Top 10 Religions With the Stupidest Dogma

Which religion do you think deserves to be the one with the stupidest, most pointless and insane dogma. By dogma, I mean superstitions, beliefs, practices, teachings etc...

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1 Islam

This is my problem with organized religion (and I'm not saying some extreme atheist groups don't do this too), they believe that they are the smartest people in the world because they know the absolute, undeniable truth about how the universe, god and the afterlife work. Anyone who disagrees with them therefore is wrong, and is a heathen, and deserves to be punished unless they listen to the "right people". Problem is, EVERYONE thinks/knows that they are right. This creates a conflict that cannot be quelled with diplomacy, the battle between religions. Christians vs Muslims vs Hindus vs Buddhists vs Jews vs Atheists, everyone fighting each other in a gigantic, endless war. This has been going on for thousands of years, since the concept of god was first conceived, and will be going on until the end of time. Everyone involved will never stop because they fail to realize the reality of the situation, which is that, no mater what you think about god or heaven, you are wrong. All ...more

As an ex-Muslim, I believe that all religions have some stupid dogmas, and they are not compatible with the modern science and the modern life. In my opinion Islam is a totalitarian religion (just like a totalitarian regime), Islamic clerics brainwash Muslims from young ages, I admit they are the best at it, and they have a much more ideologically organized community in comparison with Christianity and Hinduism. However, I believe unlike most believers, that Islam uses immoral tactics, such as Jihad, force conversion, brainwashing, white lie, polygamy, execution, torture, amputation, abuse toward women and the minorities, and etc. One of the doctrine of Islam is to "taking over the world", which I found it horrific. As a child, I heard that statement, that "inshaallah, soon Islam will take over the world", I find it against the humanity, because all cultures and beliefs have right to exists. I am critical of the doctrine of Sharia and the doctrine of the Islamic ...more

I don't know whether you belong to any religion now. but maybe, anytime, a few years down the lane, you might be able to review Islam - from a neutral point. maybe you come to realize that much of the things that caused you leave Islam are actually distorted perceptions of Islam, and not dogmas or doctrines?

And maybe, maybe, you might find your way back to Islam. I'll pray for that.

As far as what I've understood by reading the Quran, and the hadith, Islam is not a religion but a very ingenious and manipulative indoctrination technique, it hides its true purpose with the truths and concepts that the prophet plagiarized from external belief systems and cultures, him being a merchant would facilitate him doing so as he traveled to and from the major religious centers of the known world back then.

Most of the verses have a dark dogmatic tinge to them even when they are preaching about peace and the one true superior god.

In the much controversial verses... The prophets speaks about how sanctified it is to die for the holy cause of spreading Islam, through the land, killing and converting the people who follow 'false beliefs', it is mandatory to memorize and recite the Quran and pray to Allah five times a day, and to have more than one wife even if it is your cousin, just so to have strength in numbers as many lives are to be lost in the jihad. I am not ...more

Mohammad is the biggest manipulator in the history of religion. No wonder Dante put him in the eighth circle of Inferno among frauds. Islam is basically Christianity/Judaism revised with regard to a couple of dogmas/tenets. Of course, rites/rituals are quite different but, from a purely ideological point of view, it is not very different from Christianity and Judaism. As an ideology, I have no major objections to it. However, the problem is with PRACTICE. Muslims claim that the Qoran encourages people to read, study and thus improve their livelihood. In practice, however, Muslim people are definitely the stupidest people on earth because they do everything to stop reading and studying. And the greater their folly when they try to convince us that their religion is the only one to be followed, and if dare to put some questions, we are immediately threatened with a bomb. "The religion of peace" is actually the pestilence of our time and civilization and should be ERADICATED for the ...more

2 Christianity

Christianity is from scrolls anyway. King James Bible is a version, if Christian God exists I doubt the Bible could be that accurate to the scrolls. God created the world in seven days, Adam from dust or dirt, Eve from his rib. Why do artists give them bellybuttons? Who knows or cares what race Jesus was supposed to be. What is the fruit Adam and Eve ate. Why didn't God kill Satan instead of letting him shapeshift into a snake. Where is the Garden of Eden? Why didn't God let Adam and Eve know that it was wrong to eat the fruit and shouldn't he have known they would do it. How could someone survive in a whale, yes it was a whale not a sea creature that no one knows what it was like the fruit. Why did God have his son sacrificed to save people when God should've removed the curse. How can God be Jesus on earth? His son doesn't know the date of the rapture but God is supposed to be Jesus. How can everyone on earth see Jesus and Satan, horsemen?

Stupid are those who create false mistakes on other religions and also try to hide their own errors.

Instead of focusing on Jesus words they believe in converting everyone to their religion in a peaceful way unlike their other partners in crime who use violence to convert, but at least they believe in their religion. Jesus was good a man, but the religion is screwed

You people need to search the truth of jesus. He is not god he is the messenger of only god (Allah) it was also clearly mentioned by him in bible. But you are not ready to accept it. Why are you not accepting the truth and believe in the stories mixed with lie told by your seniors. Please wake up. If you won't accept the truth their is no loss for us but for you..

3 Hinduism

A man can kick out his pregnant wife, who spend 14 years with him in Jungle, He is a Lord. A man flirt with 1000s of girls, He should b worshiped, A man kill his own son and fixed an elephant's head on his body, He become mahadev, is that really makes sense?

How can a god have elephant head, a blue body, a god who creates another god from dirt on her body. A god with a tail. A goddess with spears in her hands.. My dear brothers... Good is pure from all this... He is not dependent on anybody... THINK...

The same way when someone comes back to life after 3 days, the same way the god comes down to earth to write a holy book, the same way someone can make mecca rotate, the same way one can hold his own head on his palm and managed to walk miles... THINK before you BARK

I know I am voting against it, but I could not pass an opportunity to clear some misconceptions about Hinduism...
All I have to say, there is a reason for all the gods... And it has to do with a core belief that underlies all the culture and rituals that veils over the good aspect of polytheism. And most of the old senseless superstitions are fading away in most urban India. Plus you must take into account 600 years of Muslim invasions and rule and 120 years of British colonialism. That will have consequences on any community. The real Hinduism, it is not an -ism at all. Most Hindus are oblivious to our ancient philosophy now, and simply follow traditions and cultural rituals. The basic sanatan dharma, Vedanta, and yogic practices are an integral part of Hinduism and is usually goes unnoticed, by casual onlookers. The rabbit hole goes deeper than you would expect. And the German philosophers knew this, that's why they teach Sanskrit and the vedas in Germany.

Nothing to say everyone knows the fact.

4 Scientology

Science is not religion. Don't go around posting negative comments on actual religions.
Muslims are not taught to do terrorism. I've heard many people tell me that. Terrorists corrupted by money and violence are like that. Mohammad was a man who taught what was right.
Christians don't oppose science at all, and I'm one. Jesus didn't teach anything against science. He was the Son of God and never wanted a religion, only that people do what's right. It was his followers later on and corrupt priests who taught you burn in Hell if you're not Christian or that science isn't real. I'm sure if Jesus was alive today he would support science.
Jews were given a strict set of laws that told of certain rituals and customs. Criticizing them is like me criticizing you for playing video games or eating bacon. You don't need them, but you want them anyway, and that's fine.
The Ancient Greeks were influenced by the Persians, Macedonians, Egyptians, Estruscans, Latins, and ...more

Muhammad taught what was right? So killing gays and marrying children is right? - SammySpore

That you get to rule a planet in after life. - Robobrain

Good people have come from multiple religions. Gandhi was Hindu, Martin Luther King was Christian. However, the only person I might call decent, or influential, is the guy who wrote it, and he was also joking.

This is not a religion, it is a mindless cult of mad people who torture people and worship science. It's almost like a mockery of religion.

5 Jainism

Don't harm any living things.
They wear masks from birth to not harm tiny microscopic living things. - Robobrain

It's world's best religion.

It's the religion who teach us Live and Let live. Its completely filled with Purity, Simplicity and all other moral values.

They were masks so they don't hurt micro organisms.. But what about the water you drink? Or te earth you step on? Or how about the food you eat or the things you touch? This world is filled with micro organisms and there are more ways to kill them than to breathe in; which I'm sure every Jain is doing so unknowingly.

Jainism believes in living your life in such a manner so as to reduce the lives you harm. Whether they be microbes or human beings. The clothes worn on the mouth are not worn by everyone and is not compulsory. The water we drink involves a certain process which (I'll let you know if you're curious enough) does not harm the microbes in it. About the food we eat and the earth we walk on, yes we kill a high number of microbes in doing so and we highly regret the fact but it is important to eat and walk for survival. Also while eating we try to minimise the violence we do by restricting food items like meats, tutors, vegetables that grow underground (potatoes, onions) and we do not eat at night for the same reason. Happy to solve all your doubts. But words of advice, do not accuse any religion without understanding it. Cheerios.

6 Judaism

I'm not a fan of any religion, but Orthodox Jews believe in the stupidest things. There's one story where 4 billion people were supposedly killed and that's the best of these stories. They also believe in killing out all the men, women, and children of Amalek and in selling your daughter (but not your son) as slave- even though they don't practice this. They do blindly follow everything their rabbis say and learn their ridiculous number of laws all day long (at least the men. Women aren't supposed to be learned or take leadership positions).

I think all religions are stupid but having a jewish heritage. I think that only the orthodox jews believe in crap.

Only Orthodox and "Ultra-Orthodox". Progressive Judaism is very compatible with modern times.

You should cut part of your penis because God said so.

7 Mormonism

As a closet non-believing Mormon it only gets weirder. Secret handshakes, magic passwords, the whole stupid temple ceremonies, making the highest thing you can do is to do the stupid rituals for the dead (hours and hours and hours and hundreds of hours) and wasting your life doing something meaningless. Hey, I've gone to the temple over 2000 (I am not exaggerating) times over the last 25 years. They will try to convert you by getting you to 'feel the spirit', no matter the evidence of rationality and and reason and evidence. The rules of evidence and logic do not apply. Mormonism is a lot of cry-a-lot and burning-bosom experience, reinforced by the social milieu. If you join it will consume your life. When you come to your senses you will realize that you've been had, at the cost of your mind, your life, and your money, and, let's not forget, your time (lots and lots of that). Mormons claim that they have the best this and the best that, but there aren't any control groups (like ...more

Can we please just respect people's religions? This website is corrupt, I can't stand it. The people here are so ignorant and biased and refuse to accept any opinion that isn't their own. If they don't believe something, anyone who does believe it is automatically wrong or invalid. it's honestly repulsive. It's not just with mormons, it's with every other religion too. It is not hard to be respectful. It is not hard to sit there and listen to someone explain something. It is not hard to accept an opinion other than your own. The people on this site make me sick to my stomach. Just because you aren't Muslim or Mormon or Christian or whatever, doesn't mean that the people that are are stupid or evil. Seriously, if you have nothing better to do than sit here and bully people to help your dying self esteem, get some help. - SassyEquine

They think that Jesus lived in America and that Joseph Smith was a prophet... The whole religion is based on a lie..

They are a protestant heresy who used to marry a lot of women

8 Polytheistic Ancient Greek

That you have to place a coin in the mouth of dead bodies. (So, they can pay the ferry to get into underworld) - Robobrain

Do people honestly still believe this stuff?

Zeus will cast down the disbelievers

That's so idiotic. Jesus pays all the price with his blood

9 Breatharians

Believing you can survive only by breathing. Saying you don't need food or water to live, only air. Many of them die. The ones that live are put into hospitals for starving themselves.

This is such a stupid religion my butt makes more sense than this.

And I thought vegans were crazy - Hypercube

What kind of religion is this?

10 Shintoism

Mother Nature is the bomb, from cats to combing and crushing fleas with comb and thumb nail.

For the glory of nihon

Worships nature (Forests, trees, flowers) - Robobrain

There is nothing wrong with nature worship or basic polytheism.

Monotheistic religions like Islam and Christianity and over developed polytheistic religions like Hinduism are the real problems. The above three religions are the scum of humanity and earth. Shintoism is a million times better than them.

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11 Satanism

You guys do know that most satanist don't worship satan in fact most of them don't believe he even exist. They just call themselves satanist because they see the satan of the bible as the ultimate expression of rebellion and free will so a satanist would probably agree with this list as most of them dislike religion and could be consdiered sorta atheistic. Satanism is kinda a religion of people worshiping themselves.

God did more evil things than Satan. Although when God does bad things it's MAGICALLY not bad because GOD.

Actually it is bad. Like when He made the Great Flood, He vowed to never do it again. - LordDovahkiin

Actually, a true Satanist believes in Satan, but it depends also on which type of Satanism you focus on. I prefer Spiritual Satanism the most.

Satan is badass

12 Buddhism

Buddhism is peace ful religion in the world. Buddhism aroud the 84 countries. So future buddhism is aroud the world needs. So come with me.

I proud of myself that, I m Buddhism

Buddhisn teach fact n reality

Ants are people too

13 Sikhism

This religion has not been gathering people and alluring people to join it, that's why it has less people following it but Sikhism respects all religions and has no nonsense which would bother anyone in his daily life. Sikhism religion is full of sacrifice made for other religion still people do not understand it properly.

I am Sikh. I think that all religion are equal and they have equal importance but I give litlle mire importance to Sikhism

Our 1 vote is equal to 1.25 lakh truth is truth Sikhism teachings is above all

A wise sikh man once told me that a good honest and generous person is more sikh then a bad person person born into sikhism

14 Jehovah's Witnesses

If you want to leave you will be shunned by everyone you know. Also have fun prosecuting an elder if he does things to you as a child.

Materialism in the guise of religion. Totalitarian control. Distortion of the Bible. Street zombies with a central brain in Brooklyn.

My family are ones and they don't believe in letting their children socialize with other children

They believe in god, and that we werent supposed to be like this and that when they die they just day, seems pretty pointless to me more like a hobby or a pass time, oh and never say it's a cult, never lol
Cause nothings better than a group of people that will kick you out for I don't know being"worldly", or just going trick or treating, or celebrating your birthday and any other holiday that is

15 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Fake pastors "steal" people's money by telling that as much as you give ve as much as "blessed" you will be. They brainwash people talking all the time about the lots of money you will get as blessing and luxury life style that "blessed children of god" have (in video testimonies) and how bad they are if they donĀ't "sacrife" their money exposing them in public as a shame of lack of faith if they donĀ't give away their money for the church. They even make exorcices in front of everyone (of course is fake) dicieving everyone who seeks spiritual relieve.

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