Top Ten Reasons Zootopia Sucks

The Top Ten

1 The Sloths are So Slow

They're sloths... That's kinda their thing.

All these reasons doesn't make Zootopia a bad movie! - Victoryboy

So slow are they. - darthvadern

They appear for 1 minute, sloths are slow! - VideoGamefan5

2 Mayor Bellwether is a Lame Villain

Worse than Hans

Weakest Disney Hillsin ever, shemale doesn't wear clothes that symbolizes Disney villains.

The worst movie villian of all time! - darthvadern

True, but still - VideoGamefan5

3 The Plot is Terrible

Yep it is... Especialy if you compare it to the original plot aka "Story of wild times"

It has a terrible plot - darthvadern

false - VideoGamefan5

4 Judy Hopps is a Terrible Protagonist

True to be honest, she's too "goody goody"

Judy is not a terrible protagonist! She inspires the audience about perseverance and making a world a better place! How is she the terrible protagonist and Judy doesn't seem annoying! I reclaimed that even though I'm not a big fan of Zootopia.

Worst protanogist I've seen in an animated movie. - darthvadern

5 It's So Political


We don't need politics in family films. I hate politics anyway, pretend they don't even exist.

6 The Characters are Bad

Nick Wilde is mediocre, but everyone else are annoying. - darthvadern

7 There are Disturbing Naked Animals

They are so disturbing. - darthvadern

8 The Racist Fox at the Beginning of the Film is Terrible
9 It's Way Too Overrated

I agree it's beyond over rated. One of my close friends loves the movie as my older sister. But I hate it, it's just so bland and boring. I told my sister that and she called me an idiot over it. But that's all I got to say.

It has beacome the new Frozen. - darthvadern

10 It Set a Terrible Precedent for Subsequent Disney Films

SJW pandering and loads of shallow references are all it takes for a movie to become a big hit. At least that's what Disney was led to believe when this movie became stupid popular; proven with "Ralph Breaks the Internet" two years later.

The Contenders

11 It Has a Gay Couple

Tf? who puts this here.. - Vianessity

12 It's Too Socially Conscious
13 The Animation is Terrible

Your calling Disney animation stupid?

Dude! This is one of my older lists, I don't hate animation that much anymore, but Disney had made better movies with better animation. - darthvadern

I hate the animation. - darthvadern

14 It Has Anthropomorphic Animals

I just wanna facepalm

15 Try Everything is a Horrible Song

Only bad thing in the movie

16 The Music is Awful
17 No Dogs

Dogs aren't in zoos. - Vianessity

18 It Portrays the Police in a Completely Positive Light
19 There are No Primates

Its because they want no humans and primates are too similar too humans because humans are primates themselves

20 No Horses
21 It Panders to Furries
22 No Bats
23 It Was Directed by Rich Moore and Byron Howard
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