Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of People With Autism

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1 It's not their fault they have autism

I have an autistic brother, and he doesn't go to my school (Doesn't offer special needs help) so he can get the help he needs (at my town's public school). Many of my classmates have asked why he goes to a different school, and I don't hide the reason why. Recently, most of the boys in my class have been making fun of people with autism. Making comments like "There should be a class award for most autistic". This makes me really upset, but most of the time I'm not close enough or in the right situation to tell them to stop. I want to do something but I'm just not sure what, any suggestions?

I have autism. When I was 1-3 yrs old I almost cannot communicate. I only knew a few words. Then at the age of 4 I started to communicate better that people could understand me. I went into speech therapy ever since. Then, I was 5 years old. I still didn't know abcs. I only knew the beginning of it. I also couldn't count to 30. I also struggled to read the simplest words that I should already know how to read at this age. I also didn't know how to tie my shoes. I also didn't know how to swim. All of this kept going on until I was 7. At that time I finally knew how to read but l was one of the lowest leveled kids in class. I knew abcs and I could count to 100. I could swim and tie my shoes. But the only math I knew how to do is addition. I struggled on subtraction and multiplication. Then I was 8 yrs old and I finally knew subtraction and multiplication. And in 4th grade I knew division. I was still one of the lower leveled students in class. I was 9 yrs old. But, I had serious ...more

It's not like I was asked to be born with autism I just was. However I will admit my autism was worse when I was younger. When I was younger I was anti-social and didn't want to talk to anyone. Only through counseling did I become more social. While I've gotten better at my autism, unlike a certain TTT user *Cough* a Disney obsessed user, I don't let autism be a excuse for my life. In a nutshell Autism is a birth effect that increase intelligence. I know I have autism and I don't let it weigh me down enough said.

I agree so much. I have autism and I really hate it when autistic people get bullied and discriminated by others for no reason and be compared to the likes of that abomination of a human being known as Chris-Chan. I'm autistic and am NOTHING like him. Heck, he wouldn't be considered to be autistic, but rather a mentally ill weirdo. It is the bullies who hate autism are the ones who deserve to be punished and put into a mental hospital, not the autistic people themselves.

2 It's inhumane and rude

I have a friend that is getting bullied and he's autistic, so me and my friends told someone and it is a good thing it is anonymous because they would take the rage out on us. They are not just bullying him, but they are talking about him being autistic and making fun of him. He doesn't even know they are bullying him because they are doing it behind his back and it makes me sick what people are doing to special needs kids.

So if someone has autism you should never make fun of them in any way; even jokes that have no relation to their condition? I think that if you're the kind of person that throws a temper tantrum whenever someone jokes about you then maybe you don't really belong in a normal society.

Dubstep lover me too and the guy who said die in a hole learn to respect someones opinion. So yeah the guy who said to die in a hole should do what he/she said.

Agree. I'm autistic myself,
And asking an Autistic person to stop acting autistic, is like asking Helen Keller to stop asking deaf and blind.

3 They are intelligent, even if others think otherwise

Thank you for adding this, it warms my heart. I have autism and I'm so sick of people looking at me like, "But you're too smart to have autism!" I am smart, but seriously, autism is what heightened my IQ. My autism gave me some undesirable traits, sadly, but it also gave me, a seventh grader, an 11.9 reading level.

My brother is 10 and has autism, and he is on a kindergarten level brain power. He doesn't know his ABCs and he makes up weird words to communicate. It's kind of hard to understand him sometimes. He has a special blanket, but he eats the fuzz off the blanket when he is nervous or scared!

Many people with autism have a heightened artistic and intellectual sense which makes it for their lack of social skills. Some of the most amazing people out there were autistic and yet many still look down upon it.

Like the nice thing, it varies. We have our flaws and redeeming qualities in our brain; because of my autism, I'm very good at remembering birthdays, but I suck at remembering locations unless if I read it enough.

4 They're human beings, too

Exactly. Just like non-autistic people, we're going to make mistakes too, and learn from them. Just give us some time and patience.

They are. This is important to remember, and they're just like the rest of us.

If you think they're not a human, then your IQ is the equivalent to a box of crayons!

So are the people who find this list terrible!

5 There's nothing wrong with having autism

My brother, one of my friends and one of my friends sisters have autism and all three of them act like normal people, talk like normal people and live like normal people. Why am I saying like normal people? they are normal people! Autism can be a real blessing! It gives them better memory, enhanced scenes and sometimes even a lot of speed when running! You have to except people for who they are! They can't help that they have autism and they can't help that sometimes they can't understand! They are wrongfully classified as "different" and I hate it! I get real angry with anyone at school who makes fun of autistic people because it's like their having a go at my brother and friend and if you have a go at my brother (or friend/s) you mess with me! And if u mess with me...Let's just say you don't want to! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having autism! Yes, sometimes I feel like my parents are paying more attention to my brother then me but, ultimately, having autism should even be ...more

Being autistic isn't all butterflies and rainbows (and hey, being non-autistic isn't either). My brain is different, not broken. I am also blessed with a better long-term memory, enhanced visual skills, enhanced focus that leads to more practice and better skills, and a very unique perspective that makes it easy for me to make other people think differently or laugh when I say silly things. I like myself. Being autistic is not the end of the world.

As a person with Asperger's syndrome, I would say this is the most basic and direct of why we don't deserve such treatment. Nice list, by the way.

Itsamemario, you STFU instead. You're such a judgmental prick towards autistic folks. How would you like it if you're one of them and you're given crap for it?

6 They are very nice people

They are kind and nice people. Don't get discouraged! The only reason that they don't want to be your friend is because they can't see what a wonderful person you are. You should want to be friends with someone who doesn't see past you bad social skills or disorder! Friends should except you for who you are, not who you try to be.

Not every person is nice. I had behavior problems throughout my whole school year. Then during the 11th grade, I started to care less and less and outright be a jerk to almost everyone at my school. My 12th grade year was no better either. - Gehenna

Actually, I'm mean to everyone who is mean to me. This is why I have no friends. I'm also very awkward and don't like carrying on conversations outside of the internet.

I have asperger's, I am nice yet I have anger issues and usually punch people if they something that offends me. I punched my best friend cause he said Sonic's dumb.

7 There have been many amazing autistic people in history

Tim Burton. You know, the guy who directed Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, the 1989 Batman, and Ed Wood. He has autism.

The people who hate autistic people and like Tim Burton and/or Albert Einstein are hypocrites.

Yeah. Einstein had Autism and he was one of the smartest people in history of mankind!

Yeah. Me and lots of other autistic people are very smart.

8 Have you ever stopped to think how people with autism feel about it?

Bigger question is, have the bullies ever stopped to think how they themselves would feel if they were bullied? But I agree with this list's question all the way.

People with autism feel really uncomfortable. When I see someone making fun of autism, I feel broken because the human race is supposed to be a team, not against each other like racism or sexism. I don't know exactly how autistic people feel when they see such heartless people making fun of it, but I know that it's not the right thing to do.

You need to understand someone before judging

Don't be judgemental, understand someone before judging them.

9 Autistic people get easily angered if you make fun of them

I make little jokes about my younger brother who is a part of the spectrum. They may seem harsh but most of the time he usually does get along with it very well. Many have different personalities so this is false.

Usually I'm angry for very good reasons. I can handle insults targeted towards me most of the time, and I'm overall a very chill person, but if you say something extremely inhumane to me, I WILL get angry. Nope, that's and understatement. I will be exasperated.

I have a friend who has autism at my school and he is obsessed with Russia and the Soviet Union. Then one day some people were saying, "Kill the Russians" to him and they said "You're going to die in Russia" and they also called him a communist. Then he had a terrible temper tantrum and a meltdown after they were saying those things. People should learn that autistic people are also humans and they can get upset if they are made fun of.

People make fun of me and hate on me because of the stuff I like. It makes me so angry that I can't deal anymore. I never insult people for what they like. I would never insult anyone.

10 It makes autistic people special and who they are

NEVER make fun of an autistic person for being intensely into a special interest. Special interests help us cope and feel okay when we're bored or not feeling okay.

Thank you so much! I have autism and I wish people would be more accepting. Just because someone has a disability doesn't make them bad. ACCEPTANCE PEOPLE.

Yes true we are special and you people should know that thank you so much of making this list

Exactly. Autistic or not, no human is exactly the same as another.

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11 Some great TheTopTens users are autistic

I use the website and I have Autism. Autistic people should been celebrated (also normal people and other kinds of people) not shunned in modern society. Not all autistic people are really smart or really aggressive, we come in many forms. People think autistic people are retards who don't listen and are really smart. I know
a lot stuff about Geography but I don't about Science. Please people stop this abuse.

Me, for example. (not bragging about being great.) There's also Disney1994, Turkeyasylum, SwagFlicks, Pony, and a buch of other people I can't remember. Why is it so many boys have autism, and I'm like, one of the only girls I know who has it? Besides me, I can't think of a single girl TopTenner who has it that I've met so far.

When I joined this site, I thought I would be the outcast because of my autism. It just took me some time to realize TheTopTens is full of great, accepting people.

There are autistic users on here that make high quality lists and seem like very friendly people.

12 You can't change who they are

This is exactly TRUE! You can't change a person for who they were, especially if they have autism. Let the people with autism live their life, love themselves for truly are and especially autistic people deserved to be treated respectfully like a human being.

13 It makes today's society seem awful

Agree! If we continue to make fun of people just because their different, it will make things worse. I have high functioning autism, and I think autistics and other disabled people should be treated better.

This is why aliens won't visit us.

14 Bullying is never okay

Just don't bully anyone. It's common sense.

Bullying is a disaster.

I used to get bullied on the regular ed bus for my autism/pddnos/adhd

15 Your best friends could have autism

I have a best friend who has autism. We stopped becoming friends because I moved away. We still talk on social media, though.

My friend, Ben Cherry makes fun of people with Autism

16 You might get a child with autism

If you make fun of people with autism it can happen to you to. Not that it automatically happens when you make fun of people but their is always a chance that it can happen to you...

I've decided that I'm not gonna have children, but still.

I am not having children.

If that happens to me then it'll be like
hangin round my best friend again

17 You might have autism yourself

Ever stopped to think about that? I've never been rude towards autistic people, because I've always hated bullying, teasing and insulting others in general, but I had no idea that I had autism until so many years later.

I always have behavioral problems with my playmate, sometimes I don't pay much attention because my mind constantly swings around every time, I'm also very forgetful at times.

Makes fun of someone with autism, finds out he has it, gets mad, and everyone starts making fun of him, even his best friends who don't even like him anymore.

You never know if you may be autistic.

18 Autistic people are special, kind and intelligent

Not all are special, kind, intelligent. Like normal people autistic people can be jerks and yet receive no punishment (not trying to offend anyone here), people support autism too much. One example in my school, more than several years ago, an autistic kid was trying to piss me off, he was one of the most popular classmates he was praised not only because he was a smart child prodigy but because he had "autism", and anything I said anything negative against him to defend myself, all of his fans or friends would jump into me and try to assault me off, similar experiences like this also happened later when I entered high school. I'm not trying to make fun of anyone here, or be against autism, but people should treat autism like as a normal person and not as they are special beings and not that they "deserve anything they want" treatment. For your experience sure they are kind, smart, supporting and that is a good thing and trait coming from special people, but people can have bad ...more

Not all, but yes autistic people can be intelligent or kind, but there is no denying that just like non-autistic people, autistic people are special.

Yes they are. I have autism and, jeez, I'm one of the best at math, (in my opinion) In my whole class! 35 X 59 = 2065! And I am kind... most of the time. Insult hurt me, then you might want to run... I will occasionally even bite you or extremely rarely try to choke you. So yeah. You know.

I have autism and I'm proud of who I am.

19 Some of them are not mentally retarded

Making fun of autistic people is very offensive, especially if it's about mentally retarded people.

Most of them aren't retards. I have an autistic friend, and he's certainly not retarded.

I have Autism but I'm not a mental retard.

Like me, I have High functioning Autism and an Above average IQ

20 They throw tantrums easily

You do realized that not all people with autism throws tantrums. Some do, some don't.

You mean meltdowns and sometimes breakdowns, which I get frequently

Umm... is not this making fun of them and no5 all of them doo

This is offensive

21 They may become great people

I actually want to be a cartoonist when I grow up. I might be famous. Look at all the famous people with autism like Einstein and Temple Grandin.

I am autistic. I am also actual friends with Temple Grandin because my mom works with her.

They WILL become great people!

You guys probably didn’t know this,but Eminem has autism

22 Because you're not perfect either

Nobody's perfect

23 They are very normal people.

People with autism are just people like you and I, but they're just a little bit different than the common human. They have some constraints on what they can do, but they have also possibilities that people without autism might be less likely to have. That's why they should be appreciated. Actually, there isn't a special line for people with and without autism. We have all some autistic characteristics.

That's a paradox. If you say that you are normal ( that means you like everybody else ), why making a top ten blog like this one then?

I'm not normal. It's a hassle not to be weird

Not everyone has exaggerated autism.

24 It's not funny

My brother has is autistic. He is 5 years old at the moment. He cannot speak any languages. He is still not potty trained. He is in the year 1 right now. He has not learned any numbers or any of the alphabet. He is different, but my family still adore him. Though he can not communicate with us he still a lovely person that we are proud to have.

When we go outside he often screams really loud and runs around
in a strange manner. People often look at him. I have seen a lot of people mock the way he walks and what he does. Mostly teenagers. They imitate his movements. These teens are normally older than me. So it is quite intimidating to stand up to them. But I would expect better behaviour from people that are much older than me. These teens were about 16 to 18. These people are almost adults. Yet they mock a small child that has special needs, not knowing anything about him. I find it
quite immature. They find it very funny, but to me it’s not very funny at all.

Meh it's just wrong. I mean they were born with it and can't run away from it so they have it. Anyway people with autism are a lot like us

Anyone who thinks jokes about disabilities are funny cannot think of any actual clever jokes.

This is probably why that anyone who jokes about this doesn't become a comedian.

25 They've already been bullied too much

Isn't BULLYING AN AUTISTIC PERSON ENOUGH?!?! I MEAN THERE IS MORE PEOPLE TO MAKE FUN OF! don't JUST AIM AT THE SILENT BOY/GIRL!. by the way yea ik what it feels like because I have it and it not fun. But meh I forgot all my bad memories and I'm a very nice and kind person now and that's why so autistic girls like me so much ;).

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