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81 Lufia
82 Zanzarah
83 Ogre Battle
84 SpellForce
85 Vampire: The Masquerade

Creators took there time to create an in depth world where vampire live among humans in secret but with detailed culture and their own government and sets of rules. Different species of vampires to choose from, different skills and supernatural powers and great story where you have vampire groups rebelling against the rules set but the governing body in charge. Leaving you choice on what side you wish to support while still getting to throw humans around and drink blood from the shadows.

86 Drakengard

Simply amazing. A long, complicating story that feels worth it once you become known. The games are bizarre, yet interesting. The characters become so unique, to where you care for them more than people you actually know. This series is my favorite, everything about it is so awesome and I'll cherish it forever.

87 Suikoden

Too underrated, the only reason why its not #1 because its not popular, In fact Suikoden 2 is actually one of the best ever made well for me at least. The emotions of the story are just too powerful definitely the best game ever.

My two favorite games are Final Fantasy VII and Suikoden 2. I think out of those two Suikoden II is the better game. I also enjoy the original Suikoden and Suikoden V, and yes I own every Final Fantasy game and Every Suikoden game. The best thing about Suikoden is that it's a continuing story in a large and interesting world, with many mysteries yet to be uncovered. The series as a whole has a much much deeper world and and story than any single FF game can ever accomplish.

"as far as I played all rpg, suikoden 2 is the best I have played. Suikoden 2 is the game that make me know how great rpg are. Suikoden have very great world and we can't imagine how big it's world is? The world have great history, much nation and some unknown nation that still not discovered and have the 27 true rune, which some still unknown and mysterious. Cannot wait to see another series of this game, especially suikoden 6"

This is the BEST rpg series of all times by far. Even the "subpar" Suikoden 4 is a masterpiece. Go play them.

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88 Golden Sun

Here is why Golden Sun is the BEST and the MOST EPIC RPG I love most:
-The Story is just... Epic, the characters are growing into your heart, and the story makes your courage stronger.
-The music is so awesome: it makes your courage and adrenalin much stronger, and you can't stop hearing it! For example: Venus Lighthouse. And the music makes the game ambiance and atmosphere epic and stronger.
-Battle system and GBA graphics: normally, I don't care about graphics, but CAMELOT always uses the best graphics. The battle system is one of the best as well.
-Long Gameplay:
Well, the name says everything: The game is very long and you'll spend much time playing it.

Finally this game is mentioned, its one of the best rpg I've ever played

this is not only the best RPG I've ever played it's the best game ever

I'm still waiting impatiently for the 3DS one.

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89 Might and Magic

I have found the best games in the series to be: MM6, MM8 and MM9, but I loved all MM6-MM9 games. I recommend them to any RPG fun. The characters' skills are well balanced, the quests are numerous. Too bad that 3DO does not exist any longer to develop the series. UBISOFT just destroyed the series with that so called MM10 which has nothing to do with any previous game and also Heroes of Might and Magic V is far bellow IV in strategy (except graphics which is better)

Loved these games. Darkside of Xeen (no.5) kept me mesmerised for years as a kid, it was such a harsh and unforgiving environment, with epic adventure music and beautiful imaginative 256 colour graphics. The quests, characters, items were all very engrossing and well balanced. plenty of humor and riddles strewn along the way make this one of my all time favourites. Might and magic 3,4 and 6 also deserve mention, being of excellent calibre, though not quite on the same level as the epicness of MM5.

How is this pioneer if all RPG's not in the top 10? - Bicyclerepairman

5 great games, 3 ok games and dozens of related games (like Heroes of Might and Magic I-V) for computers and consoles. A decade of RPG fun.

90 The Legend of Dragoon

Best RPG I've ever played. The story is great, and the battle system is very refreshing. My cousins and I had a hard time beating the final boss, we all took turns trying to take him down, I finally got him on my third try. It's worth beating him just to see the ending, which pulls on your heart strings.

This is Sickening this is the only rpg game I have ever "beat" I've been stuck on the final boss for like 4years I was trying daily for like 2 weeks then sorta gave up and have been doing it off and on this game is #1

So underrated. Great game and after I beat it I was begging for a sequel. If you give it a chance you will be begging for another game as well! It definitely tops Final Fantasy. Swag

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91 Breath of Fire

Why is this ranked so low? Maybe because it's just not as commercially popular, but Breath of Fire 2 was THE TRUTH! It had the best characters, the story went at a great pace, awesome graphics... it was simple, but interesting at the same time. This should be higher.

The 2nd installment of this game is pure gift to everybody. The mood, the story, characters, the theme, music, graphics all are just short CHILDHOOD

One was awesome, Two was just plain alright....

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92 World of Warcraft

Be serious, best selling, largest community on the Earth, biggest in game world, good graphics, easy control, most addicted game, BUT, is not RPG is the best MMORPG.

That's nice. I myself play world of warcraft.
I must say it is very good. I just started playing it!

All it needs is to drink more from magic the gathering in next expansions and it will be perfect!

Clearly the most comprehensive rpg ever designed

93 Mega Man

Well I only remember one Megaman RPG other than the obvious, Megaman Legends, and it was Megaman x: Command mission. I loved that game so much.

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94 Kid Icarus

A really fun action RPG that doesn't get enough recognition today. It may have looked like a common platformer but it was so much more than that. It had great music, a compelling story, and you could improve Pit as you played. Sure it was difficult but you had a real sense of accomplishment when you beat the game.

This series returns after 20 years, bringing humor and wit in the new action packed 3ds game. It is an incredibly savvy parody, with a great cast of supporting characters who provide constantly humorous dialogue while you play, similar to Portal.

I'm not sure if this is an RPG game but it is definitely the best game on this list. It was a very fun game to beat and Pit is the best Nintendo Character, Luigi's a close second though.

95 Metroid

I've never played but Samus is pretty

96 Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2
97 Assassin's Creed

The best history had ever play!

Good game, but why is it so down?...96. place

98 Legacy of the Ancients
99 The Legend of Blacksilver
100 World of Darkness

Although flawed by its initially poor presentation, its uniqueness in binding the player to the character and in crafting a highly interactive community warrants that it should go down as one of the best role-playing games in history. Its atmosphere, depth of customization, and variety of dialogue depending on what kind of person your vampire are what makes it stand out as a paragon of role-playing among its crowd. Compared to modern, more action-oriented, video games, it might seem lackluster, but when you peel off the presentational layer, what you see is a wonderful gem of a role-playing game.

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