Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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81 Robin is a crybaby Robin is a crybaby

He's such an idiot.

That image of him crying while eating ice cream just makes me want to punch him even more.

He never learns his lesson. He needs to go to hell!

He makes the Robin from "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" look manly.

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82 Robin gets no respect

Robin never gets respected by anyone I hate to see him being treated badly by the titans and he gets angry that he wants to crush their teeth out in puppets the idiot titans won't mind their business and they that think robin is always push ing them all the time and they even ate pizza without him

I may not like Teen Titans Go but, the those 4 mentally retarded jerks need show Robin some respect. He deserves a better team. The original titans should punch the New Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg on the faces so they can get their guts get puked out.

I hope make an episode where robin finds new teammates better than these jerks

I admit that while he is a jerk, the way he's treated makes it difficult to pick sides. I wouldn't be surprised that the other Titans mock and laugh at him as he slowly dies.

Oh wait, they already did? Dang.

I meant to say was that I wouldn't be surprised if the other Titans make a hate group against him.

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83 It's overrated

This is the exact reason why I hate this show (among other reasons). ITS OVERRATED. You know why? I'll explain it in a little story: I was in 5th grade about a year ago. We were going to do a field day. So, the class was thinking of what our chant would be. So, sadly, they chose the stupid waffles song in the glory of teen titans go (and our team name was waffles). Sad, ain't it? Even my friends in MIDDLE SCHOOL still like it! Kids Call of Duty be watching masterpieces like Steven u, yet they watch car like TTG. I think I've said enough.

Why do kids like this show kids like nothing good!

Kids who watch this are dumb because Teen Titans Go teaches bad things to do when kids are teens

To be honest, the fans are much worse than the haters!

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84 It has horrible lessons and morals

Don't treat people badly about having "baby hands" or you will lose all your memory and become their slave. MUCH WOW GREAT STORY

Horrible morals and lessons? I'm surprise a show this half-ass would even have anything reassembling morals or lessons.

Those Lessons Are Probably Even Dumber Than Uncle Grandpa's.

The only episode with a good moral was Vegtables! The rest is terrible!

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85 Raven's too dark

I love Raven. I hate new Raven. In the old series, at least she would WALK and take off her hood, but now she just floats, groans, tells stupid stories, and play with pony toys. I mean, come on! You ruined the girl I looked up to, you turned her into a jerky, violent, hating teenager. I miss Raven, and all the other Titans

I agree I used to love the original Raven but new Raven.Original Raven used to be a dark badass daughter of a demon.Now she is a boring book reading only uses her power for evil and she has ugly legs!

I mean seriously all she does in most of them is just floating around everywhere

When she's wearing her cloak, she looks like a floating jacket. When she's not wearing her cloak, she looks like a pale Dora the Explorer.

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86 It's always on

It's on for at least 5 hours every day, leaving no room for shows enjoyable by intelligent people

The score is more than half of 100%, it's over exaggerated and reminds me of a comedic poor soap opera. I rather watch reruns of the original teen Titans,

Cancel it and replace it with reruns of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!

Steven Universe other shows that are gems (see what I did there) should be on, not a T.V. DRUG, AN ACTUAL SHOW WITH A REAL AUDIENCE! TTG's audience are little kids in pre-k that don know actual quality if it HIT THEM IN THE FACE!

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87 It's for babies!

Even the babies would not like it

Thank God, I heard that this show is not going to be renewed for another season!

They should cancel this show because these guys don't real comedy if last name was comedy and their last name was real

I'm that kajiit again, I think this show is for embryo to 1

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88 They made fun of the old show

Knowing, KNOWING how upset fans were over the cancellation they still taunt us about it. I wish they'd show the original series sometimes to soften the blow.


The original Teen Titans was the best show I've watched since I was a child. And thanks to Teen Titans Go, My childhood is officially ruined!

In the old show, Robin was way more cooler and took crime-fighting seriously. He talked normally. He cared about his teammates and how he was a good leader for the Titans

Starfire was tall and well-behaved. She was like the mother-figure of the Titans, including Robin. She acknowledged all the Titans and was not annoying at all. I'm glad!

Beast Boy was comical and he told all the Titans funny jokes. Which made me feel happy, because his jokes were hilarious. Also, Beast Boy could morph into any kind of animal. Whenever he turns into one, his animal skin is green. (Probably because his actual skin is green) and Beast Boy singing the "Titans opening song" was pretty catchy! Good times...

Raven was goth-like and was my favorite character of the original show. She did meditations and it kinda helped me relax

Cyborg ...more

89 Rancid morals

I think it's more that they found an extremely impressionably audience that still hasn't learned morals at all. TTG isn't changing morals, they're teaching them. If you can mold an audience that hasn't yet been molded, you can make some serious bank.

Teen Titans Go is terrible at teaching morals. Most of the episodes in this category end with a ridiculous moral (Ex. Boys vs. Girls teaching that girls are always better than boys). This is bad because TTG is a KIDS SHOW. Because there is usually no indication that the end moral is completely wrong, there will probably be a good number of children who will take those morals SERIOUSLY.

Also, using/teaching bad morals and/or taking them seriously is a product of bad writing. It's like character derailment. - alphadan12

90 Rips off Dragon Ball Z and Wizard of Oz

In one episode Robin had his hair like Goku's and one episode is called operation tin man

It also rips off Looney Tunes in the episode Squash and Stretch with all the gags and the anvils and dynamite and Cartoon Network would get sued by Warner Brothers and then the show would get cancelled.

This is a really dumb reason

Sorry I meant OFF not OF - mayamanga

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91 They lied about slade coming

I thought we were going to see Slade in the episode, but what we get is to miss all the action, and were stuck with a clown, and more of the titans acting like idiots. This show is the worst Cartoon Network show in history!

I was really exited when the episode was titled "The Return of Slade" but he didn't appear in this! Instead there was clowns... I really wish I was kidding...

Obviously this crappy episode was meant to bee a lame ratings trap. According to MysteriousMrEnter, the clown was supposed to represents cartoons for kids. So in the end, Beast Boy says, "We can't hold onto out childhoods forever." Um, hello? Yes, you can! That's what cartoons are for! Oh, and there are more brony jokes in this, one, which at this point are just annoying. Why is Tara Strong so okay with this? I mean I know she's getting paid to voice Raven, but this show just obviously sucks.

You can only see Slade for 3 seconds in the whole episode. That's it. Really CN? - njalabi63989

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92 They're bullies

There was an episode where the villains wanted a day off, and the titans beat them! Gizmo just wanted to be tall and Robin just beats him without question, and when Gizmo tells him it just his day off Robin says ok and walks off without a sorry. Starfire takes Jinx's cat without even suggesting they share the love or something that would promote haring or kindness, nope the cat like starefire more and leaves jinx heart broken. Raven harms another villain who was just playing a game of baseball because it annoyed her slightly, and so much more. My job the fact they promoted anti-bullying with this is amazing sense they do everything that a bully does to a kid!

First of all in the horrible episodes. The Titans destroyed Santa's toy factory just because they never got presents. PRESENTS! Christmas is not about presents you know. Second, they tried to kill a squirrel just because it stole their nuts. And they tried to destroy a poor little girl because she wanted to climb on monkey bars. The Teen Titans must die!

I have bullies at school that I can't stand! Then this comes on, making school look like a nice trip to the Bahamas! I DON'T WANT TO BE REMINDED OF BULLIES THAT MAKE SCHOOL A HELLHOLE!

I feel like I'm watching school bullies when I see this mess!

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93 They Ruined History and Fairy Tales

Basically, the creators love destroying everything by putting their stupid characters in it.

Also soccer... Lost my mind when I watched "kicking a ball and pretending to be hurt" - ARandomPerson

How dare they be mean to president Washington. You dicks.

The only reason they included history in a 'History Lesson' is so Robin could dress up as Napoleon and act all tall. But to be honestI was afraid to watch that one episode. Why.

Becuase, history.

94 They can't go one episode without singing

This is not true you are talking about phineas and ferb not teen titans go teen titans go only had half the episodes with a song or about food (the food one is lower on the list)

Superheroes are not allowed to sing, especially Beast Boy.

This is true.

TTG Sucks Its not a Musical It is an Abomination

95 It's a Spinoff
96 It ripped off My Little Pony

This is basically making fun of real Pegasisters and even male Bronies!

As a female fan of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic myself it's overly stupid. No seriously.

And the stereotype goth who secretly likes girly stuff like ponies girl (aka Raven), in my opinion, pokes fun more at female fans than male fans of MLP:FIM but at the same time male fans could be as offended.

Also it's called Pretty Pretty Pegasus and all the characters are bloody earth ponies! If you're gonna do a reference parody to something by making it NOTHING like it, to poke fun at it, and give it a different name for reference THEN AT LEAST HAVE IT MAKE SENSE!

Like of course the name references MLP clearly but not all the characters are even Pegasus in the actual show (and usually you'd think of unicorns when people think of MLP) but having them actually be earth ponies is stupid like they think ponies are horses with wings and all of them are like that. Or even they're doing that just ...more

Okay! This Show Needs To Stop Making Fun Of Other Shows That Are Way Better Than It. Like My Little Pony Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It made them look like some mean ugly dumb pony's and unicorns that don't know anything about friendship. AND THEY MAKE RAVEN LIKE THAT! CURSE YOU TTG!

Instead of Bronies, let's say...Pegaphiles. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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97 Beast Boy is stupid

He acts like a sack of nothing

Of course he's stupid. He's Beast boy

In the original, Beast Bou was smart. Now he is just some stupid jerk who only cares about pizza and having sex with Raven.

Did they hit him over the head with a shovel 50 times and made him forget 90% of what he is know for, because Patrick from SpongeBob went through the same thing, but BB wasn't cured

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98 It has adult jokes

Nothing wrong with a few adult jokes here and there. - aarond9010

Beast Boy wants to have sex with Raven.

Some kid shows do good jobs at putting in adult jokes (like Animaniacs and Rocko's Modern Life), but TTG does not.

There an epsiode we're black fire take off starfire cloths and it shows a censored bar in a kid show.

99 They overused 9/11 and Holocaust jokes

Just when you thought they couldn't get any lower.

I don't recall an episode where they did, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was true!

What the crap are talking about

This made my day. - D0S

100 Beast boy Lies about veganism

He insults all vegetarians human or cartoon character because BB claimed that he was a vegetarian in one episode and in the end of the episode he ate all of meat which is disgraceful and full of deception. The show also teaches kids to eat fast food restaurants food consistently in high quantities, spending all of your money in rapid succession, it's good to be a party pooper/ being a big jerk and to be annoying as Lebron James

Once, he turned into a pig and ate some hot dogs. - Cartoonfan202

In certain episodes, he eats Pizza, WITH PEPPERONI. He may be a vegeterian, but he says that he doesn't eat animals "that he can turn into.", meaning he doesn't eat at least meat

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