Top Ten Scariest Bad Guys In Video Games

Hey internet I will be counting the most freaky, disturbing and horrifying bad guys in video games I will keep all these brief and explain why there on the list

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1 Slender From Slender Man

"Don't look or it takes you".. Boom... Boom..."Follows".. Boom... Boom.."Always watches, no eyes"... Leave me alone! Help me! No No NO NO!
Can you feel your hands shaking?
Your pulse accelerating?
Do not turn back
He likes to sneak in the dark
He's here, for you. You will loose faith, hope, if you believe in him he will exist, only for you and the others. So he will show himself, play a game with you, you will struggle, but he won't let you go, and you will die slowly.

WoW! What a character this slender man! :) In the eight pages and the arrival the thing I liked the most was the atmosphere given by the music.

Its Slenderman from Slender... -_-'

Of course this guy is #1. That's one of the worst things about the top tens. The #1 spot is always an obvious and stereotypical choice from it's category.

Really? That game? Wow. - MKBeast

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2 Nemisis From Resident Evil 3

This guy chases you through the whole game and can run with a bazooka and has bits of his face pealing off. Oh my god. - jigglymon

So scary that I shrieked for the bally ambulance. - HezarioSeth

3 Pyramid Head From Silent Hill Series Pyramid Head From Silent Hill Series

Rape Rape and more RAPE


Love him. But he scared the crap out of me.😨 😘

4 Regeneraters From Resident Evil 4

Failed science experiments, that concept alone make these monsters of nightmare. The worst thing about them are that they have defences like a shuckle, they move like they have no bones and they were human test subjects. Someone get me a sick bucket. - jigglymon

One of the key elements to make a monster scary is deciding on how they move, one of the scariest things about the Regeneraters is how they move. They wobble, jitter, twitch, punch, and they were also REALLY hard to kill.They were definitely one of the scariest moments in video games.

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5 Piano From Super Mario 64

Oh my god I first encountered this when I was 6 and about crapped myself.

What the hell is this, why did this scare me every time, why does this not die and why does it do so much damage. - jigglymon

I wanted to turn of the game when I saw this

Oh, I'm just going to go and play the piano in this corner. *piano attacks* AAAH! (poops pants)

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6 Blood Crawler - Terraria

You know whats scarier the dungeon guardian this guy is a joke

Yes this was pretty creepy

Then Moon Lord came along...

From an aracnophobe, these things are so creepy

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7 The Hunter From Dead Space

This guy does not want to just kill you but wants you in pieces, he chases you to no end and has one weakness rockets blasts. - jigglymon

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8 Sander Cohen From Bioshock

His masterpiece is made from dead splicers! And if you shoot them, they bleed. Ugh...

Apart from the puppy audio file and, of course, the amazing plot twist, his masterpiece is the 3rd most what thing in Bioshock.
It seriously had me like 0_____0...

9 Giygas From Earthbound Giygas From Earthbound

The Fetus theory and childhood shock for the creator of Earthbound make this thing a nightmare to many kids. And the music...

Just look at his face if you can even call it that.

This guy is the scariest childhood trauma fetus of all time EVER! (easily)

10 Wall Creeper - Terraria

Is it a spider? Are you kidding me? A lame game (maybe not lame) scares you because of a spider?!

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? Sa-X - Metroid Fusion Sa-X - Metroid Fusion

The Contenders

11 Kerrigan From Starcraft Kerrigan From Starcraft
12 Twin Victims From Silent Hill 4

There babies on arms that point at you. That is all. - jigglymon

13 Alma - F.E.A.R. Alma - F.E.A.R.
14 Necromorphs from Dead Space
15 Headcrabs From Half Life

This scared me so much I peed my pants when this attacked me, they try to get on top your head too turn you into a zombie but they are easy to kill. - jigglymon

16 Jungle Creeper from Terraria
17 Black Recluse - Terraria
18 Big Daddy - Bioshock

These guys are horrifying looking!

19 Dormin - Shadow of Collossus
20 Kefka From Final Fantasy 6

She is the reason why Sonic. Exe was invented...

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