Baldur's Gate


Awesome. When ever I think of gaming excellence this is it. No other game I have ever played as been an experience quite like Baldur's Gate or quite as good.

Even before you begin your tale, you face one of the best character creation system in RPG (thanks to the amazing capabilities of DnD) at it's time and only a small few, if there are any can surpass it today that also gives you an amazing adventure that you will remember for years.

You will be immerse in it's world, playing with amazing combat controls and story telling that can bring all emotions from surprise, laughter, anger, and sadness.

If you have not AT LEAST play Baldur's Gate 2, then that must be the reason why your not placing a vote for this

Simply beautiful, what else can I say? Its some kind of perfect game for me, as it delivers gameplay, characters and story you can't find anywhere else. Just to say: first time I played this game (both 1 and 2nd game) was about 10 years ago, but I find it still as entertaining as then. If you have not played this game before and you are fond of rpg games, then do not hesitate, just go and play! its a must have game!

What can I say? BG2 is the best rpg ever made, and possibly THE best game of all time too. Personally, I did not like BG1 so much but SoA ToB is a must play. It had everything that good rpg requires and everything in game was beautifully done: quest, character development, NPC interactions, story to music and artwork... I can't think of any bad aspect of this masterpiece.

I've played all of these thoroughly and there is no way that NWN or any of the Icewind Dale were better than BG2. BG2 had a better story, which was brilliantly wrapped into an immersive and responsive environment, amazing characters, excellent combat that could be as challenging as you wanted, and one of the largest, most interesting worldscapes ever created.

Greatest Game I have ever played. I have come back to this series quite often, and have loved it each and every time. The game has been out for a while, and heard stories of re-release. The story is grand, the people memorable, and the game-play is not all that bad. Fully voiced for NPC's as far as I can tell, and the freedom to find quests in the wild, that you can talk yourself into or out of, and then the power to do a lot of what you want... With reactions. NPCs react to your actions, and can get mad and leave if you do not do what you agreed to, or fight people they do not get along with. More then just an open environment, and more then a story.

No other new series, even though they shared some authors (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) are not so addicting. ME is not fun played 3rd time, Baldurs gate is. You have lot of different options to play through, not just in your character, but also choices who to take into party and how to level them.

Just one of the greatest! I love it! Many levels, great monsters, great music, great storyline, great villain (Sarevok), great cities/places/nature, great sound effects. Maybe that the graphics aren't great but it's from 1998! So back then it was a big deal. Again I love it, and it's sequels - GerardSijnstra

Simply the best story line, wonderful characters and a huge world made this one of the best RPG games to date, yes the graphics and game engine is primitive by todays standards, but no other RPG has even come close to providing such an imersive experance.

Everything a game should be, in all honesty. The fact that the mile-wide-but-inch-deep Elder Scrolls series is number one (in my opinion) speaks to the short attention spans and inability to grasp complex gameplay systems of most modern gamers.

It's simple, the Baldur's Gate series is the best RPG series to come from Bioware, and that is high praise in itself. If it isn't the greatest RPG series on the PC, then it's second only to Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights.

Easily the greatest RPG series of all time. Perfect music, perfect combat, vivid and realistic characters, great progression, some of the best villains of all time, tons of quests and the list goes on...

This is the series that made me realize that games could be a work of art, something that would envelop me into the game, not just a fun past time, but rather a living breathing world.

Easily the best RPG I've played. Totally engrossing story, very non-linear, huge world, tactical gameplay and good dialogue. There is at least 70 hours of gameplay here, and its all awesome

Baldur's Gate 2 was the first game I ever played that I truly lost track of time playing. The graphics aren't impressive by todays standards however it's hard to find anything else with a story so compelling as to keep you wanting more. Since my first play through I've go through the BG 1 and 2 with expansions at least 4 times each over the years.

One of the best games ever made. Not many RPG's have gotten anywhere near this level. Great characters a Brilliant plot and an enormous amount of side quests.

No matter how many rpg's I played (too many) if I count the times I played this game it outnumbers all others together. In my opinion its one of the best D&D based rpg game made.

This has it all, its like reading a good book or watching a great movie. If this series would be a movie it would be up there with Lord of The Rings and Star Wars without a doubt.

I only wish I could forget everything about the story and go back and play the entire series for the first time. Still one of my favorite games ever.

This game is still the best rpg I have ever played and I still play it. I don't care about graphics as long as the game itself is good.

BG2 is the most memorable and engrousing RPG experience I have ever had period. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

This game should be number 1. Simple as that. No other game can compare to this epic world/storyline.

Deserves the top spot. Provides an excellent story with interesting characters, and you're given plenty of choice!

Has the world gone crazy or is this game actually in 4th place instead of 1st?

One of the best games so far. It should stay in top ten but in my heart it will always be number one.