Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Zombies Easter Eggs

These hidden gems have not only become an integral part of the Call of Duty: Zombies experience, but they also showcase the incredible attention to detail and creativity of the game developers. From Ascension to Origins, this list covers the best major Easter eggs found within the most iconic maps in the franchise. Each entry not only delivers a thrilling challenge but also expands the lore and story behind the Zombies universe.
The Top Ten
1 Moon

You can play as Samantha, blow up the Earth, and have all perks, even when you go down. AWESOME!

If you don't like seeing the earth blow up and instigate everything that happens in the rest of the storyline, then don't play this EE.

2 Origins

This is among the easiest of all the Zombies Easter Eggs. If you have four people who know what they're doing for the most part, you'll be fine. While Moon deserves the number one spot because the original crew goes out with a bang (pun intended), it's the first map to ever give a cutscene, and it makes you feel accomplished once you beat it.

Save Samantha, then end game. This would've been #2 if it wasn't so hard.

Creative, never done before, and liked the staffs. Challenging but not at the same time.

3 Mob of the Dead

This Easter Egg is amazing! I have one tip for people who are going to try to beat it: don't pause the game when it goes black and white. Just don't.

4 Shangri-La

I remember how much my friends and I suffered trying to do this Easter Egg. It took MONTHS for us to complete it. There was always something that went wrong. Either one of us lagged out, or we died, or someone had to go, or we didn't have a fourth person, etc.

In the end, this was probably the best Easter Egg and most beautiful because of the location and how it looks. I loved this Easter Egg. It was fun. Just not at the moment, but in the end, it was the most fun.

5 Call of the Dead

Maybe the closest thing to actually playing out the Night of the Living Dead set and scenario. I'm biased. I just love Romero.

Amazing! Probably the most underrated zombie map of all time, and you get an awesome achievement in the end along with a cool cutscene.

6 Buried
7 Der Eisendrache

After beating it, you get to see the (arguably) best ending cutscene ever! As an added bonus, you get all the perks on the map. It's also pretty fun.

8 Ascension
9 Der Riese

Hide and seek with Samantha. No doubt the easiest, but you get nothing!

10 Gorod Krovi
The Contenders
11 Tranzit
12 Shadows of Evil

There is so much to do on this map that it's really hard to get bored. Upgrading the lil' Arnies? Awesome.

13 Revelations
14 Die Rise

Much like Five, once you get the hang of it, it's fun and easy.

15 Zetsubou No Shima

After you complete the Easter egg, you get the best reward: never having to play this map ever again.

16 The Giant
17 115

Find 3 rocks to unlock or just search on YouTube.

18 Kino der Toten
19 Spaceland
20 Blood of the Dead
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