Elder Scrolls


The Elder Scrolls series are my all time favorite. They're so cool and if you want you can explore the world or then just stay in a village for the rest of your life.. Nobody forces you to do anything, and there's still so much to do even without quests! Skyrim and Oblivion are so cool, both have unbelievable choices and graphics. I can't ever imagine myself playing something more fun!

for me this is the best RPG game. that combines graphics, main quest and a lot of other quests and a lot of dungeons, castles, ruins and places to discovery.
after I finish the main quest, I've played more than 500 hours and after I finish all the side quests I still have a lot of places to discovery. I LOVE THIS GAME, and I'm waitting for the Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM.

This really should be at the top. Its very rare a game puts you into a huge open world and just says "Do your thing". It's very rare that a game allows you to play it for 300 hours and still enjoy it. Lets face it, there aren't many games out there quite like The Elder Scrolls. 11/11/11 Dragon born!

I grew up with Morrowind as the benchmark of what type of games I liked: I loved it from day one and will always love it. Oblivion fell a little short, but it's still a good game.

The series has some of the most fascinating and original lore out there, a fun gaming system and total freedom which we seldom find nowadays.

Oblivion is the biggest game I have played, and is the only game that I can actually play for quite some time without being bored, and to now, and it has so much content and customization options and it is the best rpg ever made up to now. And including may be the best game ever made.

Greatest game series ever. Oblivion was epic, with shivering isles and knights of the nine. And now with the most epic game of all time : SKYRIM beats FF easily, great game, epic storyline, badass dragons, unlimited things to do. The one and only RPG with no restrictions

I really almost chose final fantasy but I've invested so much time into oblivion and morrowind that its even more then what I invested in ff7 and ff10 which are the only 2 I played because the other ones didn't really look that good.

Choose your race.
Choose your signs
DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! Check out that cave. Stab that shop-owner. Climb up that castle. Become master of the assasins guild. Ride a horse. Fireball an imperial soldier. EXPLORE THE WORLD! - evergrey123

One of those series were quality shines over quantity... It might not have 13 games like Final Fantasy, Bethesta might not be releasing games every year like Bioware, however each game is a legend in it's own right

Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. These three are so different, yet so excellent. Though I love the Final Fantasy series, along with Kingdom Hearts and so many others, no RPG even comes close to comparing to the Elder Scrolls series.

Freedom of choice is essential to a role playing game. Not only in stats, but in story and character development. No other games available come close to the freedom and immersive mess of an Elder Scrolls game. Most games - final fantasy, etc. - only give the player control over battle statistics and abilities, but the Elder Scrolls games allow the player to plot their own story.

Hands down the best franchise of all tie due to it's vast amount of lore, constantly updated graphics and mechanics, and it's continuing trend of providing the player with an assured sense of awe every time they play the game.

When people hear "The elder scrolls" they often think about Oblivion, but this is the ENTIRE SERIES and my personal opinion is: The series that represents the RPG genre.

After two weeks of playing skyrim all day every day I still carnt get bored and I already spent over 300 hours on the game when it 1st come out am now on the second run through it over a yeah later and it doesn't feel like I am just doing them same stuff all over again like it feels with most games. For me everything about this game makes it the best game of all time

Why this is #2 to FF I will never know. Final fantasy may seem big but the combat is the SAME THING for every hour you play it, while Elder Scrolls on the other hand lets you pick and choose everything you do.

Yeah sure... turnbased boygirl characters with monkey tails sure do compare to a sandbox world filled with vampires, legionairres, and an eternal war between demon princes and humanity...

To me a RPG means making your own character and in doing so make your own story. None of that involves being told I'm a spiky haired androgynous emo kid now do this. So yeah, Elder Scrolls gets my vote.

Problably the best series of RPG's ever created, I mean what's not to like? It has everything a RPG could ever have. The story, the area to explore, the missions, the graphics, the gameplay... The TES series have always been ahead of their time... When morrowind came it was like a 2010 game... That's why its always as good as any of us can think of.

How can anyone place an open world open ended game that literally allows you to make any character how you see fit be rated any lower than number 1?

You know what? I'm done. Elder Scrolls is clearly the best, and if you don't think so, go ahead and vote for your stupid-ass Final Fantasy.

I have only played Oblivion and Skyrim and wow! Both games are amazing and the Elder Scrolls gaming series is brilliant! Good job, Bethesda. - HollyRolo

Skyrim is the best game ever sick story, over 300 hours of quests, cool weapons and armor... I think TES: Skyrim is the best and coolest game in the series.

best. games. ever. term based games are so boring but elder scrolls! that makes me cry thats how good it is

Eldar Scrolls... *sigh*
The Elder Scrolls series is good in general, though it really took off with III and IV, those being Morrowind and Oblivion

If you disagree with this being the best rpg series of all time, then I feel sorry for you.. You clearly haven't played these games.