Scariest Animatronics In Five Night's at Freddy's

What is your most feared enemy in Five Night's at Freddy's?

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1 Puppet

The cold empty eyes, smile, tears, make him the scariest. Did I mention whenever the music starts going I close out of the game and start a new night

Most people believe (and so do I) that the crying child in the Five nights at Freddy's 4 mini game became of the blue streaks, which people think represent the tear marks. Sounds good enough to me.

Pop! Goes the weasel= bad news

So creepy

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2 Bonnie The Bunny Bonnie The Bunny

Bonnie isn't scary he (and pretty much every other character that's in good condition) just acts creepy. Can you imagine SpongeBob or dora the explorer wandering around your house at night and trying to kill you? The animatronics are scary because they twist on how we believe they should act. They act in ways the human brain doesn't comprehend which makes them somewhat frightening but at the same time not. Bonnie perfectly examplifies that. This list should be called creepiest five nights at freddy's characters. We might have more candidates that fit the role that way.

The first time I saw him he was pretty scary but the more I followed the game I got accustomed to him and the rest. But yeah he does seem quite scary, I mean even the creator himself admitted he was scared of him. But there's still one question left unsolved... Why do people find it creepy that Bonnie has no eyebrows, or even anyone without them for that matter?

In the First FNAF Bonnie is scary mainly because of it's lack of eyebrows, but in the second game, the lack of the entire face is what makes Bonnie not as scary as say, Freddy (because that's who scares me most in the second game) I would like to imagine who Bonnie would look like if he had an actual face, probably a lot scarier than the original or the toy.

Scott cawthon has nightmares of bonnie

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3 Foxy the Fox Foxy the Fox

Foxy is the only character that you can see moving. He comes out of the Pirate Cove and sprints to the West Hall. He is more difficult than the other animatronics because he moves very fast and when you see Foxy running down the West Hall, you have to close the door before it is too late. - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

What if wrong with loads of you people? It's so obvious that foxy is is trying to kill you in the second game! He's set to be friendlier on the first game because of the bite of 87 happening in the second game because the second game is a prequel! He leans in because he's been set to be friendlier which explains why he's not as nice when he kills you is because the bite of 87 had not yet happened! God damn it, some of you are dumb!

Of course everyone's favorite has to be at least in the top 5, and for good reasons to. First of all before the puppet, this was the first animatronic that didn't care about the rules, he would just take a peek out of his curtains and just go " ah to hell with this I'm running to that door". Second has to be how he's all withered and torn, which are pretty much ripped flesh to him. And finally for the fact on how he just pops through the door like the place was his. And even with all that he's still the most popular animatronic of the series

Creepy as hell

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4 Golden Freddy Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy, you have to wear a mask. He can teleport in your office and he just stands there for like 4 seconds! It is said that if you see him, put on your mask/ look at the camera because he will go away. Oh yea, & when he attacks you, he crashes the game!

I think he is, by far, the scariest character in the first game. His dead-eyed appearance and the way he just appears in your office is really unnerving, and then that terrible distorted roaring sound when he's all up in your face...

Yeah, the way he appears in your office is terrifying. Especially because none of the other characters does that. (Except when they attack you) - timelordgaia

Golden Freddy not only crashes the game but he has the most terrifying laugh. You know why? Because he's possessed by the crying boy he chummed on in the "87 Bite". He's a rich and creepy character.

I was playing FNaF 1 in our classroom one day, and I have to say, NOTHING scared me more than when golden Freddy jumpspooked me! It was horrible, and I almost fell down from my chair. I think golden Freddy is the most scary animatronic, his whole appearance is just horrifying. - timelordgaia

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5 Freddy the Fazbear Freddy the Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

In every game his jump scares are terrifying and always scare me. In the first game when the power goes out the screen goes dark, his face glows and his jingle is played. Then, if you're unlucky enough and just miss out on finishing the night, he will jump scare you! Also, he has another jump scare in the first game where he creeps in the office (when you're normally trying to find him or someone else) and then from behind gets in front of the night guard, eyeless (with just a tiny white dot) and jump scares you from really close up!

Freddy the Fazbear? Who the hell wrote this?

Out of all jump scares in the first game Freddys is scarier. It's so unexpected, not the power outage but from night three and onward. I HAVE figured out a strategy to keep him on the stage but there is no denying that I almost needed to buy a new pair of pants before I figured it out.

He is scary probably one of the scariest

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6 Mangle Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. She has a yellow eye and a black eye. She is designed as a broken fox.

Though the other animatronics are all creepy in their own ways, mangle would have been scary even before he was ripped apart by toddlers. Now he's just a convoluted spider like thing, with two heads that is able to travel along the ceiling like a spider. Considering that his jumpscare is extremely unpredictable, it's a wonder how he is deemed less scary that bonnie and foxy.

It's basically a messed up spider. I hate spiders. The simple fact that they can go on walls, and possibly drop down onto your head terrifies me. And the only ruminants of his original body is its face, and it has the extra head!

Sure my first jump scare by Bonnie in fnaf 1 did make me and my brother scream, but Mangle has given me more heart attacks than any other. She has no timer for her jump scare, she can stick to the ceiling at 1 am and attack you at 4. Your almost never ready for it. And her design is straight up crazy. I always wanted a animatronic like this. I REALLY don't see why everyone is scared of Foxy, Mangle destroys Foxy in this list.

I mean she can climb, but other anamatronic can. She just so creepy.

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7 Phantom BB

When I first played five nights at Freddy's 3, I looked in the camera on second night and his face is there. I don't know what it is, and I sit there waiting for him to go away. I finally close out and... What the $&@*%#?!

The eyes are the ones that get me. He is going into your soul it seems like

Please, he is so predictable, you can always tell when he will attack, I find kittens scarier than that robotic joke.

If u make a youtube video or watch one if u pause in the middle of his jumpscare HE CAN OPEN HIS FLIPPIN MOUTH!? It's so spoopy!

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8 Phantom Foxy

He might be everyone's favorite, but that phantom version of him almost scared me to death, and to make matters worse, he's missing an arm. Poor Foxy!

Poor Foxy but I still want to hug him.

I love foxy but I hate phantom foxy its his look in cam 08


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9 Faceless Bonnie

Um, number 8? This guy scares me to death! Especially the way he just stands there in the office. No pose. He just stands and... Stares. BUT DON'T FORGET THE JUMPSCARE. When he attacks, he uses his one good arm to strangle you! Normally, a human can get out of a chokehold pretty easily. But a robot is able to lock it's hand up, making you unable to escape the way he holding you.

Ah, Withered Bonnie. The nightmares you used to give me. Now, you just look totally badass to me. He's my favorite Withered bot, and my 2nd favorite Bonnie. "My face! My beautiful face! "

Is faceless bonnie and old bonnie both wither bonnie? please reply!

His real name is withered bonnie

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10 Spring Trap

Spring Trap is the scariest to me because his movements are erratic. He has times when he is extremely twitchy, most likely due to the faulty spring locks inside of him. It always reminds me that there is a dead body inside that thing. Then there are times when he moves very smoothly and and calmly (like when he goes for the kill), as if he premeditated your death and is relishing every second of it.

Spring Trap is just simply unnerving. 0__0

My least favourite part about his appearance is his gruesome humanoid appearance. With the Purple Guy's flesh under all that, it was disgusting to see him take his head off.

He is so scary looking. People think his jump scare is lame but he is so freaky looking that it doesn't matter. He is the best.

While my favourite characters are
1. Mangle
2. Springtrap
3. Foxy/Ballora
4. Plushtrap/Fan/Bon-Bon
5. Bonnie/Funtime Foxy
I think Mangle and Springtrap are the scariest. I picked Springtrap especially because of his 'rotten-like' colour and the flesh of Purple Guy that you can see through the rips in the animatronic. Now for gameplay, it's simply so much pressure put on you when Night 2 starts in Fnaf 3. You check the cameras, look out for phantoms, and fix the audio and video and when Phantom Puppet gets all in yo face and Springtrap could appear any moment. His jumpscare may not be as scary as.., Let's say Fredbear, or Withered Foxy/Withered Bonnie, but it looks like Springtrap is smiling and grabbing you by the throat, a similar 'kill' to W Bonnie's. And finally, the lore. It's unnerving how a person is possessing an old mascot. You can see the blood and flesh in Springtrap and know someone died in there.

Overal, Springtrap is definitely one of the most ...more

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11 Chica the Chicken

I dunno what makes her so scary to me, but something in her is quite creepy and disturbing. Maybe because she seems that she hasn't be on working since a lot time, so she kinda looks like "rotten" to me. Anyways, though Chica is one of the scariest animatronics to me, gotta love that creepy derpy face. It makes me laugh but at the same time it's disturbing.

Chica was always the most scariest of them, you know, I can't explain why. I think is because of her demented appearance. But probably is because she was supposed to be a "female". But, for me, she looks too brute to be considered "female", this disturbs me.

Every way you find. Chica she always looks terrifying, when she's looking through the office window, when she's looking up at the cam, when she has her head tilted to the side, when she's standing in the dining hall, and her jumpscare... Just how here heads sways back and fourth, it's horrifying! Something about how her jaw is always wide open!

She is the only female in fnaf 1.You can actually see her exoskeleton! CREEPY!

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12 Withered Chica

Withered Chica really creeps me out and scares me. Something about her appearance, especially her face and her broken arms really scares me. She has an extremely threatening demeanor and looks like a living killing machine, and her soulless eyes are terrifying. I definitely can't stand to look at her for very long. - SwiftFox777

Her oversized eye sockets and lack of eyebrows make her worse than faceless Bonnie. And the way she stares into your soul makes it seem like she knows what you're thinking and that you're looking at her.

She has like two sets of teeth which I find very creepy and I don't like the way she stands over you with her arms out. I think she's terrifying!

She is the scariest in 2 but not scary

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13 Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare Fredbear

I wouldn't mess this guy if I were you. He seems like he's working with death itself. Be careful of him, for he could end your life in a second. Very scary and awesome!

Those 3 rows of teeth are so creepy! When he gets you, it's almost always a sneak attack!

Giant sharp teeth jumping at your face with claws that could tare you to shreds


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14 Phantom Puppet

He stares into your eyes as if he is trying to hypnotize you, he refuses to leave and seriously you also see him standing in the hall even his reflection is present in the puddle I mean, this... Thing can teleport.

To be honest I've never seen phantom puppet but I love puppet (not phantom)

This thing make me think twice to play fnaf three's 5th night.
It just shoves its entire head onto your screen and summons other

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15 Withered Foxy

I guess he's scary because in the first game, all he does is lean in. I guess it's the uncertainty that really scares you

Never seen him

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16 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie

Think of the cutest thing in your childhood. A pet hamster, a teddy bear, your baby cousin... Now imagine them coming to life and trying to turn your veins into guitar strings. Now you see why Toy Bonnie's on this list?

He's kind cute, maybe even girly. He's a bit creepy, but nowhere near as creepy as old Bonnie.

Have you seen his face? Imagine seeing this halfway through the night...

He is my BABE.And when I mean babe I MEAN BABE! And his jump scare just says " I AM HOME HUG ME! "

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17 Phantom Freddy

H-He Has No Pupils... And he Sometimes Says ItS Meee. It's so Creepy Kept Me Awake For 12 Hours

Not that scary cause he is easy to ebade just pull up the cameras and my cosin noticed the way he walks across the window thing... Its just weird

M-my most favorite, and most scariest animatronic I ever known. The way he designed him, its like a Golden Freddy with an endoskeleton. But with a missing leg. And the way he walks through the hall with sound echoing, it just...give me shivers. Weird/Creepy is a way you can describe him, but it just makes him more epic!. I still want to give him a hug even though he look creepy. :3

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18 Purple Man

Uh... Guy creeps me out especially when he dies and then the next night it's a demonic voice I think it might be purple man / phone guy came and he has come back to haunt you. That was the most scary two nights in the game for me

Why is Purple Man even on this list? I love him so much! He looks so cute in the fandom!

This dude freaked me out on YouTube first time I saw it

Why the F@$# isn't he in the top 10! He literally killed 5 children (or more) and He is haunting the Springtrap (Spring bonnie) suit! Imagine him stalking you at night!

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19 Withered Bonnie

I'm not scared of withered bonnie I just feel sorry for him/her. R.I.P face

Faceless Faceless FACELESS! And I did not put Springtrap and Toy Bonnie on here beacause they are BARLEY scary

I think he's scary because he has a rusty face and his jumpscar can be deserbing

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20 Phantom Chica

It isn't Chica herself that scares me, its that face that appears on the arcade game console that really scares me.

If I had to choose a Chica that is some what scary, I'd choose Phantom Chica since in Fnaf 3, the hallucinations are the scariest things in the game. Still, she's pretty crap because all the chicks are crap.

Chica is so scary because of how the camera goes down fast and pow!
a ugly fat duck who looks like it has piles of blood dripping down her face its horrifying!

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