Top Ten Scariest Non-Horror Games

Here is a list of games that aren't horror but they sure are scary. Enjoy :)

The Top Ten

1 Bioshock

I don't think Bioshock is a horror game. But it really is scary but one of the greatest - Jonerman

2 Batman Arkham Asylum

When I played this game for the first time I think I was 10? The lunatics scared me so much I stopped playing

The crazies jumping out and chasing you. Killer Crocs lair. The Scarecrow missions. All scary - Jonerman

3 Portal 2

I was terrified when I played this years ago. I hadn't played the first one, so it was entirely out of context. These days it’s halarious, but back then I almost shat myself when the announcer said “If you feel a liquid running down the side of your neck, do not be alarmed...”

4 Luigi's Mansion

Yeah it scared three year old's.

Sorry I had to haha - Jonerman

5 Shadow of the Colossus

The idea of having to walk up and fight a giant colossus. Not to mention how creepy they look - Jonerman

6 Earthbound

Giygas is more creepier than everything by creepy version of the scariest movie scene

7 Life is Strange
8 Minecraft

Those cave sounds are horrifying. - MasterHand

Especially playing by yourself. Its dark and out of nowhere spiders and zombies attack you - Jonerman

9 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This isn't on the list? That's really suprising. The antagonist is a mask who uses an innocent boy as a puppet and whenever Link puts a transformation mask on he literally screams in agony. You play a song to trap people's spirits inside of masks, and you can't forget that one sidequest where you help a disembodied hand inside a toilet that asks for paper.

Oh, I almost forgot the moon. - Dawscr

10 Subnautica

No weapons. No land. Nobody else. Just you. Alone. In a dark, deep ocean. You may not see the predators, but they're watching. And they'll get you if your not smart. Your only weapon is this hostile ocean world is your on intelligence. sure to look behind you.

Vast alien ocean where you can't see through the murky depths, but something is definitely there to turn you into a meal.

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? Zepeto

The Contenders

11 Metal Gear Solid 3

The Sorrow...Enough said - Jonerman

12 Dark Souls 3

The fearsome monsters this game throws at you - Jonerman

13 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
14 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

It's creepy. - Marxcute19

15 Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie

Pc version wouldn't really say it was scary but chapter 5 entrenched was really scary.

16 Metroid Fusion

How was this not here before? There's all sorts of horrors in this game despite it being rated E. There's the general concept of the X, the SA-X, Nightmare, Ridley-X, The restricted lab, The elevator breakdown, and a LOT of creepy music - DarkShadows

17 Bubsy 3D

It's only scary because of how bad it is. - Synchronocity

18 Fallout 3
19 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
20 Super Metroid
21 Um Jammer Lammy
22 Kirby's Epic Yarn

Everything more scarier than batman arkham asylum

23 Undertale Undertale
24 Halo Combat Evolved
25 Bloodborne
26 Doom 3

This isn't a horror game its more action but still has its moments - Codename47

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