Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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1 It is offensive to fans who watched the original Teen Titans

I don't understand how children find this show so interesting. It doesn't engross me at all, but rather it offends me. This show really deserves to die. This show has terrible humor, horrible crammed-in stereotypes and pop culture references, disgusting animation, bad acting, appalling writing, and lots of vile episodes, not to mention that this show offends people who watched the original TT. But they don't stop there, they continue offending people and their dreams and favorite memories which deserve credit such as Young Justice. This is a disgrace to DC and the original show. The original show has good writing, good plots, good acting, good everything. This show, however is just the complete opposite of that, and I find it completely unfortunate that children don't appreciate amazing details like this at all. I can't possibly describe this show in words. It is probably one of the worst shows of all time from CN (even though you would probably expect something horrendous from ...more

This makes me want to laugh because if you hate it, then just don't watch it. Otherwise, it seems as if you like the show because you're putting your time into seeing it.

(GuitarQueen358): Tell me about it! Here's the problem with little kids these days. They don't know when to shut it. They have never even seen originals of things considering that #1, some of them weren't even born when it came out in like, the 2000s, and #2, there's a possible chance that they're too young to even remember. They think that reboots are better than the original. Like this, for example. The TopTens were filled with so much little kids who are users who assume that Teen Titans Go! is better than the original because the original isn't "funny and enjoyable" as the new one. And the problem is, Teen Titans came out in 2003, so there's a possible chance that they were rarely even born yet, and also, it's super offensive to those who actually remember watching the original and they're fans of it! Like, how would they know what's enjoyable and what's not when they barely even remember? The way I see it, I think the TopTens are full of users who are under like,16 or 14 years ...more

You know what? I have had it with Teen Titans Go, It has ruined my childhood, and replaced it with a stuff of nightmares, Such as Horrifyingly bad humor, Terribly offensive jokes, And completely ruins the DC logo, Not only does it make fun of The Original TT, but it also makes fun of Young-Justice as well, poking fun at things we used to love and watch but sadly lived a short life...Not only do they use lazy title names, ruin the characters we oh so loved and looked forward too see, but also turned them into things wee hate, it's not even an original show, I can't believe how this is even still alive, perhaps it has to do with the fact that it doesn't need fans, just hatters, as long as we continue to hate this show and make fun of it, it will get more and more popular, thus we are the ones feeding it..The one true way to destroy this distressful show is to stop hatting and stop noticing it all together, that's how we get rid of bad music, that's how we will get rid of this ...more

2 Cartoon Network shoves it in your face

How many episodes and specials do they have to make. Why has Cartoon Network focused on this piece of trash. Why did they make all of the characters act like idiots and Cartoon Network decides to serve it to you on a plank of wood. Its disgusting, and parents who say that this show is actually really good for the family, think again because your child might grow up thinking violence is the answer, always act lazy, never read, education is useless, and plenty of more trash because Cartoon Network decided to pop it up one day trying to say that this is perfect for the 10th anniversary for the original Teen Titans.

Everyone in my house used to get excited for the other shows, a new adventure time or regular show would come on and we were glued to the T.V. waiting to see what would happen, we still are that way with Steven Universe, and now we hardly ever see anything but this annoying show. And the commercials for this show are even annoying. A group of super powered teens get stuck on a stupid island where their powers don't work but they can still fly and somehow they are stuck for a week? There's a true stroke of stupidity. It sounds like the producers are running out of ideas so please let the stupidity end before my son is old enough to watch CN!

1. Now knows when to take a break from SpongeBob.
2. Showed that SpongeBob has gotten better now that Stephen Hillenberg is back (starting with the movie, "Sponge Out of Water").
3. Airs new cartoons that actually feels like classic Nickelodeon, such as: Harvey Beaks, The Loud House, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
4. Airs less of the shows that make people complain/cringe, such as: Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig (even though I didn't mind that one), and Pig Goat Banana Cricket (again, another cartoon that I didn't really mind).

Cartoon Network:
1. Has some great modern shows, like: Regular Show, We Bare Bears, Rick and Morty (even though that one is on Adult Swim), The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Clarence (I think it's pretty funny if you give it a chance), and Steven Universe.
2. Pushes all of those shows aside just so they can have stupid Teen Titans Go hog all of the air time every single day; acting like it's their magnum ...more

This show has ratings that are similar to the underrated Johnny Test show from 2005-2015, I mean if you could go back in time to a point where Johnny Test was on the schedule like 2011 compared to TTG in January 2017 you would see the vast difference in showing time. The only time johnny test was air constantly was in late 2014 to very early 2015 when the show made a runoff of their last episodes compared to teen titans go already having more specials than The amazing world of Gumball since May 2011.

This show has cringeworthy characters, like the pale one is spoiled as Donald trump and the one with the pathetic eye mask is the bossiest character in all active shows.

If Cartoon Network was smart and took time to make their schedule have all of the good shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears during daytime hours like 9am to 5pm during summer and during weekends they could just have all of the good shows that have been cancelled like Regular Show and the ...more

3 They bill it as "your new favorite show"

The worst thing about Teen Titans Go is not the dumbass/annoying characters, nor the dumb plots of each episode, nor the lazy flash animation, nor the songs that have stupid and repetitive lyrics, nor the bad morals it teaches kids, nor the way it insults viewers, nor they way it reuses footage from the original show and dubs over it (once they used an entire episode). The absolute worst thing about Teen Titans Go is the way Cartoon Network is in our faces about it and gives it a minimum of 50% of the daily schedule, and says its "our favorite show" (BS). And not too long ago, they aired it 300 times in just one week! Whether you like the show or hate it, you would get pretty sick of it if it aired that often. At first it was the quality of the show that I hated, now it's the constant airtime of TTG that pisses me off. This garbage has overstayed its welcome.

Cartoon Network must really hate people! They sell this crap as bad or worse than Nickelodeon constantly showing SpongeBob. Every time I turn on CN, I see this show being shown, advertised, or put into a marathon. I'm confused that Uncle Grandpa, while being slightly hated, was cancelled, and Teen Titans Go F Yourselves, which is absolutely hated, is still going! THIS IS NOT OUR FAVORITE SHOW! Showing this to your children is bad parenting and have them watch some of the only good shows still airing like Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Steven Universe.

I am fine with people saying the show is garbage, we are all entitled to our opinions, but insulting innocent children is not a kind thing to do. Anyways, you sure showed us your extremely superior intelligence by amazing us with your incredible grammar. All capitals... Yup... I’m not saying you're dumb, that would be rude and offensive towards you, and I do not wish to insult anyone but you are not superior to the many fans of this series, so stop insulting the children, they don’t deserve this kind of hate for enjoying something.

Okay. Maybe Cartoon Network Can Force Some Kids That Are Dumb Enough To Like It, But They Can't Force Me To Like It. At Least I'm Smart Enough To Know That This Show Is Absolute Garbage! Now Thanks To This Stupid Not-Kid-Friendly Show Cartoon Network Barely Gets To Play Any Other Shows That Are Much Better Than This Like Steven Universe Or Regular Show. My New Favorite Show You Say? Um... Yeah More Like My New Least Favorite Show!

4 Terrible morals for kids

"This show is so hypocritical is actually funny. Cartoon Network used these good for nothing characters to promote their Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign. Let me tell you, in all the episodes I've watched I never see any of those characters being nice to anyone. Robin is obsessive, self-hating, and annoying, and to make things worse for him, his team picks on him and makes him into an even worse person. Old Robin wasn't like that. Cyborg and Beast Boy always complain about how terrible he is, and why the heck does star fire not like him? Hello, that ship was my childhood! These characters are bullies. They are lazy, ill-mannered, sloppy, disrespectful, dishonest characters that have sadly replaced are beloved original teen titans. If Cartoon Network wants to get the Stop Bullying Speak Up to work, they need to quit airing shows that make children think that it's okay to be like that to their peers and authorities. It may look harmless but reality, Teen Titans Go and other shows like it ...more

Books are evil. Be lazy and you will be happy. It is terrible to get a job, work hard, and do things efficiently. You will not be well-liked if you're smart because smart people are downers. Accuse, find guilty, and beat them up without listening to an explanation. Be loud, shout, and interupt people. These are some morals the show has inserted for kids. Maybe the show is trying to give us examples of what NOT to do, but it's hard to tell because everything ends up fine for the main characters who do these things. And little kids don't really know the difference between right and wrong that clearly. So it teaches them that it is good to do all of these things, this world is going to be full of arrogant, rude, stupid, lazy, and violent people. Do you want to live in a world like that? Every bully believes what they are doing is right. So let them do what's actually right, and cancel Teen Titans Go. Why don't you bring back Teen Titans? The original one.

This show has been criticized for terrible quality, in both aspects of animation and actual content of writing, and I don't blame anyone.The show started off with an age rating of 9-13, but tell me what 12 year-old kid would want to watch this willingly, this would actually serve as a PUNISHMENT from your parents. The point is this show isn't worthy for kids of these age. They then knocked down the age rating to 6-10. But then think about it, this show has terrible morals. Ever heard the phrase monkey see monkey do? Kids are these little monkeys, whatever they see they reenact. Why do you think kids are getting more messed up per generation?

Ok, I will admit that I am incredibly angry about what this show did to the original. Teen Titans was not my childhood or anything, but I have seen most of the episodes on On Demand. However, ruining good characters doesn't technically do anything morally wrong. Technically, it doesn't matter, because one day, whether it is in 2 years, 20 years, or 200 years, this show will be forgotten, and so will the original. What does matter is promoting negativity to the younger generation. While what you watch when you are 5 (which is WAY too young for this show by the way, the humor just makes it seem like it's ok) probably doesn't have too much of an impact on what you will be when you grow up, is promoting becoming super villains, pyramid schemes, laziness, and behavior that is annoying in a mean (not playful) way really what Cartoon Network wants to do? No!

5 It's not funny

I don't understand how saying waffles over and over again is funny? They basically shove it in your face, "guys. Check out how funny it is when ripoff Cyborg and ripoff Beast Boy sing about waffles. God, I was laughing forever when they were being severely torture and yelling waffles." Shows like Steven Universe has so many good morals and it is silly, but it manages to be serious. Why couldn't Teen Titans Go! Do that? That's also kind of what the original had done, and I remeber watching the creators say one had never watched the show and the other had watched like two episodes. If you're going to make a show based off comics and original shows, watch the shows and read the comics.

Teen Titan's Go uses bad humor to target little children to do bad stuff. This show needs to be cancelled because I can assure you, ask anyone who their least favorite show is in Cartoon Network. They're most likely going to say "Teen Titan's Go". It's unfunny. It's dumb. And it's a bad mock of the legendary original Teen Titans. This show serves no purpose and contributes to making people do bad choices in the world and I am appalled to it.

Despite being a show focused on comedy, it suprisingly unfunny. It's boring, and what jokes they try to tell, are things evil toddlers would find stupid. In episodes responding to critics, they attempt "high brow humor" which completely falls flat. In one episode, they try to say puns (dubbed 'Uncle Jokes') are stupid, however, any pun has more thought put into it than any "real" joke told in the episode ever could. All in all, this show completely fails at comedy.

This show has never been funny. The idea of a comedic show in the DC universe is weird, but it's possible to make it work. The creators of this show obviously don't care about making it funny. Half of the time the jokes are "Look, Robin's getting mauled by a bear/wolf/pretty much anything! Isn't that so funny, everybody?!?!?! ".

6 Annoying characters

Oh, where to begin? Perhaps with Robin. Now, Robin is Dick Grayson, so, you'd think his compassion and morality (maybe make him self-righteous at times? ) or just his overall attractiveness would be here. lol nope This Robin is only self-interested and creepy. Even his friendship with Wally West is flushed away for a stupid rivalry. Lovely. It goes on like that: Starfire is infantilized, forget her competence in both pre- and post-Flashpoint comic timelines and the cartoon. Cyborg is dumb, yeah, seriously. Beast Boy is no longer the "laugh so I don't cry" guy; he's basically Jar Jar. And Raven? In the comic, she's the nicest person ever, when she isn't evil. In the cartoon, she is more cool, but this just masks her true feelings. In this abomination? She hates everything. The only one who's in-character is Terra, who hates all the Titans and wants nothing more than to play a role in their destruction. But since they're all sociopaths, her reasoning can't be like the comic. And the ...more

And Robin, poor poor poor robin, He is the most idiotic, psycho on Cartoon Network ever... he stalks starfire he is a complete jerk to his team and he is an ass, in the original he was cool,hot,nice, sometimes he trolled but he was a good character than but now he is my number 1 reason why I never ever ever ever ever am going to watch Teen titans go ever again, all those Stupid children who like this show must be brain dead idiots just like the new beast boy is, I'm so sorry to the original robin, but the new one

Honestly, they completely ruined the characters - Especially Robin by making him Starfire's stalker and a jerk who has no idea how to lead the team... I feel bad for the old Robin. And Cyborg and Beast boy, what have they done to you guys?! Seriously, those two used to be my favorites ;-; and the girls, I feel bad for them too - Raven was actually a pretty good character before and not just a 'whatever' every five seconds... Starfire was also one of my favorites before TTG, she was adorable AND much smarter even though she didn't know that much about earth before! If CN was gonna make a new version of TT, couldn't they have stuck to their old personalities instead of turning it into a 'kids show'?

Yes! I used to watch this show all the goddam time! I would've even gone as far as to say that I LOVED the show... That changed. I had seen TTG long before I knew about TT's existence. I loved TT. Grew to hate TTG and all the characters. Realized that they changed a lot of the characters and took away what made them so loveable in the first place. Instead of being a helpful, kind, respectful and respectABLE, Robin is now a demanding control freak with a weird tendency to stalk Starfire and make her uncomfortable. Raven is still quite sarcastic, but also weirdly addicted to a children's show which is not at all like the original her. She also has some weird old people fetish. Starfire became SUPER dumb and naive. Yes, in TT she was generous and easily trusted everyone, but she wasn't dumb. Beast Boy just became annoying. One of those characters you just can't like no matter what you do. Wish I never gave this show the chance it didn't deserve.

7 The episodes are pointless

And now, in an act of rocket science, I will sum up literally every episode of Teen Titans Go.
So the episode starts at Titan Tower, a few minutes in, the Titans discover some harmless yet controversial habit and quite enjoy it, except Robin (sometimes Raven) who tries to warn them that it is evil or something or other. Naturally, the Titans, being obnoxious jerks, don't listen. Insert a montage of the Titans doing aforementioned habit and developing an obsession. Ultimately, the "climax" of the episode involves the Titans ending up in a mysterious lair and confronting the "leader" of this habit, usually a giant resembling an aspect of it. Robin yells "TITANS, GO!" and they fight him. And no, dear reader, not using their actual superpowers, but by using the episode's weird obscure inside joke that just so happens to also be the episodes's name. So the day is saved and the episode ends. That's literally it. That's every episode.

The episodes have no plot-line whatsoever and are rude, annoying, and terrible as hell itself! The episodes are idiotic, and there are some with incredibly stupid morality, such as "WATCHING A LOT OF TELEVISION HELPS YOUR BRAIN GROW STRONGER! " or stupid things like "HIGH SCHOOL STEREOTYPES OR YOU'RE NOTHING! " Emphasis on NOTHING! I am FED UP with this show and almost used a punch to restrain my sister from watching this! JESUS CHRIST, THIS SHOW IS A DISGRACE TO LIFE ITSELF! EVERYTHING IS WRONG, FROM CHARACTERS TO THE PLOT/THEME! EVERYTHING!

The episodes are just stupid and dumb! Clearly, the creators of Teen Titans Go don't know what they're doing. The episodes are named-off irrelevant things...

1. Smile Bones is about using your teeth to savor every bite of food you eat

2. Money Grandma involves George Washington and there is no Grandma who appears in this episode

3. Caramel Apples is about Raven who forgets to give her father, Trigon a gift for Father's Day. So, Starfire decides to spend time with him

4. Multiple Trick Pony is about Robin and Kid-Flash who compete against each-other in a race to determine who the leader of the Titans should be.

5. Nean is about Raven who mixes up 2 words "Nice" and "Mean"

This is bull! All the episodes do not make any sense. Caramel Apples showed nothing about caramel, nor apples! In Money Grandma, it only shows George Washington and I don't even see a Grandma anywhere.

Multiple Trick Pony only shows Robin and ...more

I remember watching the original Teen Titans they were so good but you know 2012 a new show is going to be coming out I was amazed then when you find out it's Teen Titans Go you want to take out your eyes and I mean who is this appealing to the main reason little kids watch Teen Titans Go is because Cartoon Network never play episodes from the original teen titans there are only two shows that are still playing and are good that would be Steven universe and I guess this one's kind of good The Amazing World of Gumball

8 All the characters are complete idiots

Let me tell Robin: first of all you are a batman knock off and he never treated his teammates like crap batman may be a jerk sometimes but lead to right path but you treated your friends like they don't exist and beating up your love starfire and being a control freak but I think someone should cancel your show again cause you deserve it Raven: out of all character's I can't help but feel sorry for you all that randomness that drive you crazy is dumb hopefully you end up in a better life then to deal with this crap Cyborg: let me tell you this I was happy to see you kicked the bucket in 2013 you didt show any respect for results and taking the show too far with your Booyah in fact if you and kid fresh were on left sheet and a car accident coming for you two I would save kid fresh over you when I watch you picking on people I stopped watching the show other than that I hate your actions and hope a car ran OVER you Beastboy: someone should you to a private hospital and teen titans go ...more

Honestly, I'm on robins side for this godawful cartoon. Sure, he can be nuts half the time, but whatever he tries to teach the titans, whether it's taking them to the grand canyon(is personally love to go there) or breach them about history, all the other titans complain and try to make fun of his height. The lame jokes I reference are some of these: robin is short, he is an elf, he eats too much fish(Don T know where they got this one from) say he is no fun, say he has a twin brother in his eye( again this makes no sense) and that all he does is yell! This show is too repetitive, I am SO glad Victor and Valentino could somehow clean up this show, my god.

They even messed up Batman! Batman is the World's Greatest Detective, not a guffawing idiot! Beast Boy is a complete doofus that can't even open a book, Robin is in love with Starfire, who obviously doesn't care about him, and won't take the hint!

Seriously people, this show was made as a 'joke'. Not all the crap in this world should be oh so serious. You all need some humor in your life. I don't really understand you guys. This show is actually funny if you can use some twisted sense of humor

9 They rarely even fight crime!

All they do is just goof off and doing stupid things. I know that the show should have some humor but they also should fight. And when they DO fight, they still act like idiots. This show ruins the real meaning of heroes. There should be a balance between action and goofing off. It should not have TOO much fighting and be dull or serious and neither should it have TOO much dumb humor and goofing off and be stupid. The Titans only fight 1% of the time and goof off 99% of the time. They should keep it 50/50.

Although I hate the animation style, I was hopeful for the series to stay true to the titans and what they were... A team of heroes. I have seen only 3 episodes so far that actually involve fighting crime and 2 of them were for selfish reasons. The reason they fight crime should be for justice and stuff like that, but they fight crime for selfish reasons and competitions. It is insulting to what I fell in love with as a kid.

I know that it's supposed to be what happens between their crime fighting time (which is stupid because that's basically saying they turn into idiots when they are on break) but come on! They are the crime fighters of jump city! How is it supposed to survive if it is constantly under attack from super villains like seen in the original?! HOW!

Uh airn't they suposse to be super heroes? Not Gawwfing idiots, I mean in one episode Cyborg, Starfire,Beast boy and Raven were acting SO lazy that they could'nt even pick up a danm remote or even help Robin fight Brother Cartoon Network has really went down hill...i think all the titans ever do is sit on the coach, Watch T.V., eat pizza, laze around and let the villans get away with everything and bully people in Jumpcity...that's pretty much it...

10 Terrible animation

In the original show, the animation was spectacular! The character designs were good as well, and they were great redesigns of iconic characters. In TTG the cheap flash animation makes them look disproportionate. They are all stick figures, and Robin looks like he put four gallons of hair gel in what was once a good hairstyle. Another thing is that the bright colors everywhere gets obnoxious pretty darn quick.

In the original, they look wonderfully detailed, the dark theme matched well, and they had amazing voice-casting.
In the new version, they look like they were created by the most sleep-deprived ten-cent budget animator that was thrilled to get an -F on their final assignment! The dark theme is now replaced by crappy rainbow filters that don't even look good and overall ruin the entire theme of "butt-kicking titans that serve and protect! " Even Ratatoing looks better than this! (If you don't know what "Ratatoing" is, it's a really bad knockoff of Disney's Ratatouille.)
Please note parents, there are more humane and better ways to punish your children than them watching this.

In the original, I confused it for anime because the animation was just too good. They went full detail, to the wrinkles in clothes to the faintest building in backgrounds. Now they just use nasty ways of animation.
I've noticed, their heads are way bigger than their bodies, almost like Pops except it fits him. When they're walking, take a side view and see, giant head, almost invisible neck and stick body.
The original made me fall in love with the guys, and made me envy the girls' figures. but now, geez!

Also it's too colorful, take another cartoon that a lot of color but limited animation, like Hanna-Barbera, what makes people like Their cartoons is because it has likable characters and it's colorful, but not brightening eyesore colorful as that garbage Teen Titan Go!

The Contenders
11 Boring

Every episode feels the same to me! The Titans act like moronic jerks, something that resembles a plot happens, there's a bunch of dumb jokes and boring filler, and then it ends. There's no variety at all!

The original series had more action and some funny humor. Now they just got rid of all the action and replaced with stupid butt jokes.

Not only is it boring, but it will make you question humanity and what it wants to show to our future generation of parents.

The show is extremely reparative out of all the episodes they only play one episode over and over

12 The episodes don't make any sense

They are teenagers but they look like little children and beast boy eats meat in episode 49 season 2 smile bones and and jinx turn into good in the original teen titans but she's still evil this all new teen titans go

The titles of the episodes don't even match up with the plot. Like the episode where the titans thought beast boy turned into an abomination. They called the episode Croissant. No effort what so ever.

My biggest criticism with Teen Titans Go! The episode often uses title that had nothing to do with the episode, with makes certain episodes like The Return of Slade very pointless.

The Return of Slade...
Ok, here we go...

So! 99.99% of us thought that we would see Slade again, who is the best villain of the show. Like if you agree.
They take 5 minutes saying "HIM", 3 seconds to explain that Slade isn't in the series. The two slackers get a clown

13 The Titans act like idiots

You know I think that this would only last 10 episodes tops and that was being nice now my friend is an idiot copying the stupid stuff that he saw on the rest now he is just annoying like really they are just ughh! I want them to posthe on Cartoon Network a little survey to see if it should stay or not. I would spend about 15 hours straight to make sure that teen titans go I'd band from existence. Worst show grouping it with UG and Clarence.

There was one episode where Beast Boy was trying to get the other Titans to eat vegetables. In the beginning they clearly knew what each vegetable was, but later they were acting like they didn't know anything about vegetables. Oh my god!

Also offensive to the people in England they "said no more tea-robin SO I DRINK TEA THAT IS RUDE I COULD GO THE ENGLAND IF I WANTED SO I CAN DRINK TEA Also Queen Elizabeth SHOULD go to CN studios And be like your show hurt the English so please Cancell that Episode

Did they just fire every original writer and executive producer of the original teen titans? The whole gang acts like they have ADHD. This show also looks like it was written by chimpanzees.

14 Teen Titans Go is a Mockery to the Original Teen Titans!

The cliche characters *sigh* ugh where do I even begin? The tropes the plot lines the stupid humor! I don't even know what to say I saw a chibi trailer before this show came out and it looked like a fun I saw it as a cutesy little remake basically the same as the old series but cartoon! No I was wrong so wrong just ok listen up people! I was born the same year the original series came out and my mom played it while I drifted off to sleep or ate so I've watched this since I was an infant! (Granted I had to re watch the episodes when I was older) but seriously! the creators haven't even really SEEN the old show! and Terra just TERRA! Teen tians go! WHY? Terra my first favorite character but nope IN HERE SHE'S STRAIGHT UP EVIL Like what the hell? Raven my second favorite I'm offended cause I loved her AND I'm a pegasister! Like I know Terra strong is in Mlp as twilight sparkle but no need to make a cheap knock off for raven to be a fan of!And Starfire in the original show she knew enough ...more

I remember the original Teen Titans being this kickass mericanime show. It had badass characters who actually fought evil with a dark color scheme to aid it with the plot, unlike this stupid show. TTG is just an insult to the original by doing everything the exact opposite of the original to make it more "kid-friendly", it makes the Titans act like complete idiots, has a bright and cutesy art style, and has stupid "conflicts" in every episode if you can even call them that.

Teen titans Go I will never watch. I been a teen titans oringinal fan. Once I saw teen titans go on trailor when it became brand new,mi realize this will suck and I was right. They disrespect teen titans and I bet the oringinal teen titans actors and actress do not like it at all.

They're making "Justice League Action" And I'm just sitting here thinking "please don't suck! " Then again Ben Affleck did good as Batman, so, you know.

15 It's a rip-off of other shows/games

This show ripped off but is not limited to: DBZ, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, SpongeBob, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Legend of Zelda, the original Teen Titans, Power Rangers, TMNT, South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Crash and Bandicoot, The Muppets, Mortal Kombat, and even FNAF, all of which I love to death, DBZ being the most and Dr. Who being the least. This is a seriously bad show.

I saw this episode where they ripped off Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, The Anazing World of Gumball, and Power Rangers. They need to scrap this bull tap and keep showing the old Teen titans! Who's with me! ( by the way it pissed me off when they parodied Wile E, and Roadrunner because those are one of the best cartoons of the Looney Tunes franchise.

I saw this episode where robin is an ass to his team (once again) so raven goes back in time to get George Washington teach him about leadership but robin INSULTS him and cyborg calls him "money grandma". And how is this show getting a movie? Oh well... It will probably be a flop

THANK YOU! In Video Game References, they were not referring to the games, they were using them and giving them some useless change, I mean Circle Guy, a.k.a. Pac-Man, and Save the Princess, a.k.a the entire Super Mario franchise. the worst was Cross the Street, where'd you get that from, CROSSY ROAD!
They've used a quote from Pokemon before. Just die, you're as bad as Clarence and I'd prefer watching Dora at 16 years than ever looking or thinking of this daft show. (Not 16 yet)

16 Teaches kids to become brats and throw tantrums

And don't forget that it also teaches kids to be dumb and lazy. There was that episode that said that books were evil? And that one that said if you're smart nobody will like you because you'll be a downer? Lovely. What is this show trying to do? Not to mention the episode where the couch spirit spoke to Robin and told him to relax/be lazy. Oh, I almost forgot, do you guys remember the episode where it emphasized that T.V. was good? And without it, your brain would rot? There was also another episode that said that hobbies were bad. Beast Boy took up gardening and a tree grew out of his mind because his brain was trying to escape? Wow. This show also beats up bad guys that are trying to do something good 'cause they want to change. I'm all for deserved justice. But in quite a few episodes, a bad guy decides to change, then they all violently beat him up. Real nice lessons you're teaching kids, people.

This show shouldn't have their target audience for children, it shouldn't be directed towards anyone for that matter. I've seen the impact that it's had on kids, on my own family members. My little cousin thought that it was okay for her to look through my journal while I wasn't looking (she left TONS of evidence behind her so I knew right away). When I asked her why she did that, and why she thought it was okay, she said "Well Robin from TTG was looking through Starfire's journal so why can't I! ". Since, TTG also taught her that it was okay to whine when things don't go her way, she started screaming, crying, and throwing a tantrum. But then somehow I get in trouble by her mother. This isn't the first time and it certainly wasn't the last. Another, (younger) family member of mine thought it was okay to yell "There's free kittens in the parking lot! ", which lead us to being escorted out of the county fair due to the works of CN and TTG.

Yes! Yes! Yes! They make kids think that you can get whatever you want with the snap of a finger! Robin is a straight up jackass! Who or what thought I'd was a good idea to make robin like this. At least in the original he had some depth. Now he needs whatever he wants whenever he wants and if he doesn't get it, he beats up everybody! Cyborg and beastly are crying constantly, Starfire is a straight up brat and raven, eh she's not that bad, but still! Who in their right mind would think this is okay to teach kids?!?!

I flipping hate this show. It teaches kids that " hey since this likes soccer, he's being mind controlled by troll" and " it's ok to call people weird just because they use puppet for dealing with stress" and " hey kids, don't listen to your elders".

17 It is overplayed

Its way too overplayed! Every day its some stupid teen titans go show.

It takes up to much time for much better shows like steven universe...

Toddler Titans GO TO HELL! You don't deserve this! In fact, YOU SHOULDN'T EXIST AT ALL!

Why do they have to play it all around the clock? Don't they know it's not that great!

18 Bad theme song

The original theme song for Teen Titans was actually pretty catchy and showing the characters was pretty cool for the original, but now we get a short fast pace awful theme song... Can we please cancel this show and do it over?

The first one was better but all they did was edit it and add a different beat so what's the big deal

It sounds like Skrillex did a song while puking the entire time.

It sounds like a song editor did it with Justin Bieber's music

19 Robin only cares for himself

He is so annoying in the old teen titans he was my role model he was do hot and taught me so many valuable lessons. But here he's some ugly looking jerk who loves to cry and whine and is so bossy and the worst leader ever. He makes me so sick 😝. And I hate how he doesn't like speedy or kid flash like seriously you guys were good pals in the old one and what's this. There all nemesis. He's just terrible how can someone think this guy was batman's sidekick?

Robin really, really sucks in this show. This entire series takes all that has ever been established about Robin and takes a dump on the character, then uses Robin's own cape to wipe and flush. This is really an abomination. It's one of the few things that would make Batman decide to carry a gun.

Robin is one of those selfish brats that only cares for himself like in one of the episodes when Mas y menos came Robin only wanted them to be like him and in the ending when they all learnt their life lesson Robin added his ugly mouth and Said the so called real lesson was to put yourself in other spit light like how dumb is that.

In the original TT, he is smart and heroic and even sacrifices himself for his friends and city. In Teen Titans Go, he is a self-absorbed, crazed, selfish, obsessed, attention-craving, stalker. Why, Teen Titans Go writers? Is this for humor? If it is, it's a HUGE fail. It's like they don't even try anymore.

20 The plots are bad

There's an episode where they all try to break into Hive Tower, but end up loving it there. The Hive then blow up their own base.There's another episode where Cyborg is a afraid of the dark because of some stupid childhood dare, and the Titans throw a slumber party to help Cyborg get over it.There's another episode where they play dodgeball, and the guys say the girls can't play dodgeball, because they're girls, and they should do cheerleading instead (the worst part is, they cheered for Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy with the tune to the original opening! )But here's the worst part: They turned Robin from a funny-yet-badass character into a complete joke, thanks to the dumb plots. Screw everything about this show.

Cyborg and Beast Boy went to the future and it "sucks". It's actually a great, but Cyborg and BB decide "this future sucks. lets change it." Suddenly, Nightwing's pet xenomorph rips them apart LIMB from LIMB. At least, that's what I wish happened. Instead, robots take over the world, OUR World. This must be what SpongeBob watched in the episode "Krab-Borg". That's why SpongeBob had nightmares, TTG ruined T.V..

I've got a plot that is absolute Cancer! One time, Cyborg loses his remote control for the T.V. and, of course, goes on some idiotic James Bond mission with, guess who, his T.V.! The two eventually find the remote tied up in a warehouse, with to big criminals using FINGER GUNS to kidnap a T.V. remote, after a finger gun fight on open water, the T.V. and Cyborg return to the Titan's Tower, where the other Titans have become brain dead zombies because they haven't watched T.V., Cyborg quickly turns on the T.V., and the others return to normal. First of, I think we all know exactly why Cartoon Network is advertising the good ol' boob tube to be a good thing, and, that's right, to poison and brainwash younger kid's minds into thinking T.V. is healthy for their own selfish desires, mostly so they get more viewers so they get more money, awful, huh?

The first episode of this crap is about how good Robin's sandwiches are. They go get some legendary sandwich. Then they argue over who gets the first bite. Then the next episode is about rapping about pie. We also have Waffles.

21 It drops your I.Q.

This might explain why one of my friends, Devon, acts a little off. He recently moved away but my other friend, Cameron, hates Devon, can't blame him though, because Devon watches Toddler Titans (TTG's actual name) and as this states, it drops your IG. I only saw one god episode, the one where the alien's pet goes to Mexico or something, and I'm really good at science.

This show increases your IQ! How do you think Stephen Hawking theorized Hawking Radiation? Duh.He neglected all homework and logic and watched Teen Titans Go! all day. This masterpiece is charming, insightful, and exceptionally educational!

I couldn't agree more. That's why I pick intelligent stuff over trash like Teen Titans Go!

I really wish I was old enough to watch Rick and Morty, as that show has least has LOGIC.

22 No action at all

Sure they fight sometimes but 86% of this is just stiff animation and stupid jokes!

That's Not True There Is Some Action. Yeah Like About 5% Of The Time There Is.

Now there is someone who has to judge the Titans about their lack of seriousness like Young Justice, and they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Thanks a lot, Cartoon Network!

Yes! They have action! But only 10 percent... - Gabo147

23 Bad animations

Apparently the animations so bad that it's on the list 3 times

Its not bad its just not the best

This is on the list three times

The Original Teen Titans had the Best animations Teen Titans Go... Is another

24 Cartoon Network is obsessed with it and is really milking it

This has got to be the most unhealthiest obsession a Network could have with a show. At least Nickelodeon gives us more variety, and doesn't just focus on SpongeBob anymore. Cartoon Network does have some variety, but the problem is that they never show it that much! It's always TTG! That's the only show they seem to care about for some reason! It's the biggest reason why I hate this show. It takes up most of the schedule, and never takes a break!

To make things even worse, I just looked up some news on and found out that there's going to be a TTG movie in 2018! I can not believe it either. This is how low Cartoon Network has gotten folks. The show that put them into the dire position it's in today is actually going to be made into a movie!

Nickelodeon knew when to cancel Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, and Rabbids Invasion (and is finally going to do the same to Fairly Odd Parents due to the modern episodes), but Cartoon Netowork STILL doesn't plan on pulling the plug on TTG! Hopefully, it was confirmed that the series will FINALLY end after Season 4 (I mean, seriously, a fourth season?!?!? ), and it will no longer keep going. For now, let's just pray CN won't plan on doing more reruns when it actually happens.

Seriously, would it kill them to put something else on the air that isn't Teen Titans Go? I've actually stopped watching the channel because this show was dominating the majority of the airtime. It honestly feels like Cartoon Network is developing a cult of personality around this waste of a show!

What do you even see in this show, Cartoon Netowrk? Do you really think that THIS piece of diarrhea crap is you magnum opus when you obviously have other, MUCH BETTER, shows that people love? Seriously, even Nickelodeon knows when to take a break from SpongeBob!

25 They overuse sterotypes

The original Teen Titans never had stereotypes. I'm glad! But the other one? Yes! I can't believed that there's one show that uses stereotypes and I'm pissed when I'm first seen them. I think labels are even worst compared to stereotypes.

This show is a disgrace to out generation. Literally...

Unlike the original Teen Titans the Toddler Titans don't get their stereotypes fleshed out to create good characters. Hell they even have an episode about stereotypes (by the way don't watch it you'll cringe from Robin saying Unique Personalities ha yeah right) I can list the stereotypes of the Toddler Titans right now
Robin: Control Freak Jerk
Starfire: Fresh Fish out of water
Cyborg: Jock
Beast Boy: Lazy
Raven: Goth Emotionless Pegasister

If you drop a nuke it will be fallout all over again. Starfire will be a Super mutant while Robin will die of course, nobody likes Robin and he has no friends. Beast Boy and Cyborg will turn into stupid animals while Raven will turn into a Pony Mutant, ENOUGH SAID!

Robin = The dumb freak who doesn't know crap and believes in cooties
Starfire = The girl who is a dumb alien acting like she a obsessed teen who wants everything
Beast Boy = The idiot who used to be cool in the original
Cyborg = Annoying idiot that think he's so cool and used to the best titan in the original
Raven = The stupid a$$ girl who likes ponies and used to be the most SERIOUS TITAN OF ALL

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