad crap happens to them. Over the Garden Wall deviates from the normal cartoon characters. - Mangata

Whoops, I meant to say don't feed the troll. - GamerBoy

Guys don't be mean to Pickle and Peanut, please. - GamerBoy

4 Over the Garden is the worst show ever made

This item is literally so bad it's good - NESSquid

I thought pickle and peanut was the worst show ever made


5 Over the Garden Wall is for losers

How old is the person who made this list? Can't b

6 Over the Garden Wall encourages kids to go outside at night jump over walls

This list is stupid and I cracked when I saw this


7 Prickle and Peanut are likable and relatable

They are about as likable as robin from ttg and that's not that much. #peanut and pickle sucks

Prickle, lol

8 Gregory is fat and unlikable

Maybe your just fat and unlikable

9 Over the Garden Wall is bland

Your moms face is bland

10 Everyone in Over the Garden Wall is mean but Pickle and Peanut are nice

How old was the person who wrote this.. They must be like 2 or 3 at the most

Pickle stole a donation from a dieing kid, need I say more

Cause relatibility is just pointless... right?

Jeez, what moron wrote this list?

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11 Over The Garden Wall is a rip off of Gravity Falls

Really? Gravity falls is a completely different subject matter

It does not!

12 Over the Garden is sexist

Since when?

13 Pickle and Peanut is original

This is the most retarded list ever - PeeledBanana

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