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1 Setsuko's death - Grave of the Fireflies

While the whole movie was like that they would survive but it was very sad that she died - zxm

I'm afraid this might go below the list as not many people saw the movie, but mufasa's death is NOTHING infront of this. This masterpiece, as realistic as it is, makes you wonder if there exists any humanity, And of course, doesn't answer that question. This is by far the saddest movie evvveeer.

Very depressing...

Setsuko's death.
What can I possibly say to describe it? - alimarashian

2 "Married Life" - Up

Sure inside out, toy story 3, the lion king, and maybe frozen/big hero 6 had some really touching moments but nothing and I mean nothing compares to how heart felt more than the first 11 minutes of Up so it should be number 1 guys.

There were like 4 amazingly emotional scenes in this movie. But " Married Life" is what the movie is known for. - alimarashian

Yes this has many sad scenes - zxm

Sad - Cyclne

3 Bing Bong fading away - Inside Out

Bing bong fading away was the only scene I cried for in years. - alimarashian

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4 Sully says goodbye to Boo - Monster's Inc

This one is better than toy story 3

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5 The Incinerator scene - Toy Story 3

Tge Incinirator scene.
Probably the most shcoking 1 minute of the animation industry ever. - alimarashian

6 Mufasa's death - The Lion King

Stop crying over Mufasa's death, people!

He forced a whole animal species to starve for no good reason. Thus, he deserves to die!

Mufasa was just a fictional character. No reason to find his death sad.

Mufasa deserved to die. He was an awful character.

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7 Andy giving away his toys - Toy Story 3

Andy giving away his toys, and when woody waves him, and watch him go... Amazing. - alimarashian

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8 Buzz finds out he's just a toy - Toy Story

When buzz finds out he's just a toy, and when woody admits to buzz. - alimarashian

Buzz Really Learned A Lesson There

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9 Tadashi dies - Big Hero 6
10 "When She Loved Me" - Toy Story 2

"When She loved me" was so touching and true! We just can't stop blaming ourselves after that. - alimarashian

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? Alice's Tearful Lament Being Lost in the Middle of Nowhere in Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland
? Very Good Advice - Alice in Wonderland

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11 Baymax dies in the portal - Big Hero 6
12 Ebenezer Scrooge witnesses his child being neglected in the boarding school - Disney's a Christmas Carol
13 "Family means no body gets left behind" - Lilo and Stitch

I didn't cry at this movie, not even close, but for some reason I liked it. "Family means no body gets left behind". - alimarashian

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14 Dumbo visits his mom - Dumbo
15 Marjane leaves Iran - Persepolis

The scene was multicultural, when she said goodbye to all her family just to be free, when she said goodbye to her dead uncle where she doesn't know exactly is burried. Going to north of Iran for the last time for that amazing weather, a weather she never ever found anywhere else. Her grandmother was the most tear jerking one. - alimarashian

16 Naoko appears after her death - The Wind Rises

When she died and he saw her agai, fading in the wind :( - alimarashian

17 Branch's Grandma Dies - Trolls

Oh come on this was a stupid film and death unlike the rest of this list whoever put this on here needs to have he or she's eyes checked.

This is ssooo saddd

18 SpongeBob and Patrick Die - SpongeBob Movie

Kid and adult I cry while watching this scene

19 Frank tries to survive the humans - Sausage Party

The Sausage Party reminds me of The Attack On Titan

20 Cinderella's clothes get ripped - Cinderella

Probably more shocking than sad. There was this scene and of course her getting locked up. - alimarashian

Looks like ugly Jersey Shore and Bridezilla in Disney version

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1. Setsuko's death - Grave of the Fireflies
2. Tadashi dies - Big Hero 6
3. Mufasa's death - The Lion King
1. Setsuko's death - Grave of the Fireflies
2. The Incinerator scene - Toy Story 3
3. Sully says goodbye to Boo - Monster's Inc



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