Top Ten Ways "Top Ten Reasons Why the Bible is a Horrid and Stupid Book" is Inaccurate

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1 At no point in the Bible is there any verse that supports rape.
2 Women are told to remain silent because the law at that period of time of was very sexist, and the verse was written in that context.

Why was god sexist then?

3 The Israelites were descendants of Abraham, and the reason they were "favored" by God is because God chose to bless Abraham's descendants. The idea that God was racist is just plain silly.

To favor a race above another is racism, no matter how you justify it - ARandomPerson

4 Humans were so evil that God regretted even making them in the first place, thus why he made the flood. Noah was chosen to survive because he was a good man and God had already promised Adam and Eve that He would rescue their decsendants from sin.

Do you even realise that no one older than 10 should even think that Noah's Ark should've happened

Wasn’t god all powerful and all knowing? If he knew he would make bad humans why would he make them in the first place? And why is there no prof of the flood in the first place? - ARandomPerson

5 God actually commands humans to take care of animals and nature. The reason God favors one species is because humans were created in "Gods own image" as the Bible says.

Why doesn’t he love all animals equally if he is all loving? - ARandomPerson

6 God did not "give" anyone sin. Humans chose to do evil, God had nothing to do with it.

Isn’t he all knowing and all powerful? Shouldn’t he be able to create perfect humans? - ARandomPerson

7 The Bible does not support slavery. Certain verses in the Old Testament talk about the Jews taking slaves from conquered nations because this would have been an appropriate thing to do at that time.

Which basically supports the enslavement of conquered enemies.

8 God is perfect, and we are not. In order to be with Him, we must show that we accept His sacrifice and gift of salvation. If we reject salvation, we reject forgiveness. If someone commits a crime, we rightfully expect them to be punished.

I thought god would’ve been kinder to us. Oh wait, I forgot, he must of been in the culture of the ancient Israelites, and forgot to move past that time!

9 Whether or not homosexuality is a sin is unimportant. The Bible says all are forgiven and all are welcome to accept salvation.

Yet it says to stone gays and adulterers, how do you repent if your dead? - ARandomPerson

10 The Bible is entirely made up of history. Historians are still finding more and more evidence that point to historical truth and accuracy in the Bible.

Are you saying that god somehow made the universe in seven days? How so that accurate? To be accurate all of it has to be accurate. How did god create man from dirt?

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11 Telling Abraham to kill his son was a test to see if Abraham was faithful to God. God would have never actually let Abraham kill Isaac.

If god was all knowing, he would already be able to tell if he was faithful

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