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1 It is offensive to fans who watched the original Teen Titans

I don't understand how children find this show so interesting. It doesn't engross me at all, but rather it offends me. This show really deserves to die. This show has terrible humor, horrible crammed-in stereotypes and pop culture references, disgusting animation, bad acting, appalling writing, and lots of vile episodes, not to mention that this show offends people who watched the original TT. But they don't stop there, they continue offending people and their dreams and favorite memories which deserve credit such as Young Justice. This is a disgrace to DC and the original show. The original show has good writing, good plots, good acting, good everything. This show, however is just the complete opposite of that, and I find it completely unfortunate that children don't appreciate amazing details like this at all. I can't possibly describe this show in words. It is probably one of the worst shows of all time from CN (even though you would probably expect something horrendous from ...more

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is worse than this show. Yeah I said it. Worse. Plus this show and the reboot had a crossover episode too. Yeah Cartoon Network has really gone downhill (which is why I never go on it anymore). - Anonymousxcxc

You know what? I have had it with Teen Titans Go, It has ruined my childhood, and replaced it with a stuff of nightmares, Such as Horrifyingly bad humor, Terribly offensive jokes, And completely ruins the DC logo, Not only does it make fun of The Original TT, but it also makes fun of Young-Justice as well, poking fun at things we used to love and watch but sadly lived a short life...Not only do they use lazy title names, ruin the characters we oh so loved and looked forward too see, but also turned them into things wee hate, it's not even an original show, I can't believe how this is even still alive, perhaps it has to do with the fact that it doesn't need fans, just hatters, as long as we continue to hate this show and make fun of it, it will get more and more popular, thus we are the ones feeding it..The one true way to destroy this distressful show is to stop hatting and stop noticing it all together, that's how we get rid of bad music, that's how we will get rid of this ...more

Why did we get this heap of crap instead of a 6th season of the original?! TTG is a disgrace to the original show. I'll compare the two:

TT: The fights were entertaining and weren't short. This show had character development and the Titans weren't annoying pricks. They don't go to the same places every episode. Robin wasn't an obsessive jerk in this version. He kept his crush for Starfire at a minimum level. He was FAR more likable. Cyborg, one of my top 2 favorite characters, wasn't loud. He was flipping awesome. Starfire was nice and caring in this one. Beast Boy was actually funny. He could fight well and didn't spend a lot of time sitting. Raven was my favorite. She had grown throughout the series. We got to see some depth in her. This show also had drama in it. It's comedy actually worked and I laughed at way more scenes.

TTG: The fights were too short. They were about 2 minutes long. What's worse is that they didn't have the emotional impact the original show did. ...more - 906389

Well, TTG! ruining people's childhood is not a reason to hate it.

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2 Cartoon Network shoves it in your face

How do bad cartoons get rubbed in everyone's faces, but good cartoons got little to no recognition?

Everyone in my house used to get excited for the other shows, a new adventure time or regular show would come on and we were glued to the T.V. waiting to see what would happen, we still are that way with Steven Universe, and now we hardly ever see anything but this annoying show. And the commercials for this show are even annoying. A group of super powered teens get stuck on a stupid island where their powers don't work but they can still fly and somehow they are stuck for a week? There's a true stroke of stupidity. It sounds like the producers are running out of ideas so please let the stupidity end before my son is old enough to watch CN!

How many episodes and specials do they have to make. Why has Cartoon Network focused on this piece of trash. Why did they make all of the characters act like idiots and Cartoon Network decides to serve it to you on a plank of wood. Its disgusting, and parents who say that this show is actually really good for the family, think again because your child might grow up thinking violence is the answer, always act lazy, never read, education is useless, and plenty of more trash because Cartoon Network decided to pop it up one day trying to say that this is perfect for the 10th anniversary for the original Teen Titans.

I said that I wished they'd cancel the TTG crap and actually restart TT and my friend was like but then they'd actually have to use their brains to write plots and actually that's pretty accurate as TTG is foolish, desperate, senseless crap. It lacks the passion and motivation of the original show. It lacks the increasingly rare element of humor without crudeness. TT was truly a work of art, in the best way. with it we laughed and we cried. We never knew what was around the corner and it was intense; the show kept us on the edge of our seats. I did some research and 91% people prefer TT whereas only 50% people prefer TTG. I wish CN would realize this and start doing something about the disgrace they've become. Seriously.

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3 They bill it as "your new favorite show"

Okay. Maybe Cartoon Network Can Force Some Kids That Are Dumb Enough To Like It, But They Can't Force Me To Like It. At Least I'm Smart Enough To Know That This Show Is Absolute Garbage! Now Thanks To This Stupid Not-Kid-Friendly Show Cartoon Network Barely Gets To Play Any Other Shows That Are Much Better Than This Like Steven Universe Or Regular Show. My New Favorite Show You Say? Um... Yeah More Like My New Least Favorite Show!

But your not smart enough to know grammer and that NOT EVERY WORD IS CAPITALIZED! - Someone123

More like "Teen Titans No! Your LEAST favorite show! ". An absolute disgrace. You can't force people to like your so called "great" show, that's just false advertising and a terrible one at that! The original was funnier than this.

Just because Teen Titans Go is constantly showing DOESN'T mean it's my new "favorite show". It's like a kindergartener tried to make flash animation, was extremely proud of it even if it looks like garbage, and tried to get everyone to like it by constantly saying that everyone loves it. NEWSFLASH CN, just because you say I love it doesn't mean I love it. If anything, it pisses me off further. Season 3 better be it for this muddy piece of filth

I can definitely agree with this vote. I watched a couple of episodes and my reaction was mostly this, “WHY, CARTOON NETWORK?! WHY?! ” And when they advertise that Teen Titans Go is my “new favorite show” I would say LIAR!

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4 Annoying characters

And Robin, poor poor poor robin, He is the most idiotic, psycho on Cartoon Network ever... he stalks starfire he is a complete jerk to his team and he is an ass, in the original he was cool,hot,nice, sometimes he trolled but he was a good character than but now he is my number 1 reason why I never ever ever ever ever am going to watch Teen titans go ever again, all those Stupid children who like this show must be brain dead idiots just like the new beast boy is, I'm so sorry to the original robin, but the new one

I feel as if this show is basically "The Robin Sucks Show" because the creators constantly hit on Robin by making him a psycho. Cyborg is also stupid, which is strange SINCE HE'S PART COMPUTER.

Raven is absolutely worthless because she is no fun at all! Cyborg and Beast Boy are retarded and stupid. Starfire is even stupider than they are. Robin is a creep.. Enough' said!

TTG Robin: overreacts way to much and a total contal freak
TTG Cyborg: Loud and a stupid
TTG Beast boy: WAY stupider than Cyborg and Starfire
TTG Starfire: Naive and puts 'the' in every sentence
TTG Raven: Grumpy and Gothic

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5 The episodes are pointless

The episodes have no plot-line whatsoever and are rude, annoying, and terrible as hell itself! The episodes are idiotic, and there are some with incredibly stupid morality, such as "WATCHING A LOT OF TELEVISION HELPS YOUR BRAIN GROW STRONGER! " or stupid things like "HIGH SCHOOL STEREOTYPES OR YOU'RE NOTHING! " Emphasis on NOTHING! I am FED UP with this show and almost used a punch to restrain my sister from watching this! JESUS CHRIST, THIS SHOW IS A DISGRACE TO LIFE ITSELF! EVERYTHING IS WRONG, FROM CHARACTERS TO THE PLOT/THEME! EVERYTHING!

Both of those quotes were by robin and he's pretty sarcastic now - Yatagarasu

Why do people even watch this show? The original had a moral and terra wasn't mean, but this? It's absolutely a disgusting, unfunny show. It brainwashes kids making them stupid and random. I remember I was watching the original when I was little, and I wasn't a complete idiot like how kids are today, watching this pointless show. The only good shows that are still on are TAWOG, Regular Show, Adventure Time (kinda), and Steven Universe.

The episodes are just stupid and dumb! Clearly, the creators of Teen Titans Go don't know what they're doing. The episodes are named-off irrelevant things...

1. Smile Bones is about using your teeth to savor every bite of food you eat

2. Money Grandma involves George Washington and there is no Grandma who appears in this episode

3. Caramel Apples is about Raven who forgets to give her father, Trigon a gift for Father's Day. So, Starfire decides to spend time with him

4. Multiple Trick Pony is about Robin and Kid-Flash who compete against each-other in a race to determine who the leader of the Titans should be.

5. Nean is about Raven who mixes up 2 words "Nice" and "Mean"

This is bull! All the episodes do not make any sense. Caramel Apples showed nothing about caramel, nor apples! In Money Grandma, it only shows George Washington and I don't even see a Grandma anywhere.

Multiple Trick Pony only shows Robin and ...more

Remember that 5-part episode series of Trigon in teen titans? They have nothing like that in go.

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6 It's not funny

I can safely agree with this. It was never funny. Most of the episodes are stupid and boring. Cartoon Network, while having many great modern shows, market this like it is their best show ever and calls it "Your new favorite show". I'm dead serious.

This show has never been funny. The idea of a comedic show in the DC universe is weird, but it's possible to make it work. The creators of this show obviously don't care about making it funny. Half of the time the jokes are "Look, Robin's getting mauled by a bear/wolf/pretty much anything! Isn't that so funny, everybody?!?!?! ".

Or it's, "Look! The Titans are being wacky and overreacting to something! " - alphadan12

I agree. There is absolutely nothing funny about the show. And it has no purpose. They try to make kids like the show. But really it's ruining all the children's lives. Showing them how to disrespect. (Everyone not respecting Robin) But I just don't like the show at all. Nothing is hilarious. Nor is it my favorite show.


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7 Terrible morals for kids

"This show is so hypocritical is actually funny. Cartoon Network used these good for nothing characters to promote their Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign. Let me tell you, in all the episodes I've watched I never see any of those characters being nice to anyone. Robin is obsessive, self-hating, and annoying, and to make things worse for him, his team picks on him and makes him into an even worse person. Old Robin wasn't like that. Cyborg and Beast Boy always complain about how terrible he is, and why the heck does star fire not like him? Hello, that ship was my childhood! These characters are bullies. They are lazy, ill-mannered, sloppy, disrespectful, dishonest characters that have sadly replaced are beloved original teen titans. If Cartoon Network wants to get the Stop Bullying Speak Up to work, they need to quit airing shows that make children think that it's okay to be like that to their peers and authorities. It may look harmless but reality, Teen Titans Go and other shows like it ...more

Books are evil. Be lazy and you will be happy. It is terrible to get a job, work hard, and do things efficiently. You will not be well-liked if you're smart because smart people are downers. Accuse, find guilty, and beat them up without listening to an explanation. Be loud, shout, and interupt people. These are some morals the show has inserted for kids. Maybe the show is trying to give us examples of what NOT to do, but it's hard to tell because everything ends up fine for the main characters who do these things. And little kids don't really know the difference between right and wrong that clearly. So it teaches them that it is good to do all of these things, this world is going to be full of arrogant, rude, stupid, lazy, and violent people. Do you want to live in a world like that? Every bully believes what they are doing is right. So let them do what's actually right, and cancel Teen Titans Go. Why don't you bring back Teen Titans? The original one.

Yeah, these writers have almost no idea how to do satire. The only episode where I think they kinda succeeded at it is "Beast Man". - alphadan12

Yeh because all it shows kids is how to be stupid annoying and obnoxious

I hate Teen Titans Go, but REALLY!? NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO HAVE A MORAL. - LordDovahkiin

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8 It's a rip-off of other shows/games

I saw this episode where they ripped off Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, The Anazing World of Gumball, and Power Rangers. They need to scrap this bull tap and keep showing the old Teen titans! Who's with me! ( by the way it pissed me off when they parodied Wile E, and Roadrunner because those are one of the best cartoons of the Looney Tunes franchise.

I saw them use a quote from The Legend Of Zelda, Mario, and many others in just one episode. It's the only thing on. Please kill me.

Cyborg tells a parody of the A team where the movie is about dudes who ride in a van with a stripe. And the others are still interested in watching it. Really? Cyborg has no good detail and the reason for that is probably because he's that stupid.

Some of the episodes even ripped off the transformation scene from Sailor Moon! I believe it was from that league of legs episode or whatever it is called! SERIOUSLY! THOSE CREATOR BASTARDS HAD THE BALLS TO RAPE MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ANIME FOR THIS SO-CALLED "COMEDY" ABOMINATION!

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9 They rarely even fight crime!

I know that it's supposed to be what happens between their crime fighting time (which is stupid because that's basically saying they turn into idiots when they are on break) but come on! They are the crime fighters of jump city! How is it supposed to survive if it is constantly under attack from super villains like seen in the original?! HOW!

Although I hate the animation style, I was hopeful for the series to stay true to the titans and what they were... A team of heroes. I have seen only 3 episodes so far that actually involve fighting crime and 2 of them were for selfish reasons. The reason they fight crime should be for justice and stuff like that, but they fight crime for selfish reasons and competitions. It is insulting to what I fell in love with as a kid.

Why are they called titans? They don't even fight crime! They just do stupid things to "entertain" the kids that watch it! And when they DO fight crime, they still do stupid stuff!

Uh airn't they suposse to be super heroes? Not Gawwfing idiots, I mean in one episode Cyborg, Starfire,Beast boy and Raven were acting SO lazy that they could'nt even pick up a danm remote or even help Robin fight Brother Cartoon Network has really went down hill...i think all the titans ever do is sit on the coach, Watch T.V., eat pizza, laze around and let the villans get away with everything and bully people in Jumpcity...that's pretty much it...

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10 Terrible animation

The worst animation ever. In the old one all the boys were so hot and the girls were really pretty here they don't even look like humans. They look like sausages that wear costumes.

Who in their down-right minds think that their animation is good. They look like noodles with meatballs for a head. I think that their show should be canceled and the original come back.

In the original show, the animation was spectacular! The character designs were good as well, and they were great redesigns of iconic characters. In TTG the cheap flash animation makes them look disproportionate. They are all stick figures, and Robin looks like he put four gallons of hair gel in what was once a good hairstyle. Another thing is that the bright colors everywhere gets obnoxious pretty darn quick.

Beast boy's head shape

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11 Bad episode titles

One episode was called Dog Hand. I guess the stupid creators couldn't think of a decent title so they named it Dog Hand, which is a tiny part of the episode. Try harder, people! You creators are getting dumber than Dora the Explorer!

It's named off of irrelivant or little things. Like the episode Hose Water was really about the titans learning where babies come from than water, and Mouth Hole was about whistling, and Dog Hand was about Trigon, and Serious Business was about the bathroom.

I get how mouth hole is about whistling since when you whistle your mouth forms a small circle that looks like a hole. But hose water is about where Babies come from?! What the heck, Cartoon Network?! - MLPFan

Not just bad but misleading they made an episode called "the return of slade" and was about clowns so great isn't it?

The stupidest of them in my humble opinion was I'm the Sauce. What kind of title is that for an episode about a rainy day? If I were them, I would have chosen something like "Boarded Up".

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12 All the characters are complete idiots

Let me tell Robin: first of all you are a batman knock off and he never treated his teammates like crap batman may be a jerk sometimes but lead to right path but you treated your friends like they don't exist and beating up your love starfire and being a control freak but I think someone should cancel your show again cause you deserve it Raven: out of all character's I can't help but feel sorry for you all that randomness that drive you crazy is dumb hopefully you end up in a better life then to deal with this crap Cyborg: let me tell you this I was happy to see you kicked the bucket in 2013 you didt show any respect for results and taking the show too far with your Booyah in fact if you and kid fresh were on left sheet and a car accident coming for you two I would save kid fresh over you when I watch you picking on people I stopped watching the show other than that I hate your actions and hope a car ran OVER you Beastboy: someone should you to a private hospital and teen titans go ...more

They even messed up Batman! Batman is the World's Greatest Detective, not a guffawing idiot! Beast Boy is a complete doofus that can't even open a book, Robin is in love with Starfire, who obviously doesn't care about him, and won't take the hint!

I Agree, pickle and peanut characters are more intelligent than these abominations

There chracters were reuced to thees stupid gross moronic personas

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13 Robin only cares for himself

Robin really, really sucks in this show. This entire series takes all that has ever been established about Robin and takes a dump on the character, then uses Robin's own cape to wipe and flush. This is really an abomination. It's one of the few things that would make Batman decide to carry a gun.

He even says " No no no! " " Its about Taking all the glory ugh.."

Robin used to be really awesome in Teen Titans. Like how he really cared for Starfire and encouraged Raven while she was a child when they fought Trigon. Now he is stupid,loud, and selfish

Robin is the most self asorb jerk in all of theese episodes.

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14 The episodes don't make any sense

The return of slade made me hate this dumb crap now

Yeah, it's a little like Uncle Grandpa (the randomness), don't get me started on that horrible show.

Uncle Grandpa is terrible, sure. But at least it puts effort into humor. - aarond9010

The titles of the episodes don't even match up with the plot. Like the episode where the titans thought beast boy turned into an abomination. They called the episode Croissant. No effort what so ever.

The worst one is Waffles where they said waffles OVER 300 TIMES!

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15 It is mean spirited

It is mean spirited, but only when Teen Titans Go was Created By Control Freak Himself!

But Control Freak had Help.

The KND!

They helped Control Freak do it!

No not the KND Uncle Grandpa did it.

Let's pretend that TTG just drank for as long as they were canceled, and when they were brought back, this was their IQ. - mattstat716

In the episode Cheese for breakfast the Titans exapt Starfire were beating the &%$* outta the Hive and THEY'RE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING WRONG! Aleast Starfire was'nt hurting or beating them up but she should've got a metal cage put Robin, Cyborg, Beast boy and Raven in that cage lock them in there, call the amulance to take the Hive to the hospital instead of just standing there watching the Hive get beaten up in shock...aleast in this episode she acts nice but the rest of the jack ass titans were just being plain cruel.

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16 Animation is horrible

It's so LAZY. They're constantly using stock images because they're to lazy to draw things. If you're too damn lazy to draw the simplest things, then working on a cartoon is NOT for you.

Every animation shown is very... Odd. It all seems like a game being run on 20 fps. The walking is just awkward and looks like they're all wearing skinny jeans and can't separate their legs.

Your right they always use stock images that just shows are lazy they are

They even used stock images that are copyrighted - BorisRule

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17 No action at all

Sure they fight sometimes but 86% of this is just stiff animation and stupid jokes!

Now there is someone who has to judge the Titans about their lack of seriousness like Young Justice, and they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Thanks a lot, Cartoon Network!

That's Not True There Is Some Action. Yeah Like About 5% Of The Time There Is.

It's a kid show,of course their is no action - RyanMtheGamer

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18 They overuse sterotypes

Robin = Arrogant Jerk
Cyborg = Annoying Tag-Along
Starfire = That One Dumb Blonde With Freakishly Strong Powers
Beast Boy = The Idiot That Ruins Everything
Raven = I can't even begin to describe all the Stereotypes injected in her.

Raven: Edgy, but has a soft side, dark and "Evil" inside, goth, depressed- man, the list goes on eh? - mattstat716

The original Teen Titans never had stereotypes. I'm glad! But the other one? Yes! I can't believed that there's one show that uses stereotypes and I'm pissed when I'm first seen them. I think labels are even worst compared to stereotypes.

This show is a disgrace to out generation. Literally...

I really want to drop a nuclear bomb in there world

TTG Robin: ARUGH! Why don't you titans listen to me?!
TTG Raven: I don't know, because you're a whiny self hating bitch.
Original Robin: ughe why am I a control freak in this?
Orignal Beast boy: Yeah and why am I so annoying in this reboot? I mean, I know I'm humerous but I'm not THAT humerous!
Original Raven: uck I can't even bare to watch this show it's so...cringy and annoying...
Original Starfire: why do I say'the' in everything I say?
Original Cyborg: okay yup I'm done here. *leaves*
Original Raven: yeah I'm done here to.* leaves*
Original Beast Boy: I'm gonna go out for abit see ya*leaves*
Original Starfire: I'm gonna go see if Raven wants to go to the mall...see you later Robin*leaves*
Original Robin: * grabs remote* ugh I much better things to do than watch this disgrace of a show * turns off T.V.*

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19 It's a disgrace of the DC logo

Who would've thought that the people who brought us Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series, and so many other timeless cartoons, also brought us this. Teen Titans Go completely disgraces the DC logo and the Warner brothers logo. I'm seriously debating on sending this to each of them, because it seems that neither have actually seen any of the episodes.

It makes DC look like garbage! The Teen Titans in this series hardly ever fights crime. They just try to be funny at the titans tower(which looks nothing like the way it should). Also facts change all the time, like what behind robins mask or underneath his gloves. There was never any story to it, too. There are even episodes where they talk about the show being garbage and the other Teen Titans were so much cooler than they were, so why not end the show now before they make more stupid cartoon reboots of good shows?! All in all, this show is terrible.

Not just to the DC logo but to the DC nation and all who worked on the original show.

This should be number one. This is why the show annoyes me most but the others are also good reasons.

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20 It drops your I.Q.

I heard that if even watch a single episode of this series, your IQ drops 100%. It's sad, isn't it?

This might explain why one of my friends, Devon, acts a little off. He recently moved away but my other friend, Cameron, hates Devon, can't blame him though, because Devon watches Toddler Titans (TTG's actual name) and as this states, it drops your IG. I only saw one god episode, the one where the alien's pet goes to Mexico or something, and I'm really good at science.

I couldn't agree more. That's why I pick intelligent stuff over trash like Teen Titans Go!

I hate this dumb show! I want to stab them until they die!

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1. Cartoon Network shoves it in your face
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3. They bill it as "your new favorite show"
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