Cartoon Network shoves it in your face


How many episodes and specials do they have to make. Why has Cartoon Network focused on this piece of trash. Why did they make all of the characters act like idiots and Cartoon Network decides to serve it to you on a plank of wood. Its disgusting, and parents who say that this show is actually really good for the family, think again because your child might grow up thinking violence is the answer, always act lazy, never read, education is useless, and plenty of more trash because Cartoon Network decided to pop it up one day trying to say that this is perfect for the 10th anniversary for the original Teen Titans.

This show has ratings that are similar to the underrated Johnny Test show from 2005-2015, I mean if you could go back in time to a point where Johnny Test was on the schedule like 2011 compared to TTG in January 2017 you would see the vast difference in showing time. The only time johnny test was air constantly was in late 2014 to very early 2015 when the show made a runoff of their last episodes compared to teen titans go already having more specials than The amazing world of Gumball since May 2011.

This show has cringeworthy characters, like the pale one is spoiled as Donald trump and the one with the pathetic eye mask is the bossiest character in all active shows.

If Cartoon Network was smart and took time to make their schedule have all of the good shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears during daytime hours like 9am to 5pm during summer and during weekends they could just have all of the good shows that have been cancelled like Regular Show and the ...more

If you look at what's on Cartoon Network, all that's there is "Teen Titans Go! ", "Teen Titans Go! ", and of course, "Teen Titans Go! "
I don't know what the heck is going on with the producers, but NOTHING ELSE IS COMING ON,
Amazing World of Gumball comes on like once a day, and I'm still waiting for We Bare Bears to be recorded (cuzz it's an amazing show), but the rest NEVER COME ON! Only the one show everyone hates, because it's seriously bad, anyone in the world can admit that, EXCEPT CN.
Cartoon Network is practically trying to commit suicide by doing this.

Cartoon Network this isn't right, Steven Universe is underplayed, they should show that instead because it has better morals for kids and adults alike. Toddler Titans (that's what it SHOULD be called) is the reason they lost over 159,278,572 views. Pickle and Peanut has better views than this piece of %$#@ that we are forced to call a show. It should be on comedy central.

They air 20 episodes a day. They even aired Teen Titans Go! all week! It even aired at the children's office, The dentist, and even the arcade! Stop airing Teen Titans Go! If you read this Cartoon Network, STOP AIRING TEEN TITANS GO ALL DAY! It's not that good, I watched the first few episodes and hated it, they eat too much food, they don't fight, and they like to do other things than fight crime! So Cartoon Network, Air Steven Universe more!

Cartoon Network makes it take up so much time. It takes up 3x as much time as the other shows COMBINED and makes it seem like it's their best show ever. It's not.

Teen titans go made me feel like I'm being kidnapped by my couch and being forced to watch it I mean re titans was the best show but then there came teen titans go wow "wow if it's so good that means looking into a toilet is great

Sure, this is popular with the younger audience, but what about the OLDER audience? I'm pretty sure most people are getting sick of the fact that this show is shown SO MANY TIMES EVERYDAY, but not the good shows at this point.

My favorite show on this channel is Steven Universe. It has a very interesting story behind it, and an incredible plot. The fact they rarely ever show it, and waste the time it could he using to air it by showing the IQ lowering, mind-numbing, vomit-inducing garbage that is Teen Titans Go just doesn't make sense to me. Why, Cartoon Network, WHY?

The only reason teen titans go is not canceled yet is because and they air it all the time is because teen titans go is cartoon networks cash cow

I can't believe that they made amazing shows like The Amazing Word of Gumball, Regular show and Steven Universe and expect Teen Titans Crap to be our favorite. - 906389

Why does cartoon network shove "your new favorite show", and overshadow the shows I actually enjoy watching?

Good reason I don't watch T.V. much. "Uh Godzilla you sure you killed everyone? " "Yes, why? " "I think the titans are still alive, at least what's left of them." "Coming! "

It's everywhere. They advertise it/show images of it at least once or twice every 5 minutes

Stop it Cartoon Network stoop it.

They flood this brain-dead bull down our throats 24/7 when there are better options for shows in their roster.

Because of this horrible show, Cartoon Network is sacrificing the good ones (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball, etc) REGULAR SHOW GOT CANCELLED AND ADVENTURE TIME IS ENDING EARLY BECAUSE OF TTG. When will Cartoon Network come to its senses? The only thing I watch on CN anymore is the new episodes of Adventure Time and Rick and Morty

Why does every one hate teen titans go you can't even make a better show then out anyway the movie is comin out friday

Cartoon Network should shove this God forsaken monstrosity up its ass! That's all this stupid network wants to show! These Teen Titans are horrible and the so called morals they yeach are even worse. They say reading is dangerous but cheating violence jealousy and hateful ugly attitudes are good! Cartoon Network itselt should go straight to hell after it gets shut down!

Ok go on cartoon network and there is only teen titans go. I get that episodes of GOOD shows take a little bit of time but all I see is teen titans. Well it is kinda doing better then Nick, mostly because there is bad shows #spongebob, season what?

Last week, there was a full week marathon

I don't even watch cartoon network anymore, but yeah, that's really annoying! - Puppytart

Cartoon Network can shove this piece of crap up it's ass!

Just wait until they change Cartoon Network into Teen Titans Go! Network and have the TTG Teen titans as the mascots of the channel. Thanks a lot for ruining my childhood with the original Teen Titans. - MLPFan

Let's watch Nickelodeon. They actually have variety! - TimmyTurner