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AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014 . They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1979, after which they hired Brian Johnson more.


My absolute favorite band! Forget talking about Back in Black and Highway to Hell! Shot Down in Flames, Touch too Much, High Voltage, Ride On, Hells Bells, Hard as a Rock, Moneytalks, Are You Ready, The Razors Edge, Sin City, Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, If you want Blood (you've got it), For Those about to Rock (We Salute You), and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap are all songs by AC/DC that are without a doubt some of the best rock songs of all time. Angus Young is just amazing, and Bon Scott and Brian Johnson both have voices that fit perfectly. No matter what, there are more legendary songs by AC/DC than any other band on this list. Even their newer albums sound amazing. Not to mention the amazing Thunder chant on Thunderstruck during live performances! And Angus just creates a spectacle with all of his head bopping, running around the stage like a maniac, the guitar spasms, and the duck walk all for the fans amusement. What a great band all the way around. No matter how many ...more

AC/DC's dubious 6th place on this list is a clear indication of the ignorance the current generation of iTunes only kids who think Linkin Park is vintage and 30 seconds to Mars is bad-a$$. Pick up a vinyl record or even a compact disk, if you know what that means and listen to some real rock music and then come back to this list and make an educated decision. In what sane universe does Jared Leto wearing far too much eye make up garner a better spot on a top ten list than AC/DC or Pink Floyd for that matter? This list needs to be renamed, "My favorite rock band, " to make any sense at all because this certainly is not a list of "The Top Ten Best Rock Bands of All Time. "Surely rock bands that earn a spot on an all-time greatest list, should as a requirement, have a reasonable amount of staying power, not to mention talent. Perhaps if AC/DC were to sell out and allow their albums to appear in the iTunes store, the people voting on this list would be better informed ...more

Cannot believe I'm seeing Linkin Park and Metallica on this list. Linkin Park is followed religiously by every nerd on planet Earth and Metallica is not rock, it is METAL, and has already rightfully earned its place on the top ten metal bands list. Lastly, AC/DC is number 8 and Linkin park is 5? I think some of these people need to go to the 'pop rock' section with that. AC/DC ARE rock. It is what they DO, it is what they EAT, BREATHE AND SLEEP. They love rock so much its half of what they're screamin about! This list is just all kinds of screwed up. Whatever, no love lost top tens! I'll still be around to correct you when you're wrong ;) More votes please for AC/DC, they deserve to be at the very LEAST, third on this list.

They've been around for over 40 years and they'll never get old!
They have one of the best rythm guitarists (Malcolm Young) and one of the best entertainers and solo guitaists (Angus Young who, BTW, inspired Billie Joe Armstrong (singer of Green Day), to learn up guitar) and the tight teamwork between them two is one of the best in the whole genre.
They have the 2nd most selling music album in history (Back in Black).
They wrote some of the best guitar riffs in rock n roll history.
They inspired so many musicians and bands.
And they do an awesome show.
AC/DC Forever!

They are absolutely the best in the heavy metal subcategory. They are so much deeper than anyone there is and I'm sorry to say there will be. Not one band has such legendary squad - world class in every position - solo, lead, bass, drums and of course vocal - Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Angus Young is undoubtedly the best guitar player to ever live. Not any band has lyrics of songs that they do. Rebellious and conscientiously honest in their view of life, society and fun.

As far as wider hard rock category, I'd say they share number one spot with Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The Beatles I'm sorry to say trails. Metallica is not even top ten. What are they talking about? Accept, Iron Maiden are definitely higher than Metallica.

AC/DC will probably go down in history as the greatest rock band of all time. Don't be fooled by the the 3 chord power formula. I've seen them all.. Stones, zep (at Knebworth), the who, van halen etc and none can lay it out live like Angus and the boys. Just watch the River Plate concert in Argentina and it's pretty obvious why. Their position in this listing is meaningless. Global album and concert sales tell the real story. Sorry Eddie Van Halen. I've heard you slag these guys but the truth is they would (and have) blow(n) you off the stage.

Acdc has always been my favourite band, because they just rock! They're the band who inspired me to pick up the guitar. And why are Linkin Park in this top? It's simply unbelievable! Acdc are rock legends, Linkin Park are not! Who doesn't know epic songs like Back in black, Highway to hell, TNT? I'm a big acdc fan and you should be to if you like rock, because all of their albums are awesome! (except fly on the wall). Listen to albums like Powerage, Let there be rock, Back in black, Stiff upper lipp, and you Will under stand why acdc matters! ACDC ROCKS!

AC/DC is #1 AC/DC changed my life they inspired me to played guitar before AC/DC I was into punk & pop bands featured (though undeservingly) at the top of this list.. Malcolm Young is by far the best rhythm guitarist ever! Angus YOung is amazing at guitar and awesome to see live! Cliff Williams is as solid a bass player as you can get! Brian johnson con sing the way he does and he STILL has his voice! And Phill Rudd keeps the beat and was the best of the AC/dc drummers! Ac/Dc should be NUMBER 1! - bysonman

Best Vocalist - Brian Johnson, he is almost 70 and still sounds amazing

Coolest Guitarist - Angus Young, I love how he interacts with the audience

Best Rhythm Guitarist of all Time - Malcolm Young (even though Stevie is currently doing great)

Badass Bassist - Cliff Williams

Awesome drummers - Phil Rudd and Chris Slade (I don't know who I like better)

AC/DC is probably the greatest live band of all time too, because they sound just as good, if not, better than the studio recordings, and they are the most successful live band because they perform in stadiums, and they're always FULL! AC/DC, you ROCK!

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen are not and have never been rock bands. Elevator music. Soft rock. Somebody to Love is hardly a rock song. Led Zeppelin was better on record than live--I saw them 3 times, and each time they drug a 6 minute song out to an 11 minute song. Both Metallica and AC/DC start fast, end fast. The greatest rock band is AC/DC since Metallica has not written a strong album since...a long time ago, but they can play as well or better than anyone. Most bands mentioned here are not rock bands. Green Day does punk fine, not rock. Aerosmith is a joke. The Rolling Stones long ago stopped playing rock. They have been irrelevant for 3 or more decades.

IN record sales they are number 1 back in black is the best selling album by any rock band with 42 MILLION copies sold there is only 1 other album in the ENTIRE world. Highway to Hell has sold 19 MILLION that is 51 MILLION COPIES SOLD IN JUST 2 ALBUMS THAT IS MORE THAN MOST ROCK BANDS ON THIS LIST HAVE SOLD IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREER. This band should be #1 on this list and Ill fight anyone who says different - Guitar_Guy77

AC/DC is, to put it quite simply, legendary. Sure, I enjoy plenty of other bands, but they're not quite like AC/DC, because nothing is. Their music is passionate and raw, and their Back in Black album sold over 49 million copies, so it's obvious my love for the band is reciprocated by many. And how about whoever has a problem with the originality of their music focuses on the lyrics the next time they hear a song? You might not see the hidden message inside of their words, but it could be there. You just need to look.
AC/DC was and, in my heart, still is the reigning king of hard rock. Long live AC/DC! - The_Personage

I am fourteen years old. You would Probably think I'm a lover of new music. I'm anything BUT that. I love hard classic rock. When I went to buy AC/DC tickets to Wrigley Field for Rock or Bust, four minutes. That is how long it took for those to sell out. I was lucky, and I saw them at the United Center on the same tour. Best times of my life. For Those About To Rock, I Salute You, and, as Steven Tyler said when he inducted AC/DC in 2003, we may be on the Highway To Hell in a handbasket, some long civilization will remember the time of Classic Rock

AC/DC first off some of the bands at the top do not even qualify to be on this list, it is the top 10 ROCK bands of all time! Also worthy to note that I'm listening to their song Hail Ceasar while I am typing this it should be HAIL AC/DC, anyway angus young is one of the top guitarists in my opinion and for those who say AC/DC has only "one song" and all there songs are only different versions of each other... BULL HAVE YOU HEARD their SONGS AT ALL!? AC/DC ROCK ON FOREVER DUDES!

AC/DC has to be in at least the top three. You can argue Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, but Angus and AC/DC are the masters of creating simple yet memorable and lasting songs that you can enjoy for decades. That is the definition of Rock. Go back and listen to some of the early AC/DC, then something from the 90s, then their most recent album. You will find absolute classics in each of these albums. Doesn't even matter which albums you choose, check and you will see it is true.

ok AC/DC back in black is the 2nd most selling record of all time next to Micheal Jackson's Thriller, is that enough said? if not give them a listen ffs, theyve been around for so long, theyve had a some downsides, like they had to replace a singer! when he was established in the band, they didn't want to they had to! seriously, may not be the best, I know but top 5? frigging right

You've got to be patient with this band. There's layers there. It's not just the same song at different speeds. There are influences present that many haven't stopped to recognize. There's interplay between them, instrumentally, that is a near-wonder to hear, once you stop to hear it. Talented, consistent, influential, and admired by their peers. And they're still setting attendance and sales records.

Not bad for a former 'punk' band (yes, they were considered that) from Down Under.

This list is so messed up. It says the greatest ROCKband of all time. Journey did like 1 or 2 actual rock songs and only one of them was any good - anyway you want it. btw that doesn't mean I diont like journey but I'm just sick of them being at the top on all music lists. Most of the top ten is pretty bad and AC/DC should be way higher but at least metallica is up there at the top rather than heart or A-Ha - Cantonez

ACDC will always reign as the GREATEST because their lead singer (BON) dies and they go on to even greater heights with a NEW Singer. Not an already famous singer ALA Van Halen, but an unknown. That shows the greatness of the core band. Fly by night bands like Guns and Roses are good but bands that stay together only get better and better and don't depend on long ago memories to stay current

AC/DC are the best, no matter what this survey may say. They have continued to make their classic rock 'n' roll sound we all love throughout the band's history - releasing many of the greatest rock anthems, such as Highway To Hell, Hells Bells, It's a Long way to the Top, Thunderstruck - and, of course, Back in Black. They are still epic today, proven by the fact that the Black Ice and Rock or Bust albums of recent years have shot to the top of the charts, reaching the top 1,2, or 3 in most of the various charts. Angus Young is a phenomenal guitarist, both Brian and Bon fantastic singers, Malcom equally great... What more could you want?

This band is one of the most legendary bands to ever exist... competition like the Beatles and Rolling Stones sure, but when it comes to pure, hard, metal rock, no band can compete with the masterpiece that is AC/DC! They've sold millions of copies, and have some of the most famous songs in rock history... Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck, etc. With guitarists like Angus Young, no band can bring true rock better than AC/DC...

I just can't believe AC/DC is on 9!
Seriously, in what way is Linkin Park or 30 sec to Mars better?
They are new bands and use a lot of technology not even near the talent that AC/DC have.
AC/DC Literally shaped Hard Rock, they have a original sound that is their own. All they had was 2 guitars a bass a drum kit and one Crazy Awesome Singer. AND by the way where the Hell is THE WHO?
And Metallica isn't even Rock!
This List Just makes me sad -_- and I feel even more sad for the people who voted Linkin Park and 30sec to mars

WHY IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING IS ACDC SO LOW ON THIS LIST? The most rocking band ever? Journey did about 3 actual rock songs, pretty much all there other stuff was pop ballads but with actual instruments. I'm a big fan of Queen and Guns n Roses but ACDC at No 17. What is wrong with this world? - Cantonez

AC/DC is second only to Led Zeppelin. Who else has had a career spanning over thirty years of unceasing popularity and productivity? AC/DC rocks, hard, and only hard. They live to perform, and they performances are unbelievable, even after thirty five years. Yes they're relatively simple in comparison to other bands, but even they'll tell you that's their thing. No one rocks like AC/DC, no one.

AC/DC is the in the biggest 4 Bands of All Time to be precise they are actually 1s so you can blow it out your arses and grow a freaking brain and how can metallica be no.1 their not even a 100% rock and any way why is ABBA in their kick them out and replace them with Slayer and grow a brain & tell ya opinion to Angus Young Himself and he and AC/DC Will spill your Blood