Top Ten Rounds on "I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue"

Follow up to the previous list. WATCH IT

It may not seem funny from what I've said but it is when you hear it

The Top Ten

1 Mornington Crescent

Maybe you'd have to hear this game to understand it... Or maybe you would be more confused. I can't give it away

If you do listen to it can anyone explain the rules?

2 Sing one song to the tune of another

Singing rounds are always good, especially when the panelists can't sing

3 Musical conversations

They choose a song and get one person to sing it while the other person makes it into a conversation. Again you'd have to hear it

4 Additions to the Uxbridge English Dictionary

This round often has pretty clever answers. They basically change the meanings of words to match what they sound like. Also it is introduced well by Jack Dee

5 What is this advertising?

They hear a slogan for something and they say what they think it advertises. Of course they don't choose seriously, it's a comedy show

6 Pick-up song

They basically have to continue singing a song after it stops and see how in time they are when the music starts again. like the other singing round, it is funny how bad they are

7 The introduction

The intro usually has a load of jokes about the place they're performing

8 Word association

One team says a load of supposedly random words and the other team has to find the connection

9 Straight face

This is a surprisingly skilled game where the panelists have to say words that keep the show entertaining but are not allowed to make the audience laugh

10 Film club / book club

Naming books/films that may have slightly changed titles that match a theme

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