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1 Brian O'Driscoll

The ultimate. Mastered every facet of his position and set the standard for everyone else. As his body changed with age, he adapted and found new skill sets, keeping himself in the top flight for 15 years. He retired on his own terms.

His greatest asset was his ability to read the game, at times making it seem like he could see into the future. He would lead from the front and shied away from no challenge - the first man into battle and the last man standing who could make that game-saving tackle inches from his own line.

We are privileged to be alive to witness his greatness.

2 Jonah Lomu

If every rugby fan voted with honesty, Jonah would win without a doubt. He crushed almost every team during the World Cup when he was only 20 years old with two caps.

The South African team changed all their game plans before the final of the 1995 RWC to stop one player, and it worked. The All Blacks were poisoned just to make sure they wouldn't succeed. Jonah was nowhere near his best when diagnosed with his illness. Most rugby stars were still playing schoolboy rugby at twenty years of age. Jonah was heavier than most forwards, stronger than any rugby player on the planet, but could sprint sub 11 seconds in the 100m. He could sidestep like rugby sevens backs, could swat aside or bump big forwards heavier than himself, flying backwards.

He played rugby sevens, and according to the NZ rugby sevens coach for the 1998 Commonwealth Games, Jonah almost single-handedly won them a gold medal. Normally, it takes a decade for someone to come close to achieving one-quarter of what Lomu achieved as a young man.

3 Dan Carter

Based on the players listed, DC is by far the most accomplished player. His versatility in the backline means he can play anywhere from 10-12 and most probably 15. Near perfect when tasked with kicking goals (please refer to his record if unsure - outstanding), he is by far the most complete first five-eighth in the history of the game played in heaven.

Another attribute DC brings to a team is his defensive strength, which is normally a downfall in fly halves (Grant Fox or Quade Cooper are perfect examples). Brian O'Driscoll is unlucky not to take the prize, as he has shown in his illustrious career how good he is, and Jonah speaks for himself. But when you talk about an all-round gifted player who contributes to a team in nearly every aspect of the game, DC is the man. Why aren't Richie McCaw or George Gregan there? I don't know. They definitely should be.

4 Gareth Edwards

Quite simply the complete scrum-half. Try finding a weakness in his game. He was physically strong, quick, could hand off, had the best box kick in history, and was unstoppable from 5 meters out. More than that, he could do things other scrum-halves, indeed other rugby players, could only dream of. On top of all that, he had the professional attitude of always asking himself, How can I get better? In short, he was special - the greatest of all time, though he was too modest to say so himself.

Not famous for one kick, points racked up, or physical size unlike others. He is here based on pure skill, pace, and insight into the game. The mere fact he is being discussed decades on, in the company of professionals, with his skills still impressive in comparison to them, is testimony to just how good he was.

Just imagine how good he would be in today's game with all the resources and training technology available. Simply the best.

5 Jonny Wilkinson

The only Englishman praised by the French. In his honor, God Save the Queen was heard during the Top 14 final. The most committed player of all time, the man was injured many times and overcame his injuries. He then statistically became the best player of all time. What else do I have to write?

Not the most talented, but the most dedicated and valuable to his team. World-class kicking and defending, and an example to all young players of whatever sport for how to conduct yourself on and off the pitch.

6 Richie McCaw

When you look at Richie's record, it is staggering considering he was the best player on the field so often. Most of the games he played were against the Wallabies and Springboks, who were mostly, during his period of playing, ranked among the top 3 sides. Keeping that in mind, he was the best playing against the best.

Unfortunately, there are players in this top 10 who constantly played teams well below the level of Southern Hemisphere rugby, so having them in the top 10 is wrong. Not many Northern Hemisphere players would even get to keep the bench warm in a Southern Hemisphere team.

1. Richie McCaw
2. Dan Carter
Then the fight over the next 8. I'd consider George Gregan, Stirling Mortlock, and Josh Kronfeld.

7 Brian Habana

Never has there been a greater wing in world rugby. Never.

The best with Lomu. The rest are miles away!

Most explosive winger ever. He could run.

8 Jason Robinson

This guy was an amazing player, darting through foreign defenses like they weren't there. He's a great inspiration to young players. Truly magnificent.

He's quick and very effective. Devastating.

9 Yannick Jauzion
10 David Campese

His ability to outfox his opponents was second to none. He had the most amazing ability to attack, and his leg speed was amazing. He was truly the first modern player of our age. He took on all before him and won. He has won a World Cup and was the player of the tournament. His flair in attack has rarely been matched. If he played today, he would still send fear into the opponents. My God, he was good!

He made the All Blacks' defense look clumsy like no other. He made 37 clear breaks in World Cups, more than any other player, 5 clear breaks ahead of Jonah Lomu. No one else is even close.

The Contenders
11 Shane Williams

Only 12 of his 60 tries were against AUS, NZ, and SA. He played in an era dominated by the big Southern Hemisphere teams and, for 2 years, England. He was a great player playing against schoolboy teams and is maybe a top 100 player. He wouldn't even get on a bad Wallabies team with his talent.

12 Christian Cullen

Nobody looked as good as Cullen with the ball. It was like he was on rails. He made Blanco look like a drunken hobo. His career was destroyed by a toothless bald-headed hillbilly named Mitchell. Best player ever.

Had everything and used it. Lightning quick, ridiculously strong for his size, and elegant to go with it. Mitchell, your IQ matched the number you wore as a player!

Most athletic running fullback I have ever seen. Amazing try-scoring rate and freakish ability to score in impossible situations.

13 Barry John

A fly-half even Carter and Wilkinson might struggle to emulate. There was a reason he was called 'The King.' He could drop the ball on a sixpence and had the ability to slice the opposition defense open with a single pass. Had he not retired at just 27, he would undoubtedly be considered one of the best by most people.

The King. Talents stood out starkly even with Gareth inside him.

14 Colin Meads

The Springboks can tell you all about Colin Meads. He messed them up with a broken arm.

15 Michael Jones

A machine, simply the most inspiring player I have ever seen. Total commitment, ball-handling to match any, and more stamina than many of today's pros.

Iceman, one of the greatest ever to play the game. The first player in history to score back-to-back tries in the opening games of the World Cup.

The best blindside flanker ever. Freak athlete.

16 Serge Blanco

Sheer wizardry. Blanco may not be the best rugby player ever (Gareth Edwards is), but he is undoubtedly the best fullback ever.

Probably the best player I have ever seen in my life. To me, he is the best ever.

17 Martin Johnson

This guy was captain when we beat Australia in Australia!

Top 7, please.

18 Fourie du Preez

One of the greatest scrum-halves in the world.

Without him, South Africa wouldn't have won the 2007 WC. Remarkable scrum half.

19 Sonny Bill Williams

Well, he was a boxer, then a rugby league legend, now a rugby union star. What next? Rio 2016 gold in rugby sevens? Three World Cup winner's medals in 4 years - he can afford to give one away! Great sportsman and idol! He should be in the top 10 in a few years (maybe after 2019, I'm going for another All Black win!).

For me, his best moment is THAT offload for Ma'a Nonu's try in the World Cup final, tying up a third of the field! And so unselfish. He doesn't take it alone like Johnny May (who just seems to run sideways!). He brings others into play.

He is brilliant. He has hugely influenced union, but he started in league and that's where he is now. Plenty high on this list. Gareth Edwards belongs a lot higher.

20 J.P.R. Williams

A critical part of the legendary Welsh backs squad of the '70s. Crazy that Manu Tuilagi is above such a legend.

What. How can you take any list seriously with JPR so far down? Top 10.

21 Manu Tuilagi
22 Byron Kelleher
23 Clément Poitrenaud
24 Paul O Connell

Who wouldn't have him on their team? A beast who could take his team by the scruff of its neck and shove it over the finish line. Let's face it - if you didn't pull your weight, you'd have to answer to him. You wouldn't relish that prospect.

Saw him in his last game at Twickenham. He drew the eye with his stature among the Ireland team and the respect all the English team showed him. What an outstanding player he proved to be over the years.

25 Ma'a Nonu
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