Top Ten Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu and Teen Titans Go! Character Combinations


The Top Ten

1 Mordecai, Gumball, Zane and Robin

They are the whole reason there program was ever made

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2 Rigby, Darwin, Jay and Beastboy

This is my kind of crossover.

I don't know who is rigby, but the rest are all my favourite characters

They make an awesome "funny" team

3 Benson, Nicole, Kai and Raven

Kai is awesome - Goatworlds

4 Skips, Richard, Cole and Cyborg

Cole is the most overhated ninja - Goatworlds

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5 Eileen, Anais, Edna (Jay's Mum) and Starfire

Eileen should be Margaret

For teen titans go

6 Pops, Banana Joe, Lloyd and Silkie

Daisy the donkey should be pops Lloyd and silkie

Lloyd is the best

7 Muscle Man, Miss Simian, Lord Garmadon and Batman
8 Don, Tobias, Ed (Jay's Dad) and Gizmo
9 Margaret, Penny, Nya and Jinx

Margaret should be Eileen

10 Gary, Tina, Pythor and Mammoth

The Contenders

11 Beast Boy, Gumball, and Darwin

Love them all beast boy cute and funny gumball cute and adorable Darwin too nice and that is what I like

Hey! Where's Ninjago and Regular Show characters - BorisRule

12 Jinx, Starfire and Raven

Hey! Where are the character from other shows?! - BorisRule

13 Cole, Gumball, Raven, and Mordecai
14 Kai, Mordecai, Gumball and Robin

This should be number 1 - bravenwolfzx

15 Gumball, Starfire, Mordecai, Raven

Hey! Where's Ninjago characters? - BorisRule

16 Mordecai, Darwin, Beast Boy and Zane
17 Zane, Cyborg, Tecmo, and Bobert
18 P.I.X.A.L, Mordecai and Rigby
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