It is offensive to fans who watched the original Teen Titans


I am a fan of the original show, but this is just messed up to me.

I enjoyed watching the 2003 series. The Titans were calm, well-complexed, and they took crime-fighting up a level or two whenever the first try didn't work out too good

Teen Titans (2003-2007): I loved this show as a kid. It entertained me in the best ways possible. Robin was actually good at martial arts and was a badass at this, he even kept his love for Starfire at a minimum level. Starfire was a curious alien princess and sensed a lot of confusion about the Earth world. Since she wasn't in Earth before, she tries to fit-in by asking questions she's unsure of, which is ok. Cyborg was a good hero, he was good at using technology to fight crime and kick villain-butts. He is pretty funny too, which is entertaining to me. Beast Boy had a good sense of humor. He can also morph into animals, but they usually turn out green (probably, because of his skin color) but, I'll remember him and always will. Raven ...more

This show needs to go to hell! Robin is a jerk and is arrogant, Starfire just has crazy-love for kittens, Beast Boy eats too much junk-food, Cyborg is an annoying tag-along with Beast Boy, and Raven watches a My Little Pony ripoff show on T.V. every single day!

Robin: The leader of the Titans, he only cares about nothing, but himself. The TTG V PPG crossover was even worse. He was being rude by calling the Powerpuff Girls "babies". In one episode, he cried over his staff being broken in-half, WHY Robin, WHY?!

Starfire: The worst Titan in the trio. She has a crazy obsession for kittens and is also terrified of clowns. Is there a reason she loves kittens, but hates clowns? Oh, I don't know... Probably because, kittens are cute and clowns are not?! Anyways, Starfire also doesn't even acknowledge Robin's love for her

Beast Boy: A green-skinned boy who can morph into any kind of animal, he eats too much junk food in every single episode of that goes on air! He could ...more

This show is completely ridiculous, unfunny, pointless, and just a slap in the face to fans of the original. There are episodes where it seems it's the writer's goal to piss of the original fans. They've not only made fun of the old series and its characters, but they even brought in Young Justice to make a joke out of it when they know people are still angry about it being cancelled. I read somewhere that the creator wanted the show to appeal to little kids. Okay? Apparently show's nowadays need to go full on stupid to appeal to children. The first TT series came out when I was like, 6 or 7, and I loved that show. My friends, also around that age, loved it, too. It didn't need stupid and offensive jokes, it didn't need to butcher not only the titans, but other DC characters to get laughs, and it didn't need to make pointless episodes to get me and my friends engaged. It had a great balance between seriousness and humor. The creator saying that the reason TTGo is so silly is because ...more

They have done many things, making the characters complete idiots, using this show pretty much 24/7 every day, horrible episode ideas and many more sinful things, but the worst thing they could have done is killing the original Teen Titan fans have done it Teen Titans Go!...You did it...ARE YOU HAPPY FOR KILLING CHILDHOODS?!? And I believe everyone here wants this show to get cancelled, burn in hell, and just be forgotten from history...if you need to find a better show...just watch something like Adventure Time, Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, Loud House or the First Three Seasons of Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon, or Star vs The Forces of Evil or Gravity Falls on Disney...


1.) Loud House Spongebob has better comedy

2.) Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and SvTFOE has an ACTUAL Plot

3.) All of them have better characters

4.) All of them have better episodes

5.) (Etc.)

In conclusion, Teen ...more

The original was more dark and intense and took things more seriously and had fun at the same time. Robin was a passionate and great leader in the old show, now he's just a jerk to the other titans and makes butt jokes, Starfire was an amazing and very kind-hearted superhero in the old show, now she's just annoying, Cyborg was a really brave and strong superhero who took things really seriously and had some fun too at the right times, now he just plays video games and eats pizza all day, Raven was a great person in the last show who took things very seriously and had an extremely introverted personality which was just how she was which was good, now she's become a brony who always wears that hood no matter what, Beast Boy was an extroverted guy who had an intrest for video games and movies but still cared about his friends, and now he only obsesses over Raven and only cares about Starfire, himself, Cyborg, and Raven and doesn't care about Robin and he had better jokes in the old show!

The original teen titans was my favorite show! It had everything, a intelligent premise, great characters, awesome villains, and awesome action as humor, basically everything Teen Titans Go doesn't have (although the list could continue). I wouldn't have minded if they just made the arcs shorter, or made the themes less heavy to appeal to younger kids, but they downright screwed the entire Teen Titans franchise with this. What killed me the most was when I was babysitting an the kids legitimately thought this was what the original show was like and called it stupid, not even curious about the amazing original series.

They are purposely rubbing salt in the wounds of the fans of the original Teen Titans and I've had enough of this crap. I barely watched one episode, it was so horrifying. I was turned off just from the trailer for this monstrosity. This show insults the intelligence of the audience and is so pretentious. The only reason I can think of is why they're still airing this show and so dang often is to spread their political agenda and make a point, which is a very condescending one. I haven't watched Cartoon Network in at least a year and the only way I can watch the quality shows I enjoyed, like the original Teen Titans is online. Thank God for the Internet.

Honestly! Children in this generation have such bad taste in what a real cartoon show is. When I was a kid, I remembered being obsessed with the original show, and I used to watch it with my friends all the time. The original show was just exceptional and I instantly grew attached to the main characters. The overall plot engaged me so much. The battle scenes were also so entertaining, but the show also had funny moments now and then, which engaged me more. The new teen titans is so offensive to the original Teen Titan fans and it is honestly really sad that this is what people provide for the new generation of kids.

My niece loves this show, and I admit I am 40 so I watch it when it first aired, it is offensive to me but my niece is fascinated by butt jokes. Why use such iconic characters if you are going make them act like fools. Why not just make new characters that are runaways or orphans that have powers and form a group that try to save to city when they can get over there need to find food money or shelter. but no you take an easy way by using already developed characters. Also I am find this and other show or YouTube shows are teaching her inappropriate behavior because she isn't old enough to see it as acting and playing and takes it as fact real and this is how you act. She is young and doesn't understand that pranks and jokes that ridicule or hurt people is not nice. Don't get me started on that 'kids' show walk the prank. When we are trying to teach our culture to stop bullying these kinds of shows spit in the face of these goals of learning respect and to show kindness to others. And ...more

The Return Of Slade was just insulting. Slade was in it for like 5 seconds then poof! He's gone. The beginning starts with horse butt and when Robin the jerk asks the teen titans to help, they just say "call the police". But the show is now saying you need to let go of your child hood, NO. You don't let go of your child hood, you keep it with you for the rest of your life. Smh this show.. Oh yeah, and there was an episode called Serious Business where Robin doesn't let any of the Titans stay in the bathroom for more than five minutes, unless it explodes. Raven said she likes... Tap dancing...? And then all the bathrooms float in to space... Why. ALSO NO ITS NOW MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW

True. I was watching a Teen Titans movie called, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. It was so incredible until my little sister came in to the room and told me to switch the channel. I was so mad, that I've changed the channel. And the worst thing is, she thinks that Teen Titans (the original one) is worse than Toddler Titans No!. But when it re-run it in 11:00 AM in Cartoon Network Arabia. No one was awake so I was able to watch the entire movie without cut. Please like this comment.

Teen Titans was a beautiful show. It still is when you re-watch it and keep on re-watching it. This "Teeny Bop" Titans Go is so bad. It shows no character growth and it teaches nothing other than how to be stupid and annoy your parents. There is no substance to this show and I want it off the air.

It will never be cancelled Cartoon Network wants us to hate it. Can't you guys see? This show is just an attempt to see how much hate they can get from The Older fans and get away with it. Even some of the kids doesn't like it

Want proof? Here's some evidence for you

-They act like its everyone's favorite show

-They have a marathon of it most of the time.

-They make them look like they are idiots

-The acting is awful even though the actors are the same

-so Poorly written that the only way to make something this bad you have to do it bad on purpose

-In an episode Called the fourth wall ''Control Freak'' actually Responded to all the criticisms the show gets and used footage from the original

Did I miss anything let me know. Thanks - Aguythatpeopleignores

This show actively taunts any criticism it gets. They first mock fans of the original show, but then they also insult fans of Young Justice as well as Green Lantern. The mudslinging towards the more recent shows that got canceled because of the atrocity that is TTG can be summed up as this: "Ha ha! We have a huge timeslot all the time while you got canceled! HA! " In one of the TTG episodes, they snuck in a "Easter egg" that is an insult to fans of the original show. Not only is it stupid to throw a fit about your criticisms in this way, but it also displays immaturity. The Return Of Slade was one of the worst episodes and is pretty much them trying to excuse themselves for making a terrible show. And if your wondering, no, Slade does not show up.
The absolute worst for me was the episode where Terra appeared. Not only was it another shameless mockery of the story arcs in Teen Titans, but was also a huge slap in the face to the fans who shipped Beast Boy and Terra.

Cartoon Network is just feeding the popularity the original Teen Titans got from 2003-2006. They are doing way too many marathons about it, and sometimes the episodes get boring to watch. Also, there is an episode called "The Cape" (Season 3, Episode 52), where they completely ripoff the original. 2nd, the team actually never fights crime, and that leads me to my 3rd problem, there are barely any good episodes. The creators are not very smart in making storylines. Episodes include: "Waffles" (Season 1), "The Inner Beauty of a Cactus" (Season 4), "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory", and others. The only good episode I can think of (since I started watching the show) is "40 Percent, 40 Percent, 20 Percent" where Cyborg thinks music is a leader, and he plays a song called "The Night Begins to Shine" and every time he plays the song in the episode, it turns into a 80s style format

Oh my god, this almost ruined the original for me. And considering that it's still one of the best shows Cartoon Network has ever had, that's saying something. The old show had great characters, intriguing plots, fantastic animation, etc. But Go!, Go! just flat out kills it all! The characters are annoying & messed up (just look up their portrayals of Terra & Slade/Deathstroke, & don't get me STARTED on Trigon), the plots are nonsensicle (did I spell that right? ), & the animation is total crap! Plus, it's so @#$%ing BRIGHT! The original had a dark & mysterious vibe that I honestly enjoyed a lot. But in Go!, even the night scenes make me want to wear sunglasses! I didn't actually see more than one original episode before this show (and hated it then, too), but now that I've started binge-watching original titans, I hate this Bantha crap 1,000,000 times as much! I mean, the episode where Robin takes his driver's test was probably the least vomit-inducing, but it still flat-out sucks ...more

Teen Titans Go Kill Yourselves And get back your old selves so things would be back to normal and make a season 6 but no u can't do that because your creators are lazy jerks! Don't even have the time to make it, well cancel all those other shows that u are making and fix this catastrophe oh and by the way bring back mystery inc not Be A pervert Scooby Doo

I love entire series of teen titans and the trouble in tokyo movie when I first saw teen titans go I was surprised at how bright the colors were an the plots are just stupid it's like the creators did not see teen titans they just know the characters names and the voice actors they think teen titans is about the teen titans acting like they are in aqua teen hunger force except aqua teen hunger force is good this show takes away my favorite show Andy they don't care

Oh. My. God. This show, is bullcrap

This show ruined my childhood! It's another reason why I dislike Anime, because some Western Animations ruin it! The jokes are terrible, the plots don't even make any sense, and... It's bill is "Your new favourite show! ". Your new favourite show, my behind!

I don't even get how the younger audience likes it! Looking at a wall for two hours is more entertaining than this show! JUSTIN BEIBER IS BETTER THAN THIS!

It's why I don't go on Cartoon Network anymore. It's why I haven't seen any of the Steven Universe shows everyone's praising! Thanks a lot, Cartoon Network. Thanks a lot.

We had a petition to have a season 6 for the original, but guess what? They didn't do it like they promised. Instead, they gave us THIS show. - EpicJake

When I heard that Teen Titans was coming back, I jumped for joy. I was so excited for the cliff hanger ending of the original series to be answered. Then I saw the first trailer and every ounce of hope I had inside of me died. There are not enough ways to describe how awful Teen Titans Go is - all I can really ask is: why in the world did this show passed the pilot stage?

This show is a disgrace to every superhero that has ever lived. I hate it it's completely random and not even funny it doesn't even live up to the original and since when is raven so bubbly and like dancing. Some episodes seem promising but I draw the line when superheroes break out in song. CN do yourself a favour and cancel the stupid show already. This show has gone on for to long TO LONG

How do YOU all have got so much knowledge about Teen Titans Go if you don't even like the show? On the other hand Teen Titans Go is a very popular show in many countries. People are telling that the show teaches bad morals. If you don't have the brains to understand sarcasm then don't watch it! Moreover I have watched every episode of the original Teen Titans but I like Teen Titans Go!

I agree. They specifically make episodes to mock and upset fans of the original and quite frankly, that alone is enough reason to hate it... but then there's everything else going wrong. *sighs* This show has lasted longer than the original... I'm pretty sure they're going to mock us in an episode about that fact. God, I hate this show!

Every episode seems like a spit in the face to anyone who watched the original. Even if you haven't seen much of the original you will probably hate it. I feel like this series was made by an internet troll to tick off fans of the original. Young justice didn't deserve to be replaced by this crap.