Saddest Rock Songs of All Time

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281 Solitude - Candlemass
282 Tears of a Clown - Iron Maiden
283 Melancholy (Holy Martyr) - Iced Earth
284 Gone Away - The Offspring

The Offspring stepped out of character for this song about Dexter Holland's dead girlfriend. This song catches everyone by surprise with its sad lyrics coming from an unlikely source:
Leaving flowers on your grave, show that I still care.
But black roses and Hail Mary's can't bring back what's taken from me
I reach to the sky and call out your name. And if I could trade I would

And it feels, and it feels like Heaven's so far away...
And it stings, yeah it stings now
The world is so cold now that you've gone away... - ThatoneMetalhead

285 Lowlands - Gojira

This song is about the lead singer's (as well as the drummer's) mother dying. It describes their mother's ghost traveling throughout the earth alone.
Some lyrics:
Expanded to the state of light
The deepest corners of the world
Gliding through the low lands
And swimming all the oceans

Walking through the silence
Already made it through the night
There will be a new day
Whenever the sun rises - ThatoneMetalhead

286 Crawling - Linkin Park

Just an amazing, touching song that a lot of people can relate too. Beautiful :'( Makes me cry :'(

287 I Don't Care - Apocalyptica

One of the sadist song on the list this one is a major tear bringer and should be for any fan of sad songs

One of the saddest in this list. It's asking for the saddest rock song, not most popular saddest rock song...

Who knew adam could be so tortured throughout his life. he sings a lot of sad songs.

288 World So Cold - Three Days Grace

Very sad and explains how this world is getting worse - xkill

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