Top 10 Reasons Why Rock and Metal are Better Than Disney Songs

Disney's songs and musicals doesn't sound very pleasing to most of us today but Metal and Rock? They would be. They are one the best music genres out there PLUS they're even better than Disney Musicals. I have some good reasons for why they're better than Disney. I respect your opinions if you like Disney songs but Rock and Metal are just WAY better.

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1 Rock and metal are diverse

Disney may have diversity in theme but Rock and Metal too are diverse. They have a wide set of subgenres ranging from hard rock, trash metal, grunge metal, and much more. - Neonco31

Rock and Metal are the best ever. Not only better than Disney songs. - Metal_Treasure

So are Disney songs lol - ProPanda

So is Disney - lbelle0527

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2 Disney songs are too childish

Let It Go, ugh... Don't get me started! Most of Disney's songs are for young people but I respect if you like Disney songs too but Rock and Metal apply to teens and adults but the seniors may need less aggressive rock and metal songs like Bohemian Rhapsody or Smells like Teen Spirit - Neonco31

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3 Rock and metal have meaningful messages

I Might Lose My Interests In Modern Disney, I Will Still Be A Fan Of Their Previous Properties (You Know, Pixar And Stuff? ), Honestly Nintendo Seems To Be Going Downhill Too, The Nintendo Switch Looks Like The Xbox One With Nintendo Games!, It's Nintendo Trying Too Hard (Sorry For Going Off Topic There) - VideoGamefan5

Painkiller by Judas Priest for example talks about how the eponymous character of the song rescues mankind from humanity. Disney is just for kids. - Neonco31

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4 Rock and metal don't need to teach something to become good

Sure Disney's songs teach something to kids but that's not the point. Rock songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stairway to Heaven, Numb, and BR don't need teaching a lesson to become more popular. Messages are different from teaching lessons. - Neonco31

5 Disney songs are overrated

Some Metal and Rock songs sure are overrated but look at Let It Go! It's even more overrated and over-hyped and the hype is still there but Rock and Metal will be very memorable always. - Neonco31

6 Rock and metal artists have put much effort in making their songs

Disney just uses the piano, violin, guitar, and other classical instruments while Rock and Metal artists worked very hard to make their songs big sellouts. - Neonco31

Disney does put work in to their songs rock I feel like they make stuff up as they go - lbelle0527

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7 Rock and metal are more modernized while Disney uses too much classical themes

Classical themes don't really catch our eyes. Metal and Rock are very new and modern today. Most people of our generation would really wan't to listen to more rock than those obsolete classical songs of Disney. - Neonco31

Gee. And we're always being told metal is based on "classical."

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8 Rock and metal has more fans

Immature Disney fans? Come on! Metal and rock have more fans than Disney music. They've been to many concerts and live performances. Disney songs were just sung at the talent shows... - Neonco31

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9 Rock and metal has good tune, rhythm, beat, and melody

Can't explain this but their tunes, rhythm, beat, and melody are better in texture than Disney songs. - Neonco31

10 Disney songs are boring

I barely have any interest in Disney, I grow up and it fades off. Disney songs are just so boring I'd rather listen to Smells like Teen Spirit or EVEN Justin Bieber's Baby than Let It Go! - Neonco31

Well I have Disney songs on my phone not rock or metal - lbelle0527

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