Top Ten Scariest Bad Guys In Video Games

Hey internet I will be counting the most freaky, disturbing and horrifying bad guys in video games I will keep all these brief and explain why there on the list

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21 The Suicider from Dead Island
22 Chris Walker/The Walrider - Outlast

Chris Walker and the Walrider are two different people. If you meant as in their equally scary, that's acceptable.

Chris Walker - He's a tall, buff, insane military police officer. He grabs you by the neck, and rips your body from your head, rather than vice versa.

The Walrider - This thing is invincible. It is just a swarm of nanites than can go inside a human (if it's controlled by another), and tear them apart from the inside! THAT'S scary!

23 Big Sister - Bioshock 2
24 Herobrine From Minecraft

He is so scary no eyes silent Murderer dead blocky has power and Steve skin with no eyes!

Herobrine's not scary, and he's not real.

Man, he is so scary no eyes has power dead and Steve with no eyes

I love herobrine!

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25 Mimi From Paper Mario

MIMI takes the form of a little girl and when shes angry its not pretty, she starts cracking her head around and transforms into a spider with her body dangaling below her upside down head. - jigglymon

I freaked out the first time I saw her transform.

26 Sinistar From Sinistar Sinistar From Sinistar

He unexpectedly comes from off screen to kill you

Had an SNES game when I was young called "Arcade's Greatest Hits." Sinistar creeped me out then, now I'm 20 and there's still no way I'm getting near that game again.

27 Majora's Mask From The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This mask's eyes just pierce through your eyes and stare right into your soul. The wise thing to do when you see this mask is to LOOK AWAY.

It's not even a living being. It's just a thing. And it feigns emotion and will. That's why the final area in the game looks like a parody of Skull Kid's life.

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28 The Ghasts from Minecaft
29 Freddy from Five Night's at Freddy's Freddy from Five Night's at Freddy's Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

I don't know why people like foxy so much, this guy is the ultimate!

Freddy will be number 1!

All of them need to be here

He is not scary... - DCfnaf

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30 Baraka From Mortal Kombat Baraka From Mortal Kombat Baraka is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Baraka was introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993 as an unpredictable warrior in service of Outworld emperor Shao Kahn.

The guy has blades coming from his arms how is this not freaky

31 Dr. Andonuts - Radiation's Halloween Hack

"At the time I didn't know why I was so scared. Now I know why...
That machine was a death trap."

His Magicant is one of the scariest places in video game history. - xandermartin98

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32 Tank From Left 4 Dead
33 Endermen From Minecraft

Discovering Endermen late at night can be an unsettling experience. If you provoke an Enderman, it will stand still staring at you with an evil gaze. With its trembling, gaping mouth, endermen will emit a long, loud, unsettling scream... It's enough to make you wanna piss yourself! - Horrible_Username

There peaceful mobs until you look at them, they telaport to you, there so strong and they make uncomfatable noises, there's just one thing that I don't like, there a rip off of slenderman. - jigglymon

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34 Haunter From Pokemon Haunter From Pokemon Haunter, known in Japan as Ghost, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This guy licks you and you shake until death comes but this has never happened in the games but the concept is still creepy and gross it lands him a spot on the list. - jigglymon

This pokemon is very likely in every pokemon franchise, He liked scary from everything, It's the time for reconnent your brain to liked haunter the best of all the list, He licks you and you shake until death comes but this has never happened in the games but the concept is still creepy and gross it lands him a spot on the list as number 1 on the scariest of watchmojo's playlist this guy?

35 Combine Soldiers From Half Life
36 The Grunt, the Brute and Justine - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Not as scarier as Slender, but almost.

SOOO scary!

When Gatherers are near:

When they are looking for you:
(Super suspenseful drums)

When they are chasing you:
(High pitched SCREE)

37 Peach from Super Mario World

Her Quotes, voice, fan base, cowardice, bossiness, silly name, yellow hair, threats to hurt someone if Mario forgets her date, her unreasonable tendency of getting kidnapped, her defenseless traits, her affinity of pink, her stalker behaviour, her anger issues & her appearance.

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38 Giants From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
39 Creepers From Minecraft

Some of these aren't scary at all. - funnyuser

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40 The Great and Mighty Poo
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