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361 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer were an English progressive rock supergroup formed in London in 1970. The band consisted of keyboardist Keith Emerson, singer, bassist, and producer Greg Lake, and drummer and percussionist Carl Palmer.

Together with King Crimson, Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd they are the most respected progressive rock groups. But only they have the greatest keyboardist in rock, one of the greatest voices and such an impressive drummer. Some songs can make you jump, others make you easily cry.

Top of the bill during the California Jam Festival, pushing co-stars Deep Purple to second billing. - Honkytonkman

Best group all over the world...

What the actual f***! 347! This is outrageous! They deserve to be at least in the top 30!

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362 Helloween Helloween Helloween is a German power metal band founded in 1984 in Hamburg, Northern Germany. The band is a pioneering force in the power metal genre, and their second and third studio albums, Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I and Part II, are considered masterpieces of the genre.

Nobody can beat them. Best power and melodic heavy metal band of all time!

What the? Helloween top 400 below shame on you humans

What the? Helloween top 400 below shame on you humans

Happy happy helloween

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363 Escape The Fate

Still a young band, Will be a famous band in the future now they got 1 problem their ex-singer ronnie radke who was told to leave the band and did created songs wich can only be sang by himself but now the new Singer Craig can only sing songs wich are plesant and low pitches but there some some screamo songs but this was their only problem or else a great awesome band

they are so wacky yet deep and emotional and funny and, well every single one of their songs just sorta reaches out and takes a hold of your emotions, no two are the same.

Wow sad such a great band is ranked so low... Way better than Metallica that's for sure

I am a liar, I am no model figure
I am a monster, And I am ashamed
Call me the Devil

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364 Alice Nine

Alice Nine is the most rising Japanese Visual Rock Bands in Japan. Their music are always grows and they tried to add other genre and mixed it with Rock like jazz, blues, ballad and some synthesizer.. they're awesome!

Best band ever. Shou's voice is amazing! They aren't a legend, but they deserve for attention too. Hope you like this band

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365 Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band from Mesa, Arizona, that formed in 1993. The band is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Adkins, guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind. V 2 Comments
366 Bee Gees Bee Gees The Bee Gees were a pop music group formed in 1958. Their line-up consisted of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

Quite low for a band that sold 100 million records and had a zillion top 40 singles, don't you agree?

Thing about your love will thing be gees song! It should be top 100

History speaks for itself! They have sold over 220 million records wrote countless hits not only for them but for other artist.

Why are they this low? - PeeledBanana

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367 Blondie Blondie Blondie is an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. The band was a pioneer in the early American new wave and punk scenes of the mid-late 1970s.

come on, shes one of the most famous women rock artists ever even if shes not the most hardcore

Blondie is unique to other bands and most people I know have heard of them and raved about them I don't see why no one voted for them! I think they should definitely be voted number one.

They didn't enjoy a huge amount of success, but they were very good.

368 The Cult The Cult The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. Before settling on their current moniker in January 1984, the band performed under the names Southern Death Cult and Death Cult.

These Guys Should Be WAY Higher
Lisen to Love Removal Machine that will change your minds

I LOVE the Love album, that made me get into them but that is pretty much the only thing I like by them.

Alleluia, brother! Sure their not as popular as Metallica, led zep and acdc, but they deserve recognition. 148th? Oh hell no! They deserve to be at least in the top 20 if not The Top Ten bands of all time. If your not a fan- yet- start off with Beyond Good and Evil, simply their best work, and perhaps The Greatest album of all time!

Better combination eclecticism, quality and true-as-it-gets combined in a band as far as I can tell. From Goth Rock to Heavy Metal, Rock n' Roll, Post Punk, Psychodelia, 70's Rock, Alternative, Electro Rock and more... The Cult has done it all. And always with superb quality. Easy choice.

369 Soda Stereo

I'm so happy these guys are on this list, I had no idea any English people had heard of them. One of my all time favorites! These guys really deserve it!

Is the best spanish rock band ever, they were at the level of many English bands on earth! - JuandaColombia

Best Latin American Rock band and for me the best in history!

I cannot believe this isn't in the list, yes it's an argentinian band but give them a shot, they've been in the market since 1980's they're great, the vocalist is almost dead, gustavo cerati Google him

370 The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses at 271? They influenced started the so called "Brit-pop" era of the 90s as well as producing their self titled album which for me is an all-time great.

The Stone Roses should definitely be higher. One of my all time favourite bands and influenced so many other artists!

So a band called barenaked ladies is higher than the stone roses? Wow this generation knows nothing about Music

Ian Brown is awesome

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371 Yellowcard Yellowcard

Instrumentally they are the most catchy rock band alive

372 Zebrahead

Underrated! As a Sonic fan I personally adore this guy. His World was amazing. - MillieTrina_Prower

Yes, Yes, OH GOD YES!

373 Starset

They will never know that I care this lot with them but still... I'm leaving my vote and my love.

I know that they only have like 12 songs but I love them all

Best band ever should at least be in top 20.

They have awesoem endings! - lonewolfe12345

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374 Drake Bell Band
375 Alesana

they should be at least on par with avenged sevenfold! ALESANA IS DAMN GREAT AT LIVE! NOT ONLY THEIR MUSIC IS GOOD LIVE, THEY ALSO PREFORM THE BEST!

Awesome band melodically and lyrically as well as musically

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376 Love Love

All you have to do is listen to Forever Changes and you'll know why this band should be higher on the list. Arthur Lee was Jim Morrison's idol in mid 60's LA. Arthur just hated to travel and never wanted to leave LA. That is why most people outside of LA have never heard of them. When Bryan Maclean and Arthur were together through 1967 they were magic. Arthur also jammed with Jimi Hendrix before anyone ever heard of Jimi Hendrix. Yes, in LA he was that influential.

Just watched the movie 'Love Story' and got all my long-held opinions endorsed! That cut of the band that made Forever Changes were just something else. Still the most beautiful and chilling rock album ever made!

"Love" are the best band of all time and "Forever Changes" the best album ever, of course. Arthur Lee is one of the few real geniuses of the modern music. - Mercury

377 Xutos & Pontap├ęs

Best portuguese rock band ever

378 Bad Company Bad Company

Good lovin' gone bad baby!... From what I've seen from the rankings... Some ranking gone bad, as well... But I'm not a teenager voting... Me thinks this is a much younger poll... Cream, Hendrix, Ten Years After, Deep Purple, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. are all but lost with the new generations... But, if you're part of the younger crowd and haven't checked out the 60's & 70's pioneers, be sure to... !

This band needs to be higher! I am 13 and I can rock out to rock and roll fantasy all day. Plus, how is System of a down almost 400 spots ahead? This should be way higher, plus, who can't love the song Bad Company"

I'm a 9th grader, and this is one of my all time favorite bands! Bad company, feel like making love, rock and roll fantasy, ready to love, shooting star, should be way higher!

Now I'm getting pissed off, this is one of the Greatest Bands ever! what?

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379 You Me At Six

What the heck they might not be too good but I do like no ne does it better'underdog'save it for the bedroom'loverboyand much more great songs they should be on the top 100 and how is all time low ahead of them they ttoatly not better than these guys rock on!

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380 Volbeat Volbeat Volbeat are a Danish metal band which was formed in Copenhagen. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal and rockabilly.

This is one of my favorite band ever and they should be in the top ten list and even should be number 1 because Volbeat is the best and my Favorite songs are A Warriors Call and Still Counting and River Queen.

Everyone of their albums have been good and different, something I couldn't say about a lot of bands

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