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1 Avial (Kerala)

The very best band in the country without any doubt... Avial brings malayalam rock to the highest level possible... Nada nada, aana kallan etc are the best of the lot... You can never stop humming to their tones

Brilliant blending they do.. No indian language based band has their class and calibre! Rex vijayan the lead guitarist and mithun the drummer are the highlights of the band.. Even though I miss anand raj benjamin paul as the lead vocalist, tony has done a fair job in filling his void

Music is awesome... The lead guitarist rocks, the vocal is average... And DJ you deserve a throne dude... Excellent work in the film "SECOND SHOW"! Keep ROCKING AVIAL...

The best music band in India. The blend, perfection, traditional style.. awesome.!

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2 Indian Ocean (Delhi)

Indian Ocean is very rocking band. The main Rahul Ram is very talented. The album Black Friday is my favorite.
The song Ma Reva... I like it very much.

So... It should take first rank in Indian rock bands.

... Perfect combo of music and authenticity... :-)

Rahul ram for his unique bass grooves...!
Sushmit sen for his magnificent lead..!

That band is ace and they play so skillful.

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3 Cactus (Kolkata)

A rock band with a soul... Each and every song of this band touches the heart... I guess this is what passion of music does to you... You end up creating music which people eventually end up listening every single day... Their live performance is better than the best... Way to go cactus

There's something magical about this band's music... It's nothing like the regular music you get to hear these days... It's so different- SO good that it can make a person cry in disbelief...Disbelief that such passionate musicians actually exist, that too in India...Amazing

Deserves nothing than number 1. Kick ass tight band. Love you guys. Keep rocking as always...


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4 Fossils (Kolkata)

Fossils by very far is the best rock back in India... Not parikrama.. Not indian ocean.. Not anyone else... The music and the lyrics, even though shares similarities with iron maiden sometimes, are original and the only sound in india that sounds true rock and roll. Hard rock, heavy rock. If you want soul music and soft rock, there's a separate genre for both. For true rock, fossils is the best rock band in india. And bishakto manush is the best rock song of all time in india.. And fossils debut album, fossils is the best indian rock album of all time.

Fossils is the best and top band in bengal because their music is so relatable. They literally draw life with the power of sound! For each mood there is a song which can give me some answers and make me feel better!. The lyrics of their songs who touch me inside. Their songs, a way to escape when I'm having a rough time and give me strength. They are next to me if I'm alone. For me FOSSILS are like a best friend and My life...

Man.. This is horrible, who has made this vote.. Did they have any sense about fossils... It is the band whre rock is at its best position in whole country... The pole is incorrect.. They have placed a band in 1st position who had cheated the audience in a live show by playing their records and doing only lip singing on the stage..

Had Fossils not been the regional band, it would have been listed at the top. But what surprises me is Fossils not even considered as the best band in Kolkata. Cactus is nowhere near Fossils! come on voters, use your brain!

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5 Parikrama (Delhi)

Without a doubt one of the premier bands of india. Been listening to them since school and they still don't dissapoint.
Awesome vocals, awesome guitars, awesome drums, awesome everything

There is no comparison! The list is all wrong. There are true rock band.

Awesome band.. Old mens you rock!

Has the power to cure my wounded heart
The Open Skies & But it Rained is listed as my
Favourite Music in my playlist. The Best Rock Band
Ever In INDIA. Rated 9.7

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6 Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)

Laugh out loud why is bhayanak maut on a rock band list


Yep...i heard them and was "brutally" surprised. Good musicians, good solos & the extremely talented Rahul Hariharan.

Can I work with you rockstars

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7 Sifar (Delhi)

Supercool songs... you can't ignore once you start listening!

Alternative rock band just like nirvana

Very underrated band


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8 Mother Jane (Kerala)

Seriously? A silly bengali band at number 1 (No one understands the language well and anyways I've heard cactus's songs are pale and dumb)? Indian Ocean are just above this beauty of a band because they were instantly popular. Motherjane are the best band to come out of India and have produced the best guitarist of the country, Baiju D'rajan. Their drummer Deepu is awesome as well and Suraj Mani has a good voice. Definitely should have been number 1!

Awesome band.. They rock... The taste of south Indian classical can be seen in their s

Awesome band..
No one can equal the classical style of the lead guitars...
The classical touch that they give to each of their songs is awesome..

This band is a Legend. After huge lineup changes Only the Bass player and Drummer is left, I miss Baiju, Mithun, Suraj Mani since they left after Maktub. New guys have much potential however they are not creating music enough.

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9 Lucid Recess (Guwahati)

Awesome three member band... Truly awesome

One of the best bands performing live I have ever seen

They really have a genuine and full sound to their music and no doubt they are one of the best out there who should be higher in the list,if u don't agree then just go to YouTube and listen to one of their songs.

This band got true potential to compete with some best bands in the world...They got some serious talent...n should share the top position with Indus Creed in the list of top bands of India.Thank u

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10 Indus Creed (Mumbai)

If there was no Indus Creed (Rock Machine), who knows what Indian Rock scene would have been like. They shot Indian Rock to international fame at a time when rock was mostly unheard in India. - sumit

Indus Creed at 16 The people who have been rocking since the 90's Its just stupid
Clearly anyone can call there band a "Rock" band nowadays
List is long whereas there are only a few bands in India who understand and can "attempt" to play rock

The god & conveyor of rock scene in India, n still they aren't rated in top10,! Whats wrong with the voters

They are certainly the pioneers of rock music in India

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The Contenders

11 440 MHz (Jamshedpur)

Best band ever, rocking around for years spreading inspiration to music lovers

Waiting for your next show guys

Would like to see your live performance in my home city

Aniket kanswar you r the next Steve vai... In India!

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12 Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)

Hi, my name is ronit & my singing is very goog.. & my mobile number - 8746911933

13 Underground Authority (Kolkata)

I guess, the next gen band in India

The best combo of alt rock and rap. The next gen band of India.

Probably the only rebel band EVER!

The best band I've ever heard playing live. One of their OCs "Pehchaan" is a treat to the years. So tight!

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14 Pentagram (Mumbai) Pentagram (Mumbai) Pentagram is an American heavy metal band from Alexandria, Virginia, most famous as one of the pioneers of heavy metal, and the subgenre of doom metal in particular.


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15 Euphoria (Delhi)

Your song, compositions, music are just deserve a better rank

Well this band shouldn't be here, isn't a rock band. Where do u find tablas in rock music.

They should deserve at last on top 10. what they doing in 21..

They are better than tiesto...

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16 The Local Train

The best band I ever saw till now.. They are awesome since they perform their originals and that the best thing in the band

This is the band that deserves to be on top Out of all they have most meaningful songs about life. Music is all about life and that's what they sing.

The best band of India for me...All of its members are just too good and energetic...They produce just impeccable music...I just love them

Loved them

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17 Agnee (Pune)

Mohan's voice is delicious and Agnee's sound is unique and unmistakable; music that speaks to the soul.

I love these guys

Love your voice Mohan

Agnes is amazing having heart touching songs deserve a better place

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18 Thermal and a Quarter (Bangalore)

Bangalore band! Really good music!

Classic music composition! If there is anyone who manifests guitar playing with the spirit of Karate, Mr. (Bruce Lee) Mani is the man!

We required English Rock band at Hyderabad for recently upcoming event.

Please contact...

19 Scribe (Mumbai)

The BEST rock/metal/hardcore band the country has EVER seen.

Talk about non-conformity.

Best live act in the country as well.

Real Hard rock band

20 Cassini's Division (Kolkata)

Story of my life, rockng..

Deep vocals

21 Acrimony (Bhopal)

Best in everything.. Each composition is worth listening

Best from central India

Soulful compositions they have!

Didn't expect them to be so high
They are really an awesome band

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22 Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai)

They've played in Bloodstock. What are they doing at #28? DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP 5 at least!

They shouldn't be so low in the list for sure

A very appreciated death metal band with suevering vocal crashing melodies

They deserve to be in top 10. Give a try to their songs. Best combination of Blackened Death, symphonic and power metal. The lyrics so amazing I can't describe. Fan following is 94k second highest English band from India beside Skyharbour (Partially Indian). What else is needed?

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23 Delete (Kolkata / Howrah)

These guys are sick! My favourite band from India...gicving a new dimension to rock music.

24 Maati (Ajmer)

Rising rap rock band from rajasthan

25 Kcor (Bangalore)


26 The Sueen (Kashmir)

You are living in a disputed territory and still are making great music and are one of the top bands of north!
Good Work!

27 Naaz (Kashmir)

Best band of Kashmir, you won't stop listening, if you listen to their songs.

28 Bevar Sea (Bangalore)

Indian Stoner / Doom Metal band

29 Moksh (Mumbai)
30 Sanam (Mumbai)

Sanam is an awesome band with a singer having mesmerizing voice and other talented members.. They gives an amazing touch to their songs and their originals are just awesome. They also connect the generation gaps by remaking old songs by giving them special Sanam touch to it. Their songs are also listened outside India.. they must be at rank 1

Love this band totally it should be on number 1...

Best Indian band ever, must be rank 1

It should be number 1 band in india

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31 Thaikkudam Bridge (Kerala)

#35 is definitely not it. Needs to be in the top 20 at least. in my humble opinion, top 10. They've covered songs beautifully, and is a favorite among all crowds in Kerala. ("Nostalgia")

Marvellous I love you guys... Carry on (my one of the top song is yours nostalgia )

Fish Rock! And you'll know

They're the best, no questions asked

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32 Junkyard Groove (Chennai)

The best most authentically rock sounding band in india

Top 5 for sure. Crazy band with amazing guitarists.

The Best Band by all means.

I waana join in your band I m a guitarist and an vocalist

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33 Limit Zero (Bangalore)

The best bass guitarist ever in India... Shiva a kick ass band easily in top 5, the awesome bass riff are totally the main spot of this band

Ya agree the best bass guitarist India's got Shiva

Just listen to their songs then you'll know why it defines India and deserves to be on top

Amazing vocals infused with cool bass with the whirlwind of the amazing drummer venkat sure to rule #1

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34 Kavya's the Band (Jaipur)

Best band I have seen ever

I'm stunned to see that they aren't in top 10. On what basis then they have been judged? They should b in top 10 at least. This band is amazing and the music is exceptional

You guys are doing a great job!

One of a kind band...

Folks, must check their videos on YouTube, awesome...

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35 Astitva (Delhi)

Best Band and it shows their dedication and love towards music... Each and every artist is awesome in their respective instruments... God Bless You all...

Best band ever live on stage

Best band so ever!

Most Versatile Rock Band Ever!
Probably they are the future of Multi-Genre Rock Music in India!
And Salman-Zaman, the next biggest duo in the Industry!

~An Astitva Fan

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36 Apocalypse (Ranchi)

Really a rocking band

37 Magdalene (Aizawl)

One of the best rock band from the north east. Their songs are great and good to listen over and over again. Save me, heaven or hell, life beyond death are some of their great songs.

M/ the best gospel rock band in India... Great to see you on top ten Indian rock band

Awesome band. Their songs are very inspiring.

They are just awesome.i love this band for a long time.their song save me rocked all over India.they are the band that will give you every taste of music.they deserves to be on top

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38 Agam (Bangalore)

At the forefront of Indian fusion music.

Where ragas meet rock... Awesome!

The best band nowadays.

Best of Carnatic & Rock fusion.

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39 Girish and the Chronicles (Gangtok)

He is the best vocalist in India.. If you don't believe me please listen to his covers like Pink, Rock and Roll, 18 and life, I don't wanna miss the thing, Welcome to the jungle and many more.. He is by far the best and most under rated vocalist

Come on! This band should be way up. Girish pradhan is the man!

None of the above can cover 'Sweet child' like Girish does..

GATC should be in top five. There is no band who can give live performance like this band. They are classic and the band is too tight. There is no vocalist in India with that kind of cocal range and the melody at the same time in India.

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40 Riprap (Assam)

They could have done much better if they would have unlike other bands in India got better assistance/support and financially sound too. But their journey never ends here, they are always marching on with new ideas that adds more light to their music. That's why I never try to miss their single album as possible.

First band of Garo Hills. With lots of pleasant, heart touching love songs and some hard licks totally the best

Music is really awesome.. Heart touches somes of the songs

The Band Riprap is from Meghalaya and not Assam

41 The Down Troddence (Kerala)

This must be in top 20 at least

The band should be in top 10

They must at least in top 15

Wo wo wo! Belongs in d top 15 people.. ! N dre from KERALA m/

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42 Microtone (Hyderabad)
43 Ageless Yard (Shimla)

This bands got some real metal digged inside... Deserve much better rank in the list...

Bunch of talented Metal Heads from Himachal Pradesh. Playing some real thrash metal. Search for "Black Paper Greed Dogs" on sound cloud and feel some great music from Himachal.

Hell lot of talent m/

Nice people. nice music

44 Divine Connection (Kohima)

...! So below? Come on! Kids... This isbthe best band in India by miles! The other top 10 in the list are nonsense seriously!

Mtv rock contest winner... Very talented band. They are brilliant musicianss


top 10

45 13ad (Kerala)

A real rock band from India. Their music is so divine. Lyrics are so poetic and prophetic. They released two albums, "Ground Zero" and "Tough on the Streets.

13AD will live. People who have watched them perform and heard them live can just live on with the memory. They are simply irreplaceable!

13 AD has one of the best albums among Indian rock bands.

Godfathers of indian rock

46 Sweet Children (Bhubaneswar)

One of the most amazing bands I've ever seen.

Rap rock band Wit young Artist Very innovative. Have deep feeling in their music. May be india upcuming top band

Maybe its the next THE BIG THING because they experiment with music, they cn make you bang yo head with their metal OC's or they cn melt yo Heart with romantic OC's and best part they combine Rap and Rock

Great band!

47 Soulmate (Shillong)

! You kidding me.. Did anyone ever listen to the Piece of my heart Cover. They are certainly amongst top 10

They should be in top 10

Undisputed number 1 blues band in India.

I have been in music scene for 8 years now. I hardly came across a genre specific band who does justice to it. Awesome Blues based band ever. Tips(Tipriti Kharbangar) is an extraordinary Vocalist and Rudy Wallang, oh boy he is one of the best blues guitarist India has ever produced. Just Go through their Youtube videos. 'Summertime' is my favorite song by them. Must be in top 5.
Not everyone gets a chance to play with legends like Carlos Santana. They have already achieved it. Check their stuff!

48 Lone Philosophers (Assam)

Awesome band... Great songs... Great solos and mortally impossible drumming

Wah wah kya baat hein... Accha hein... Dheshkau... '

49 Rudraksh (Jaipur)

The greatest progressive rock band

Experimental Hindi Rock band

50 One for the Road (Mumbai)

Best Band ever! Changed their name to Across Seconds now.

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