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Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.


This is very difficult to say-who is number one, the music is different, the generations are different. I started listen to disco when I was a young boy, but little by little I discovered that my blood is made for heavy rock. I do not say only rock, or hard rock or heavy metal-I have favourite groups from all these genres. I try to make many rankings and often wonder what is the most perfect way to reflect everything. It is truth that Metallica is my favourite group and although I try to be honest as much as possible, there will be always some subjectivity. Anyway-I really can not understand why for example AC/DC have sold most albums-they are not very influential, according to me of course. Beatles, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and Yes Metallica have influenced most bands.
AC/DC can not be ranked neither for top 10 singers, neither guitarists, bassists or drummers. For God sake, people, they have no one ballad. No one song of them can make me cry. And even without that ...more

Some of my earliest memories of listening to music are of Metallica. I was introduced to me at a very young age. I can remember the first time I ever heard the song one. I was about six years old. My mind was absolutely blown. Not only does Metallica have a lot of sentimental attachment to me, but they are a group of extremely talented musicians. They may not be the most talented band, but they have one thing many other bands don't, chemistry. I am astounded to this day how we'll they work together. Metallica is absolutely relentless. They never let up, and they stick to their guns. Over the years many have said that Metallica is greedy and many other things, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Their intentions have always been to get together have fun, play great music and bring joy to their fans. Metallica is the greatest band of all time because they are willing to take risks and try something new. In my opinion Metallica is as influential as black sabbath and led ...more

Whether Rock or Metal for the list, Metallica is an obvious winner. People can whine about how overrated they are, but hell, people voted for a reason! Yeah this is not professional/official list but you can see Metallica's topping or at least be in most list.. Proving their greatness.

I doubt if there will be another band that can create such an influence in near future. Yeah they are more metal than a rock band, but Nothing Else Matters!

Guns n Roses should be at least top 5 and how can they fall under Linkin Park and 30 STM. Ouch!

Linkin Park used to be a great band but with all the craps came out from them now, they don't deserved top ten. Not even top 20. A7X should be place higher than Linkin Pork and 30 Seconds of Craps. Enough said. - Pyansickness

Most brutal, Angriest, and Precise band. Metallica - No one can top there song and legend status.

James - Amazing Front man, plays Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Singer, Song writer, and one of the best rhythm guitar players in the world!
Kirk - Great soloist, Amazing 'Feeling' in his playing, speedy, great taste in guitars.
Jason - Cool dude, Easy going, Hella Bassist, plays guitar as well! Was a main and backup vocalist during live performances!
Lars - Great drummer, Energy, and Vision
Cliff -... Um the rest Metallica have gotten to where they are? Can't really say Cliff Burton without thinking *Responsible for success*
Rob - Great bassist, Diverse, Great sense of humor, Good stage presence, and can play guitar, drums and some-what sing.

With such emphasis on meaningful lyrics, great melodies and god-like guitar playing Metallica deserves by far to be on the top of that list. This band turned music in the more accessible form of art it used to be (it no longer is, when you listen to nowadays bands it's all about profit, music is no longer art, it's business) making the greatness of music easier to approach for youngsters (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many others were true artists, true musicians but they left us music on a rough form, Metallica polished music, turned it into what they felt it should look like, what their style is made of, and they succeeded. ). I could say a lot more about how great this band is, but it's 1:30 am and my bed is desperately calling for me, so have fun, and rock on!

Metallica came out with a album ( Kill em all ) with a style and crunch no band had at the time, also in Co-made with dave mustaine on 3 songs. Ride the lightning, Master of puppets,... And justice for all and Black album. 5 classic albums, And all the songs on those records was great, and some of them even greater! In a historical standpoint, they deserve what they had coming. And today they deserve a reward for keep on going strong, with james broken voice, that kinda get worse! And they have made more then a impression since everyone has a open heart to them still. So many changes, so many heart broken! No one in the world have more trusted die hard fans!

AtMetallica rules the music world. They had perfect albums such as Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets,... And Justice For All, The Black Album, and Death Magnetic. Metallica is part of my soul. Metallica has defined metal and they are the best band out there. Master of Puppets is a thrash metal masterpiece and other songs such as Fade to Black, Seek N Destroy, One, Creeping Death, and many, many more! Metallica is without a doubt the real deal and they will rock you to exhaustion. They will have you headbanging until you get whiplash. They even have a song called "Whiplash"! Metallica is epic! James Hetfield is a metal god and he has continued to write awesome songs throughout the years. He came up with the intro to "Nothing Else Matters" using one hand while he was on the phone with his girlfriend. That is how you prove to the world you are a true songwriter. Lars Ulrich is one hell of a drummer and he is a awesome guy with an incredible amount of talent. Kirk Hammett ...more

It goes to show you even though they went off track after the black album... Or even... And Justice for All... They are still considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time with just a few albums... If they had stopped after the black album they would still be on top or even farther... Cause a lot of loyal fans like myself felt they shouldn't have changed... But lives change... And I have to accept it... Even though it sucked but if they didn't changed they would definitely be number 1 on this list and a lot of others I think would agree

If there would be no Metallica I ll be a different person today. The unforgiven was my inspiration every time I failed and gave me the power to get back up. James hetfield was the reason why I believed that you can win no matter how many times you I fal. There are still time. Metallica is the only friend I still have when no one listen to me... They are always there for me. Metallica you guys will bring justice for al... Metal up with your ass with real music

Our worlds are filled with Metallica so if you can't handle it I hope you have a mercyful fate and get some anesthesia. Wherever they roam their memory remains. And they do so without batteries and without fuel. And they spread justice for all and turn the page for those who can't because Tuesdays gone. They cater to the king nothings, those with a no leaf clover, those at the frayed ends of sanity, those with a struggle within, while seeking and destroying the harvesters of sorrow by giving them a night long nightmare by fighting fire with fire and cyanide. So jump in the fire and ride the lightning. Welcome home.

Its all that I can say is that one day I was walking down the music aisle of the store and saw Ride The Lightning, put it on and was just completely blown away by the speed, sound, and beauty of Metallica's music. Everyone says that Led Zepplin is the best band ever, but Metallica is by far better, every Zepplin song sounds like garbage, Robert Plant has got to be the worst and most overrated vocalist to ever live. What makes Metallica so good is the fact that no member of the band is the best at their respected instruments, they are all middle of the pack guys who came together to make beautiful music, whether it is Master of Puppets or Mama Said all of their music is inspiring, and they have an album for every mood that you are in. Metallica's music has been the driving force that has kept me going through troubling times in my life, and it always shows me to the light.

Led Zeppelin is also currently my least favorite band along with Nickelback. - PhoenixAura81

I agree. Robert Plant is overrated and has an aggravating voice. - PhoenixAura81

I love Metallica! They have wrote some many good songs! I can name 20 of their best songs and I bet even people who like that rap stuff knows it! Enter sandman, nothing else matters, one, fade to black, Fuel, turn the page (remake of bob seger), all nightmare long, the day that never comes, The unforgiven, The unforgiven 2, The unforgiven, Battery, welcome home (Sanitarium), Master of puppets, King nothing, Until It Sleeps, Blackened, For whom the bell tolls, Ride the lightning...I KNOW A LOT OF THEIR SONGS! Metallica, LIVING FOREVER TO ENTERTAIN PEOPLE WHO LOVE (REAL) MUSIC! Metallica=∞!

I have always loved Metallica. (Always=the day I was born)
I didn't know how much I loved them before I went to my first concert with them. James Hetfield gave me a signature guitar pick( yes, I was in the front row) that he used when he played seek and destroy a couple of minutes before. A magical band. Vocals, guitars, bass lines, drum beats, it's all there. I would have been surprised if Metallica wasn't on the top spot here.

Metallica has worked so hard to become who they are. They kind of made the trash genre, as one of the first in the US to play that kind of music. They have gone through so much as a band, Cliff's death, almost splitting up, but they have always worked their way through it, something that have made them who they are today! Besides making the best metal music there is, is that why they deserve at least a third!

Metallica can not be stopped. 8 incredible albums from '83-'03 and another on the way. I mean they are an unstoppable machine. People say they're not as good as they used to be calling St Anger a bad album, screw them, sure its not ...And Justice for All, but it's definitely a top 10 best album from this decade. their best songs have to be "One" and "Whiskey in the Jar". HAIL METALLICA!

Magnificent music. To be honest there ARE better bands in terms of complex music and influence like Led Zeppelin or Queen but nothing can beat the energy in early Metallica albums, the influence over the entire metal genre, the raw, yet fantastic compositions, Cliff Burton's bass lines, the amazing solos Kirk pulls off... Probably not the best rock band ever, but the best in my own list

Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets,...and Justice For All are heavy metal at it's best. The Black Album shows a hard rock transition but still gets me going, especially Sad But True and The Unforgiven. Load and ReLoad, meh, not the best but some notable tracks. Even St Anger was alright, bad music isn't made because of a snare drum. St Anger releases a lot of years of frustration and for me, it works! Death Magnetic brings back Metallica's finest days from the 80s. This is the story of the greatest metal and hard rock band: Metallica. Statistically the best, musically the best.

Listen to the maiden666 guy! Metallica isn't nearly as good as iron maiden and didn't change music at all! I think some of their songs are decent, but come on! The are so many better bands out there! Like Rush! Metallica was just one of those bands that wrote a few popular songs that everyone loves! Like Nirvana, who also doesn't deserve to be in the top ten!

Metallica were to me and my generation what Led Zeppelin was to my dad's, and what no band has yet become for my children's. The defining rock act of their era, with music that has both moved and influenced countless millions of people worldwide. They were my gateway drug into both metal and music in general, and they'll always be my favorite band, no matter where my musical journey takes me.

Damn right the gods of metal, they deserve to be 1 for sure, nobody plays like Kirk Hammet and nobody can play like Metallica they deserve to be 1.

Kirk Hammett just plays what Dave Mustaine writes. Dave can play Kirk Hammett and even better. Megadeth can play Metallica so Metallica deserves a challenge. Megadeth should be top 1 or top 10 at least.

If we just separate the all of the bands ;
1) Metallica
2) the other ones. Exactly. Rock On!
When I first hear Metallica I was 7 years old, and the first riff I heard was Master of Puppets 1st solo intro. It was absolutely great. I even didn't know what I was listening to, but it was so magical that I continued listening to it. Long live the beast!

An amazing band. Metallica is labeled heavy metal, and have great heavy songs like "Masters of Puppets" and "One" but their melodies in their acoustic songs such as "Nothing else matters" and "Fade to black" prove they are versatile musicians that can write an outstanding song no matter what.

Metallica IS The Greatest Living Heavy Metal Band On Earth, They Have The Best Riffs Ever, The Greatest Drumming Ever and Of Course A Great Singer, They The Best Songs and The Best Albums The Opened My Heart To Heavy Metal. We Love You Metallica and Of Course We Love James, Lars, Kirk, Cliff, Jason, Robert And Everyone Else Who Helped Metallica Get Where They Are Today, Thank You!

Don't respect Beatles. They were just untalented young men that created just simple but extremely boring tracks. Not to talk about Paul McCartney. Really bad vocalist. Hey Jude and yesterday proved that he had never taken singing lessons. Should have heard and learnt from Elvis Presley.
And Metallica was just great. I mean, can anyone think of that solo in thing that should not be. No guitarist in the world could have created that awesome solo. Listen to while my guitar and solo how badly that was played.
Metallica's career is just monumental. And songs like One and Welcome Home easily prove that.

My favourite band all albums are very very good I can't believe it is in no 3 it should be at number 1.. They have all best songs in compare to all other bands... I'm having all albums and there is no single songs which I don't like... Love all members James, Kirk, Lars, rob... Metallica will reach top I know...