Top Ten Saddest Cartoon Show Episodes


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61 Squeaky - Smurfs
62 Mind Pollution - Captain Planet
63 There's Good Boos Tonight - Casper The Friendly Ghost Cartoon V 1 Comment
64 One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock - Animaniacs
65 How To Found A Pound - Pound Puppies
66 Grandma's Kisses - Spongebob SquarePants

Everyone mocks SpongeBob because his grandma kissed him in public.

Everybody was being mean to Spongebob because his grandma kissed him. - Catacorn

Mean spirited - PeeledBanana

That's sad

67 Round Springfield - The Simpsons
68 Whale's Tales - Tiny Toon Adventures
69 Smitten With Kittens - Rita and Runt From Animaniacs
70 Spike Runs Away - Rugrats
71 Twisted Sister - Powerpuff Girls V 1 Comment
72 The Music - Bobby's World
73 Meanwhile - Futurama
74 Twilight's Kingdom - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Yeah, the library getting blown up was sad, but the true sadness this evokes from the characters is not explored until Castle Sweet Castle. I wouldn't really consider this such a sad episode.

It really was a tear jerker to see Twilight's library get blown up.

75 Mortal Folly - Adventure Time
76 Boys of Bummer - The Simpsons
77 Things Change - Teen Titans V 1 Comment
78 Little Buddies - Teen Titans Go!
79 14 Candles - Braceface
80 Batman Vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice - Teen Titans Go!

That prank about Robin's parent was sad and mean

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