Mohammad is the biggest manipulator in the history of religion. No wonder Dante put him in the eighth circle of Inferno among frauds. Islam is basically Christianity/Judaism revised with regard to a couple of dogmas/tenets. Of course, rites/rituals are quite different but, from a purely ideological point of view, it is not very different from Christianity and Judaism. As an ideology, I have no major objections to it. However, the problem is with PRACTICE. Muslims claim that the Qoran encourages people to read, study and thus improve their livelihood. In practice, however, Muslim people are definitely the stupidest people on earth because they do everything to stop reading and studying. And the greater their folly when they try to convince us that their religion is the only one to be followed, and if dare to put some questions, we are immediately threatened with a bomb. "The religion of peace" is actually the pestilence of our time and civilization and should be ERADICATED for the ...more

If Allah or any other God is omnipotent, then why would he or she bother to make unbelievers? And if Allah will ultimately punish unbelievers, why do so many religious folks seek to provide punishment on God's behalf?

I worry about the lack of critical thought from many religious people. Non religious too for that matter. It seems to me that no one knows "all truth".

In the end, people will choose to believe what favours themselves.

It does seem odd to me that Allah would choose one person to relay his message. Plenty of room for communication errors. And quite unfair to the rest of humanity. The poor Aborigines and Zulus didn't have a chance to get Allah's message for over 1,000 years. Quite inefficient for an omnipotent being.

Islam seems insecure to me. It is a religion that should invite criticism and reflection. Instead, it is quick to condemn those who question it. And choosing to leave Islam can have harsh consequences.

And as a non Muslim, ...more

'Strike the unbeliever above the neck and smite off his fingertips'

'Kill the infidel wherever you can find him'.

'Be generous to your (Muslim) brothers but be harsh to the unbelievers'.

The above gives a flavour of the false religion known as Islam.

Out of all my religious friends, only Muslims take take their religion very seriously and are extremely dogmatic. I wonder why would anyone want to guide their life according to a single book written by an illiterate, ignorant, retarded, pedophile and warlord man from a 6th century.

Maybe the most stupidest Muslim I've ever heard of is Adam Saleh, like really, he should have ignored all the hate comments and racist people, and the social experiments, ugh the horror. He should stop making useless experiments just to teach people that Islam is a religion of peace because the majority of the experiments are so messed up and usually goes too far. Hey Adam, why can't you be more positive and uplifting, and stop getting into trouble and making all sorts of problems, be more like Zayn Malik

So muhammad went into a cave to pray alone. Then ended up having an angel named Gabriel appear before him. Which he says happened, but no one has else has seen him with the angel. Sounds like a mental disorder.

Not just the stupidest but also the most dangerous religion. For example widely believed by some Muslims the duty kill or enslave all unbelievers, including even Muslims from other sects. Order of killing depends, Sunis should kill Shia first then Jews then then others.

Take over the world, treat women like crap. Even kill anyone who leaves Islam (Apostates). Brilliant?

U shouldn't know without knowing the truth, Islam has many hidden meanings inside those dark verses which are really good. Who made this list? It was never taught in Islam to torture women( I have read the whole Quran and Hadith). It was never to taught to spread terrorism. Actually the thing with the most stupid dogma is Humanity itself.

Christianity isn't near as bad as Islam. Just look at the religion of peace or bare naked Islam. Muslims are the cause of 90 to 95 percent of violence on earth.

Finding anything that makes sense in the Qu'ran is already an achievement in itself. But ignoring the never-ending calls to violence and totalitarianism and pretend it is a "religion of peace" requires outright intellectual dishonesty.

Take any reasonable position, on any subject, and you can be 99 percents sure that the Qu'ran will be against it.
No wonder Muslims have trouble integrating in any other culture : everything non-islamic is automatically considered "haram" or satanic. Great mindset!

Islam is continuously making Muslim's lives worst and worst.
How long will them bear this treatment? It is time for them to break their chains and put their extremists in front their contradictions.

Most definitely the worst ever made up religion is the Islam. How this brainwashed their believers is beyond me. Muslims are terrorists and enjoy killing for their fake religion.

It is not at all receptive religion. It is the most stubborn religion. Everyone knows Muslim started terrorism, still they are not ready to reform it.

What 95% of all bad things is caused by Muslims the extremists may do stupid things but that doesn't mean every Islamic Person is a terrorist

I will not surrender to even my own lord without finding or scrutinising the truth

Guys, every religion is great in its own way. So please stop comparison

When I knew absolutely nothing about Islam I thought it would be relatively normal, was I wrong though. The rubbish that is believed by Muslims is on par with Young Earth Creationists.

Very correct! The worst! The stupidest! The most ruthless! The most primitive! There are no proper words in a language to describe the stupidity of Islam!

A religion created by a madman and propagated by filthy rapists from arabia. It's ultimate aim is to take over the world.

Islam is the most peaceful and the most safest religion in the world.. and women are not treated like crap.. instead they are respected! And also the ones who wants to leave Islam can leave the religion peacefully, they are not killed! Muslims are not terrorists! These ISIS people wants to make the Islam look bad.. they want to destroy the religion! They are not real Muslims! And you people should do some research about this religion and the history of Islam before speaking bad about it!

This Islam religion should be banned in non Muslims countries

Islam literally brainwashes people. You can't convert to another religion or listen to other teachings.

Hellbent on killing all who go against it or even people who just don't really care. Bloody evil! - AGK

Honestly, Islam is stupid. the only thing I have to say is that if a religion tells you not to convert to any other religion it means they want you to be narrowminded and brainwashed.

I love how people defend Islam but despise Christianity for 'fairy tales' - 654o6t04

It teaches hatred and violence towards non Islamic or those humans other than Islam so ya it sucks like osama is saint and Pakistan is paradise