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81 Lionheart

Load of fun! Based on diablo but far better. if you like diablo your gonna love this game! So try it out! You wont regret it! - russian

82 Darklands

One of the best RPGs for PC of all time, plagued by early bug issues back when you had to get patches on disk sent via snail mail. The final version was an awesome game.

83 Lunar

I remember when I was at my friends house and played Lunar 1 for the psx. I would have completed it but the game was scratched and we couldn't play it but the first time I saw it, no words could describe how amazed I was by this game. So I decided to look it up and realized there was a sequel, I had to get it. I popped that disk in as fast as I could when I first got my hands on it. I was blown away by how much better the sequel was then the original. The story, battle system, music, everything was phenomenal. Then came Dragon Song and I was like... What is this? The lunar series got "demoralized" because of this, and probably the gba version of Lunar 1. When Lunar 1 was remade for the PSP I actually didn't think someone could pull it off but they did. Almost everything was same except for some added details to the storyline. Will there be a Lunar 2 remake or even a Lunar 3? Who knows.

Lunar eternal blue and Lunar silver star story complete. Revolutionized the genre in my opinion. It took full advantage of the fact that the sega cd it was originally released on had unparalelled for the time 2d graphics abilities. And when re-released on the psx it was still amazing. I was a die hard square enix fan. But then I saw a little company now bankrupt called Working Designs. I wish to this day that company had not gone bankrupt and closed it's doors. The amazing pc games we might have seen.R.I.P. working designs.

84 Chrono Trigger V 2 Comments
85 Vampires Quest

great strategy play, not big on graphics but big on gameplay!

86 Lufia
87 Zanzarah
88 Ogre Battle
89 SpellForce
90 Vampire: The Masquerade

Creators took there time to create an in depth world where vampire live among humans in secret but with detailed culture and their own government and sets of rules. Different species of vampires to choose from, different skills and supernatural powers and great story where you have vampire groups rebelling against the rules set but the governing body in charge. Leaving you choice on what side you wish to support while still getting to throw humans around and drink blood from the shadows.

91 Drakengard

Simply amazing. A long, complicating story that feels worth it once you become known. The games are bizarre, yet interesting. The characters become so unique, to where you care for them more than people you actually know. This series is my favorite, everything about it is so awesome and I'll cherish it forever.

92 Champion Of Norrath

In my honesty This is the Best Game I've ever played and the Graphics are great for the time it was made! A beautifully designed world of adventure in which you play as a Male or Female
Barbarian(Really good with Axes and two handed weapons)
Wood elf (Really good with Bows and Daggers)
High Elf Cleric( Really good with Healing and Blunt Weapons)
Mage(Really good with Staffs and Spells)
Dark Elf (My personal Favorite) (Really good with One handed Weapons and Has overall the Best Spells But the Lowest Health of all characters) - ItzPhantasy

93 Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2
94 Legacy of the Ancients
95 The Legend of Blacksilver
96 World of Darkness

Although flawed by its initially poor presentation, its uniqueness in binding the player to the character and in crafting a highly interactive community warrants that it should go down as one of the best role-playing games in history. Its atmosphere, depth of customization, and variety of dialogue depending on what kind of person your vampire are what makes it stand out as a paragon of role-playing among its crowd. Compared to modern, more action-oriented, video games, it might seem lackluster, but when you peel off the presentational layer, what you see is a wonderful gem of a role-playing game.

97 Arc the Lad

The trademark theme song. The tactics style battle system. The bulk of unique characters all having separate agendas attitudes and feelings. A story that continues from one game to the next literally. Multiplayer Pokemon like battles with rewards ported to your save data. The only thing I can say is The game deserves to be played, given a chance, and rated. - erichopkins

98 Eye of the Beholder
99 System Shock 2

The reason why is simply because it's a pure RPG.. You get skill's, weapons, and awesome gameplay such as scaring the crap out of your self and, having fun. Also don't forget the huge map.. IT'S A SPACESHIP.

100 Valkyria Chronicles
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