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Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.


Man, where to begin? I had heard a lot of Blink's songs before I knew who they were and, of course, the radio stations never say the name of the song so I never found out who they were until I heard the song 'I Miss You'. I heard it on the way back from partying with my friends all night and this song totally shook me. I must've listened to the song about 40 times that same night, back-to-back. That was where the love began. Afterwards, I YouTubed their other songs and I absolutely fell in love with them. The vocals of Tom and Mark just flawlessly coerced me into loving them. But the main reason I really love them is because they have such a wide range of emotions throughout every song. One example is the total spine tingling feeling you get when you hear 'I Miss You', you just become numb. Then there's many others that are just plain humorous and make you want to have a great time and end up doing so. I can't describe to any of you reading this comment how much I feel for them, but I ...more

Really? 46? Come on, Blink inspired a generation of bands and kids. There are bands above these guys that are known for all of one songs - even people who haven't heard of the name Blink-182 still know the words to All The Small Things, I Miss You, What's My Age Again, Dammit and Feeling This.

These guys can write ANYTHING. Seriously, they tackle pretty much any situation - from hilariously weird to scarily serious. They help kids through their days and I doubt there's anyone that can't relate to Blink. Should be at least Top 20 and above a multitude of others. They're just overlooked because they aren't classic rock (which is widely overrated) and pretentious morons won't accept the actually CLEVER lyrics of "joke" songs.

In my opinion, Tom Delonge has the greatest voice I've ever heard. Even the songs that I dislike, very very few, his voice still blows me away. Then there's Mark whose voice is just as amazing, although not as breathtaking as Tom's but still amazing. Both of their skills on the guitar and bass are pretty good, not the best but still nonetheless good. Last, but not least, Travis's drum skills are amazing.

Listen to Breaking Benjamin, your opinion of best voice will change.

Don't let me get started on this one. Their music is different and unique, yet everyone loves and respects it. They are one of the biggest bands, even in our generation and their music shall be remembered for a long period of time. There has been a lot of drama in there, but they managed to get through all the haters and make new music that is still good. One of my favorite bands of all time.

They aren't really rock but they should be a least a little higher on the list I mean he'll the one video where the production crew was needy people and they were well paid is absolutely worth points. Even if it ain't your kinda music there should be more people out there willing to help like they did I'm sure it gave those needy people new hope and we could all use that sometimes

Are you kidding me? 36? This is BLINK 182! Number 1 without a second thought! Jesus you guys are so amateur to the Music world. Ever heard of something called creativity? These guys pretty much reinvented Punk Rock. Lyrics, entertainment, music, you name it. Excellent in everything, this Travis Mark and Tom trio.

Blink 182 should be right at the top. I cant imagine the world without a band like this. They Rock. shame they split Up though. but hopefully they get back together. "+44" and "angels and airwaves" are doing really well with one new album each from them both. Angels and airwaves on their second album +44 debut album.

Why is Blink 182 at #44? Why is Skillet above them? Blink 182 are one of my favorite bands in existence, and Skillet is one of my least favorites. Has anyone listened listened to their most recent hit, "Feel invincible"? Here that song and even Skillet fans will be disappointed. Mark my words!

Blink 182 is without a doubt the best band that has walked the earth. They define punk rock. I mean listen to What's My Age Again? , Dumpweed, M Ms, Mutt, and Waggy. All their albums are amazing. Toms voice is amazing(so is Marks), and Travis is the best drummer EVER.

37? I can see how a few songs (ex. acoustic songs off of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) might not float people's boats but they're better than 37! They're pretty great and they changed the course of pop-punk/punk-rock music forever!

The best band of the past twenty years without a doubt. When you look beyond some of their "joke" songs you'll find that Hoppus and DeLonge are amazing song writers, with songs like Stay Together For The Kids, Adam's Song & I Miss You proving it.

Its just my favorite band! I am their #1 fan! I just love them.. (I'M NOT GAY) I got so mad when they broke up! I like 44 and AVA but no band would be like blink 182! they are just simply #1 - manuelll182

They have a real substance that has the ability to relate to teens which was what PUNK rock was meant to do. They even refer to themselves as crappy punk rock because that's what was meant to be. They're the original, besides The Who. But they made bad music good. Teenagers who practice in their parent's garage have hope because of blink!

Number 40 is not okay. They inspired so many bands such as All time Low, Simple pPLan, Sum 41 and others. Without them music really wouldn't be the same. They basically defined Pop-punk, music would be so different without them. You wouldn't have any bands like the ones I names earlier. After 20 years there songs are still played on the radio, way more then Metallica or other bands up there in the top 10.

42? Really 42? I Mean BLINK-182, they are the one who started pop-punk... They are the one that has made more fan base than any other band... Almost all artists and bands of 2000's has been influenced by blink-182 like Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, We The Kings, One Direction, Mumfords & Sons, Fun. , The Script, Owl City... They might not be in no. 1 but should be in top 10!

This list is way too focused on metal, blink is the most influential band since Nirvana and still going strong, releasing the third highest selling rock record in 2016, just behind Bowie and Radiohead. Sure, blink may not be as good or influential as The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Guns'n'Roses or any band like that, but it deserves to be in the top 20 at least.

Nearly every band are serious about their music but blink 182 aren't, they are one of those bands who just wanted thir songs to be fun, right from their flyswater E. P to take off your pants and jacket, all of the albums can be classed as the most enjoyable music you would ever hear

Blink should be at least top 10. They may not be a classic rock band, but they were the greastest punk rock band of all time, and still are, even after they broke up

Back in the 90's I thought this was just another cookie-cutter/one-hit-wonder band but their longevity, breadth and depth of work has proven to be a divine chemistry. Blink, so glad you made it!

Blink 182 with Travis Barker and the others should be at ATLEAST top 20. With the (in my onpion) amazing riffs and solos och the rythm of Travis they are uniqe.

Blink 182 changed my life especially my self confidence thank you blink 182 for existing in the world

They can relate to anyone, if you are feeling sad, happy, angry, or just in the mood to party, any certain way, you can find a song that will reflect what you are feeling. They put pop-punk on the map

While I can appreciate Blink 182 being inspirational, they don't deserve top 10 for let's be honest, being nothing special. Standard Pop-Punk band with an above average drummer. Inspirational yes, but far from the best.

They inspired an entire generation. Their songs will forever remain in the hearts of many many people, including mine. don't forget that I will be right here waiting :'). Top 3 at least.

One of the greatest band if not the greatest band ever. They change the music industry. Most of the bands after them are influenced by their music.