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1 Laked Nake

This episode isn't funny at all. This list is dumb! GET RID OF IT RIGHT NOW! You people seriously think seeing a cartoon butt up close is funny?!. What happened to people and Nickelodeon?!?!

The person who created this list is an idiot.

There should not be any episodes on this list

All these episodes suck.

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2 Heightmare
3 2 Tuff 2 Watch

That my favorite episode. I love the title card's music. It's a original idea. I love that episode. - TheBuhdeuceLover

4 Middle Shame

This episode is pretty cool. The title card's music is cool. - TheBuhdeuceLover

5 Be Like Tufflips V 1 Comment
6 Cuddle Buddy

Ok you guys know that everyone has an opinion and you can't force your opinions on to somebody I am not forcing anyone to like this show all I am saying is that people like this show and people hate it but you can't force someone to hate it or like it - MrMonkey

This is a really heartwarming episode! Little to no butt or fart jokes!

A original idea and a super title card's music. - TheBuhdeuceLover

7 Trouble Dare

This is the only episode that I like. All the other ones suck. This is based off a real game show! The things I don't like is that it is weird, and Tufflips is a butthead like always.

8 The Giving G

I like this episode. I love the final music. - TheBuhdeuceLover

9 Dolled Up

The hee-hee was the creepiest thing in that episode!

A funny episode. I like the "hee-hee" when Sanjay remove the towel of his head. - TheBuhdeuceLover

10 Flip Flopas

This list. Sanjay and Craig sucks even Bucjueduce with his butt that he stole from Kim Kardashian. - JaysTop10List

A good episode. I like the title card's music. - TheBuhdeuceLover

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11 Traffical Island
12 Cup O' Universe
13 Fartwerk

This episode is awesome

Fart + Twerk = This! What's wrong with you people?! Get rid of this list immediately!

Only good episode - Goatworlds

14 You're in Trouble

Really?! Wetting the bed is worse than dying?!?! Not to be rude, but, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID LATELY?!?!

15 A Tail of Two Slithers

I like this episode! I I like the evil side of Ronnie - TheBuhdeuceLover

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16 Alien Craig

The characters look ugly in this episode.

17 Susan Loogie
18 Baby Fart

It's called Fart Baby. This is the worst episode that has been created!

19 Space Race
20 Release the Craigan
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