Top 10 Reasons Why Rainbow Dash is Better Than Mr. Krabs

I understand you guys have opinions but why choose a greedy and mean SpongeBob character over a just-being-cool tomboy? Here are some reasons why Rainbow Dash is better than Mr. Krabs

The Top Ten

1 Rainbow Dash isn't greedy

Thank You To Whoever Made This List! 😄👍👍 - JPK

Actually I made this list via my older account but I deleted it - Neonco31

2 Rainbow Dash gave up her friend for something only once while Mr. Krabs did this countless times

That doesn't make her any better. The point is that they both did the same thing. - TwilightKitsune

Plus Dash wasn't paying attention to the mare.

And Rainbow Dash Was Extremely Remorseful For That Action And Apologized And Since She Is Fluttershy's Friend, Fluttershy Accepted Her Apology.

Mr. Krabs Is NEVER Remorseful In The Slightest - JPK

It was just a mistake on Dash's part
not being mean, but just saying.
But, I do agree Krabs is selfish and evil

3 Rainbow Dash is nicer

I couldn't agree more.

4 Rainbow Dash Cares About Her Friends While Mr. Krabs Doesn't

100% True! - JPK

5 Rainbow Dash saved her friends while Mr. Krabs saved his money

True - JPK

6 Rainbow Dash Teases Playfully, While Mr. Krabs Is A True Bully

Something That People Need To Realize In My Opinion - JPK

7 Rainbow Dash apologized a lot while Mr. Krabs rarely apologizes

How Many Times Have I Seen Rainbow Dash Apologize?
Over 100+ Times

Now How About Mr. Krabs?

8 Rainbow Dash is Rarely Mean While Mr. Krabs is Always Mean

Another Thing People Need To Realize In My Opinion - JPK

9 Mr. Krabs is selfish and evil

No Kidding - JPK

10 Rainbow Dash is Funny

Mr. Krabs Is Not Funny At All In Seasons 6-8 - JPK

The Contenders

11 Rainbow Dash is cool

Rainbow Dash Is 100% Cooler
Mr. Krabs Is 100% Lamer - JPK

12 Mr. Krabs's voice is annoying

And Rainbow Dash's isn't? - TwilightKitsune

Not Really - JPK

13 Rainbow Dash is larger than Mr. Krabs in size comparison

Is That A Valid Reason? - JPK

14 Rainbow Dash has a good fanbase

Well... - JPK

15 Rainbow Dash can easily beat Mr. Krabs by a Sonic Rainboom

I Want To See This Happen - JPK

16 Mr. Krabs Nearly Drove Plankton To Suicide
17 Rainbow Dash cares about her friends and Mr. Krabs only cares about money
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